Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Godfather Dream, Or Is That Toddfather?

I just completed a trade with Tim who run the blog The Toddfather. Tim has been posting unwanted cards that are looking for homes. While I love a good trade post full of eye candy. This isn't going to be one of those posts. With a name like The Toddfather, this trade post screamed Godfather style.

It's been a wild week going through card after card organizing the collection. Then it hit me that something was missing. Needing to fill that hole I paid a visit to the Toddfather.

Entering what was a dark room with very little light. A huge oak desk sat in the middle with two huge men on both sides standing at attention. Stack after stack of what looked to be baseball cards sat on the left hand side of the desk. Todd Helton was behind the desk, and waved two fingers on his left hand in an enter motion.

TODD:: What can I do for you son?

PC:: I have an empty spot in one of my binder pages. It needs to be filled, but not with just any card. I need a Mark Teixeira.

TODD:: I think I have what you are looking for. It will cost you though.

Helton starts looking through the stack of cards sitting on the desk. Halfway through his third stack Todd raises a card.

TODD:: This is exactly what you are looking for.

Not willing to argue with the Toddfather I shake my head in a slight yes motion.

PC:: What's the price?


A slight second of fear runs through my bones as I realize that I have now crossed the Toddfather, and what comes next might not be to my liking.

TODD:: We had an agreement already, and now you ask the price?

PC:: Four 2012 Topps Update cards right?

TODD:: That was the deal.

PC:: I had to protect myself so I didn't bring the goods.

TODD:: Come over here!

Slowly I walk to the man fearing this could get ugly fast. Once to the desk Todd comes across my side. With a tough hand he grabs my should before whispering in my ear.

TODD:: Take the card son. Remember though if you cross me you will be swimming with the fishes.

The thought wakes me up from my sleep. Realizing this was all a dream about a great trade, I head to the mailbox. Opening the box a PWE is inside with the name Tim as the mailer. Excited to know that my card is here I opened the envelope to reveal...

That's right kiddies. Tim hit me with the Mark Teixeira we had agreed upon and three silver signature cards for my 1995 set. Thank you so much for the trade Tim. Look forward to doing another in the future.

Sad part is I doubt that trade post will be as cool as this one. We can always hope though.

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