Friday, February 15, 2013

This Down Brought Me Up

After an interesting day that included the daughter breaking her glasses. The time came to get the mail. Usually the dog loves to go out with me, but feeling wore out I sent the daughter to do it. While the dog still loved the walk I missed out. Entering the door the first words from her mouth was 'you will be excited'. She was oh so right as in her hands was a padded mailer from Jack Downs from the online trading group I'm a member of. Jack had contacted me as he knows I collect Teixeira cards and he had some I might be interested in. Excited about the offer I looked over his wants, and unfortunately came up empty. Despite this Jack sent me these great Teixeira cards.

The great thing about this mailer is Tex wasn't alone.Some Rockies pitcher made the trip as well in the names of Drew Pomeranz, and Juan Nicasio.

Finishing up this awesome package were names like Ackley, and Ryan. Some repeat performers were included as well, but only in mini form.

While I'm not sure if Jack will see this or not. Thank You so much for the awesome cards. I'll do my best to repay ASAP... With that in mind Jack has the 2013 Walmart blue cards, and the emerald cards on his wants. If you have any taking up space, and would like to see them gone I'd love to try, and work something out so I can repay this trade.

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