Saturday, August 31, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, & Kansas City Royals

With this being a three day weekend due to Labor Day. I'm going to go for the gusto, and attempt to finish off the business cards for Major League Baseball. Today we nail down three more teams from the American League Central.

Cleveland Indians

Besides allowing people to keep track of old logos this card brings in a new twist. Looking down in the lower right hand corner you see that the team played in Cleveland Stadium. Doing a little research hoping that I can narrow things down on the cards time frame.. I learned that this business card has to be at it's newest from 1993. The reasoning behind this is the Indians played their last home game at Cleveland Stadium in 1993. A few years later in 1996 the stadium was demolished.

Keeping with the theme of the Indians cards. History once again tells us that the Indians played at Jacobs Field from 1994 until 2008. Then the stadium name was changed the Progressive Field which is the name it currently uses. Not only does it tell us these history things about the field. It tells me one more important thing that I never realized until now. I need to get an updated business card for the Indians.

Detroit Tigers

One of the coolest things about this look back into my MLB business cards has been all the old school logos. I have never sat down, and fully appreciated the cards in this collection until starting these posts. While I would give them a quick look over before putting them in the page. I never sat here, and appreciated the logos, and the little historic type information contained on some of these cards. Sadly their is only one more team who I have an old school logo for in the collection. It's a pretty cool one that lots of people will enjoy looking back at.

Detroit went from the old school to what I think are two good looking cards. The plain D with the two lines is a classy look that the Tigers did well. The D with the tiger, and stripes is another cool looking design. It helps that the tiger is my favorite animal. You would think keeping that in mind I'd be a Tigers fan, but no my loyalty stays with the Rockies.

Kansas City Royals

As I've said many a time if you've followed all these posts. Some cards true beauty just doesn't show in scans. This card is another from that category as the gold doesn't sparkle like it does on the card. Either way this is a cool looking card.

While this isn't a bad card with the blue background. Adding that crown logo would have pushed this design over the top. That gold colored crown with the blue would be incredible in my opinion. The newest card in my MLB collection is still a nice looking card.

Friday, August 30, 2013

This Baseball Hero Has Some Serious K's

Since starting this blog, and reading the great stuff put out there by other bloggers. I have been turning a new leaf. Part of this new leaf has been being a little more active in the online trading group I'm a member of. While it's not perfect as I do more trading with fellow bloggers or readers of this very blog. I do check over the other members wantlists every so often in hopes that maybe they've added something I have. One of those I recently checked was for  a man named Mark. Going through Mark's lists I came up with a few cards he needed, and hit him with the good old surprise mailer of goodies.

Feeling good about helping Mark out with his wants I went on looking for more lists in hopes of hitting something. Coming up with only one other person I still feel pretty good about dropping these lists by a few cards. Thursday Mark went about showing his appreciation for hitting those cards by going with a player close to my heart.

Nothing gets me excited like a couple Nolan Ryan cards.While sometimes my favorite current players will change. The one constant player has always been and, always will be Nolan Ryan. Growing up I idolized the guy like no other, and will always remain a fan until the day I die.

While one Nolan card was cool. Two is even better. The only thing better would be a third.

I guess Mark had the same thought in mind. How great is it that not only did he send three cards of my baseball hero, but they are from the Baseball Heroes subset for Ryan? Thanks for the return fire Mark it's greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Doubling Up

Since coming back into collecting baseball cards less than a year ago. I keep falling into a trap with no idea on how to escape.

What could this trap be you ask? I seem to keep buying cards for my new player collections that I already have. If my collections for these players were as big as my collection for Nolan Ryan we wouldn't have a problem.

Sadly though these player collections aren't near the same size. These collections are at less than 18 cards in size. You would think with such small player collections this wouldn't be a problem, but it is.

The more I look at these cards maybe I'm addicted to chrome, and Ginter cards. There does seem to be a trend on my bad choices. You would think in this age where we have smartphones I wouldn't fall victim to this trap. So how do you keep yourself from purchasing the same cards over, and over again. Would love to hear about it as I'd rather add new cards instead of the same old same old.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Mini Em's

Back in July I had went to a Eugene Emeralds game, and got a Bigfoot bobblefoot. In the post about that game, and giveaway I mentioned going to another game on August 24th. Looking at the calendar you will notice that the 24th was Saturday. After a busy morning which included a few stops for school clothing as school is just over a week away for the daughter. The time came to head on out to the game. Things looked like I would be going alone as everyone started to lose interest as the day progressed. In the end though the three of us ended up going, and having a good time.

As we pulled up to the parking area you could tell college football season is next weekend. The Emeralds play next to the Oregon Ducks football stadium. Heck! They play in a ballpark shared with the Ducks baseball team. The porta potty's were out, and the parking signs were everywhere so you know where you parked for the game. I should have taken some pictures, but who wants to see pictures of porta potty's?
                          As we left the parking lot, and came within view of the front gate the line was already decent sized. This surprised me as we got there just under an hour early to the gates opening. We would have arrived closer to game time except it's a decent drive down there. Especially when you throw in we have to backtrack ten or so minutes to pick up the friend. Purchasing our tickets we headed to stand in line noticing something new since we were at the last game.

That is a blow up of the Emeralds mascot Sluggo. I tried to convince the daughter it would be cool to go get a picture with the thing. She shot me down, and reminded me she did a picture with the real Sluggo once so be happy with that. Joe kept trying to convince her it would be awesome to stand in the middle, and give it a crotch chop for a picture. Told her he would want one of those if she did that. Her response was if you think that's so cool go do it yourself. Ahhh, the joys of a 14 year old.

Finally entering the game we got our prize for coming, and headed for our seats. Gung ho to put all three prizes together the daughter started to prepare herself before I recommended food, and a pop. As we returned to our seats Sluggo came out in his usual fashion. The whole four runner he always rides around before games. I have to admit that this year he has been very entertaining. I don't know if they got a new person this season or if the person doing it the entire time has finally stepped their game up.
                   Either way he has become something worth watching, and keeping track of during the game. His pre-game thing Saturday was all the visiting team left their gloves on the grass while stretching. He rushed over grabbed the gloves, and started handing them out to fans down the third baseline. After watching all this the daughter was done eating, and started in on putting things together. Once finished they looked pretty sweet.

This was the whole reason I wanted to hit this game. I thought one of these would look cool in the hobby room. We got two of them, and after she put them together I thought to myself I'm going to keep them both. After this picture she took the glove off this one, and left him ready to bat. They come with a ball that sticks really well to their hands. So on the second one she put the ball, and glove together. It did throw a wrinkle in things as I had planned to see if a certain blogger who collects Lego characters, and enjoys big nachos would be interested in one of these.

The game itself was pretty lackluster as I had expected when we found out they were playing Salem/Keizer. The Volcanoes have been playing good ball all season, and won the first half South Division title. They are currently third but only a game back, and might win the second half as well. Eugene has been sloppy all season setting some pretty low standards in run production. In the end they got shutout again 3-0 with barely any baserunners.

After the game the daughter went into full hunting mode. Scanning area's in a hurry for a possible left behind figure. Going just over a few rows she found one, and reached down to claim it fast. It would be the only extra one she found as they are so small. From what I saw before the game women were putting them in their purses, and men in their pockets or coats. So finding the one she got was a huge bonus. I guess this means that nacho loving blogger can be expecting an e-mail from me sometime on a possible trade for the bonus figure. That is unless he reads this, and e-mails me first.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bic Cards The Collection- Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, & Chicago White Sox

While this is a little later in the day I'm still getting it done. Last night was a late one as the daughter, a friend, and myself all caught a baseball game last night. I will get into the game on Monday, but will say we didn't get home until midnight. Despite this I'm moving on as we finish the American League West with Seattle, and Texas. Then move on with the American League Central with Chicago.

Seattle Mariners

This has to be one of if not my favorite MLB team collection of business cards. Not because it's my second favorite team or that we live in the Northwest so getting Mariners memorabilia is easy. Honestly all except the bottom card came from another collection I purchased a couple years ago. I love this set for how it runs the teams history better than any of my other MLB teams. This run is why I scanned them all together instead of doing one or two, and breaking them into more scans. 

You start at the oldest logo on the top, and move through a series of logo changes through the years. Many Mariners fans would be jealous of the trident card as it was a very popular design. Would have been nice to see some color on it rather than just the blue, but it is an older card so odds are that was how it was done back then.

From there you move into the early stages of the star looking thing (sorry don't know its actual name). It progressed into just it, but much fancier. Them its moved into being used with the big S which is the current cards. I know every so often they love messing with the patches on the uniforms so no telling when the next business card logo is coming.

Texas Rangers

When I first got this card you can't imagine how pumped I was. The colors looked pretty cool to me at the time with the whole red, white, and blue theme going on. Then if you give it a better look you will see that it was for Jim Sundberg. We all know about Jim don't we?

(card from rangerscards blog)

If you didn't know it is the man pictured above. Jim played catcher in the majors for 16 years with four different teams. Starting his career as a Ranger, and ending it as a Ranger. Later he joined the Rangers front office, and a spot in my business card collection. Out of respect for Sundberg's privacy I blanked out his contact information which includes his cellphone number. That is the reason for the big white box with the black border.

Chicago White Sox

Falling under the category of logos that I'm glad to see long gone. I don't know how White Sox fans feel about this logo. I know that I associate it with some ugly uniforms though. You can't blame the logo as it had quite a run from 1976-1990. I still can't help, but think about those uniforms when I see this card. Even with that memory it is a welcomed card in the collection. 
I always mention how some cards don't look as cool when they scan as they do in hand. This happens to be one of the cards that falls into that category. What you can't see is what looks to be a white border around the name is actually silver, and adds some great style to this card. While some baseball cards don't look as cool when we scan them to show off. Some of the business cards in the collection do the same thing. While it might not look like much here it is pretty cool with the silver around the SOX.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Houston Astros, L.A. Angels, & Oakland Athletics

Today we have finally hit the American League West. As with past weeks I'm not sure if Sunday will get a post or not as today is going to be another busy one. There are times when weekends start getting crazy, and right now is one of those times. The wife has been on a spree of working seven days a week, and that appears to be winding down. Now she is rearing to go out, and do things on the weekend. Some of this weekend will be with her, but the game on Saturday she is skipping. With all that out of the way lets get on to the reason for this post.

Houston Astros

While somewhat basic I like how the front bottom showcases the division Championships the team has won. The final flag that is black colored represents the teams lone World Series appearance in 2005. Another cool feature of these cards is the back goes with something new. These backs feature the Astros In Action Foundation, and their mission statement. While basic the Astros did a great job on their cards.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Back from when the team was known as the California Angels. This card falls under one of those old logo's that I enjoy. While the baseball is a little much I will say Personally this card looks better than the current cards the team uses.

This is my only card that shows an all-star game for a Major League Baseball team. While some teams will do All-Star Game logo's on their pocket schedules. Getting one in business card form is pretty sweet if you ask me.

While I am a fan of the new text used for the A. I think the old halo looked better than the current halo. Something about the double lines through the old card gave it a little more flair than this card as well. A mixture of the old card, and this card would be a great look that maybe the team should try in the future.

Oakland Athletics

The Athletics during this time frame used what is one of the most basic cards of all time. This card would have looked a ton better if they would have gone with the elephant logo instead of just A's. Now that is a card that would have been well worth having in the collection. While I'm not an Athletics fan that elephant logo just seems kind of cool to me.

While still not using the elephant logo these cards aren't bad. The top two are the current cards from the teams spring training facility in Arizona. The bottom is the teams current business card. All three cards aren't bad looking, and are an improvement over the old card.


Friday, August 23, 2013

Artelopes- Auburn, and Laredo Failures

Back in late June after our vacation I sent out a series of artelopes. While the others came back with varied results these two have never come home. In honor of their disappearance I will show them both here for  the world to see.

The Doubledays play in the short season New York- Penn League. This artelope was sent in hopes of getting a new business card for the collection as the team has made two changes. The first was an affiliation change to the Nationals. The second which I didn't know about until deciding what to draw was a new logo. The artwork used is that new logo which has a Civil War soldier look.

The Lemurs are in the independent league American Association. The main reason for this mailing was to get a business card for the collection. Originally the plan was to just do the lemur tail at the end of the teams name. The daughter then decided she would make a run at the teams main logo. I gave her a hard time when she originally drew this saying he looked a little bloated. It was a great attempt though, and I'm proud of her. When we first started doing these she would have passed, and claimed it was too hard. It's amazing how far she has come in the less than a year since we started doing these.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Going Platinum

A few weeks ago I was running an errand at the store, and decided to make a trip down the card aisle. While there I feel victim like another blogger mentioned when these cards came out to the wrong price marking on the Bowman Platinum. Looking over the packs a 5.99 price tag was right above a three pack of these cards. Thinking it would be cool to try something different out I grabbed a pack, and headed to check out. Much to my surprise they rang up at 9.98 instead of the posted price. Not wanting to deal with the whole how do I get these taken off I bought them anyways. Arriving at home I opened the packs, and am glad that I didn't back out. There are some great cards that might be the start of some future player collections.

PACK 1::

Not a bad start to the three packs. Dustin Pedroia who is an established star. Bryce Harper who is quickly establishing himself as a star, and Hultzen who is hopefully a future star pitcher for the Mariners.

PACK 2::

Not a bad pack with one card for myself. I was pretty excited about getting my first Zunino who was showing promise before his injury. Hopefully when he returns he can get back to business as one of the Mariners future big guns. The two prospects are unknown to me as I haven't been keeping track of the minors like I usually do.

PACK 3::

To put it simple this pack was dominated by one name Puig. Overall it wasn't a bad pack, but when Puig is involved everything else is secondary right now. Being a Rockies fan, and we have to compete against the Dodgers. Hopefully he declines at some point. Seeing this guy year after year beating up on my team is going to get brutal.


This was a perfect way to finish up this set of packs. A second Zunino for what is starting to look like a new player collection. Throw in a Rockies prospect, and we are looking good. While Story is an OK prospect he does play shortstop. The belief is if he keeps moving through the Rockies system he will learn a new position at some point. Playing shortstop is not where you want to be with Tulo blocking that position.

While I wasn't thrilled with the price originally. Once the packs were opened I was very pleased with the results. I know most people either like or don't like these cards. Personally I am in the camp of enjoying these cards. The bad part is despite this I won't be buying any more packs or trying to build this set. If I come across any cards from this set that interest me at a decent price. They will be finding their way into the collection. Currently they cost to much for my liking, and is why I will go the singles route for any others of interest.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Corvallis Knights win WCL Championship

Last night I wasn't going to go to the game. For some reason I just haven't been wanting to go watch any baseball games. Then just a little before five the daughter walked in bored, and wanted to go watch the game. This caught me way off guard as she isn't a baseball fan. So for her to be that bored I thought we had better go. I'm glad we went to watch as it was a great game.

First if you don't know the WCL or West Coast League is a college wood bat league. What this means is the team is kids all still in college who want to play baseball over the summer. It's a chance for the players to show MLB scouts what they can do with wood bats instead of the college aluminum bats they use. There are teams all over the country, and worth going to watch if you have one in the area. They are very affordable to watch, and in some areas are better than the MLB affiliated teams. That honestly is why we started to watch them. The local Northwest teams weren't that impressive for a few years so this was a better option.

Back to last night. This had to be the shortest game possibly in baseball history. Lasting a mere one, and a half hours. Let me say that again, one and a half hours. An average of one full inning every ten minutes. As the league commissioner put it after the game. 'I didn't know they could play baseball this fast'.

There were only four hitters to reach base all game, and two were snuffed out right away. Cruising along until the fourth when Corvallis scored the only run in the game. Leading off the inning with a double he was quickly bunted to third, and a sacrifice fly to center scored him. In the eighth the threat of free baseball was a reality as the second hitter nailed a triple to straight away center. With the next batter quickly going up 3-0 in the count followed by 3-1. Wennatchee attempted a suicide squeeze which ended badly with the runner nailed at the plate on a missed bunt. Striking out one pitch later the excitement was over as all that was left is the final out to end the game.

While to the scoring crowd it might sound boring only going 1-0, and only four runners. There were some incredible defensive plays as both teams brought their A+ game. Overall it was an awesome game that I was glad the daughter got me to go see.

On an interesting note.The free flyer they give out about the game. It had an interesting fact. The league went to the current format of a north, and a south division in 2007. The top two teams play a best of three to see who plays in the Championship. Since going to the format, it didn't say who won 2007. Corvallis has won three times, and Wennatchee has won three times. With both playing each other in most those Championships. Talk about owning the league!

So congratulations to the Corvallis Knights for becoming 2013 WCL Champions.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- New York Mets, Philadelphia Phillies, and Washington Nationals

While usually I go into the cards on a deeper level today that isn't going to happen. These teams cards will mostly stand on their own as today at the cat house is on full busy. Sunday is the daughter's birthday, and she wants to head up, and hit the waterslide park. Being we love our waterslide parks how could I say no? So today's agenda is the daughter, one of her friend's, and me hitting up the waterslides. This could mean that the Sunday version of 'Biz Cards The Collection' might not be written this week. Sunday is real busy as we have to go pick up the cake, and do her party. The party includes more swimming, but this time at the town pool.

New York Mets

Given to me by a fellow baseball card collector. This isn't a bad looking card with the teams logo so predominately displayed.

Philadelphia Phillies

Another of my favorite type of MLB business card. The good old fashioned old school logo. As I've said a few times doing these posts. I enjoy the cards that have these logo's the team used a few years back. Cards like this is one of the reason I love this collection. Being able to look back, and see how a teams logo has progressed to what it currently is.

Have to show off the new logo to go along with the old logo.  The thing about scanning the cards is you can't see the great gloss on the logo. This glossiness on some cards adds to the greatness. This is one of those type of cards.

Washington Nationals

How could I show off cards for the Washington Nationals without doing the team they came from. While the Montreal Expos are defunct I got a little memory of the team, and their logo.

This card is making its second appearance on the blog. The final card needed to complete my MLB collection. Earlier this summer I was lucky to finally be able to cross this card off my wantlist. If you read that post you know all about how thrilled I was to finally complete this part of the collection.

Hopefully you have enjoyed the look through the National League portion of my business card collection. If you missed your team go back, and see what they are using. If you are an American League fan like my wife your teams will be coming up either Sunday, or next Saturday. I'm going to go out on a limb, and predict it will be next weekend as a day at the waterslides can really wear a person out.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Last Call For Junior

When the announcement was made that Junior was coming back to Seattle to finish out his career. I was like everyone else here in the Northwest. Excited to see him come back to where it all started to make his final curtain call. While I didn't start out as a Griffey Jr. fan, and will never be one of the die-hards. I have come to appreciate everything he has done for the game, and the things he accomplished playing it.

(1993 Dairy Queen)

Until last Saturday I probably had heard it, but it never really registered. Junior was a main player in the tribute to Jackie Robinson Day baseball has every season. I believe they said he spearheaded the entire idea, but don't quote me on that. Another of his passions for baseball that he felt needed to be done, and went out to make sure it happened. Like I've said a few times this week. The man seems to have a certain passion about everything he does in his life. While we all have passions for things in life. What makes some people what they are is they work to make those reality, and Griffey Jr. is one of those people on the biggest level. I just wish I could have that passion myself.

When his return was announced we started making plans to go up, and catch some games hoping to see Junior play one last time. How long he would be around was a big question mark so we had to go see him before it was all over. Getting together with our friend Joe who loves going up with us to watch games. Joe, and my wife are huge Mariners fans, while I rate them as my second favorite team. So seeing Junior was the biggest deal to these two, and was a trip that had to be made.

Dates are not my strong-suit so I can't remember when we did go. What I do remember is we picked one of the best games of the season to go. We may have even picked the best home game of the entire season for the fireworks we got to see. Every year ROOT Sports which is the station that shows Mariners games. They pick the top ten I believe Mariners games from the past season. Then during the winter they show the games in their entirety each Monday night one at a time.  Joe enjoys to tune in for a couple minutes, and see if he recognizes watching the game at some point during the season. He was blown away when our little memory was one of those games they showed. Thrilled to death he came in to work the next day, and asked if I had watched the Mariners replay because our game was on.

With a memory like this you would think I might remember every detail, but I was like most the crowd. So wrapped up in the moment that some of the details got lost along the way. Here is what I do remember for my last game seeing Junior play.

The game itself was not what we had hoped for while it moved along. The crowd unable to get into anything as the visitors were winning. Seattle hadn't really given any of us a whole lot to cheer for as we kept going. Then the eighth inning hit, and the Mariners started to get it going a little. Then the moment happened...
                    The crowd starting to feel a possible rally suddenly went nuts as over the speakers came the news. "PINCH HITTING FOR THE SEATTLE MARINERS KEN GRIFFEY JUNIOR!!" While he hadn't given fans a ton to cheer about as his batting numbers weren't anything special. For some reason the crowd just went electric.The feeling rushing through that stadium was something you can't explain, as I've never felt anything like it before. As the place kept chanting while Junior took a few practice swing. I looked over at Joe, and said 'Griffey is hitting a home run, I just feel it'. Not a person was sitting as the electiricty just kept getting bigger, and bigger. With the power in that crowd I bet a bunt would have flown in left field.

Going through all the motions we got to the first pitch. As the ball sailed towards the plate Junior took the swing and BAM!! The second it hit his bat the crowd erupted as you could tell it was a home run. When everything was said, and done the ball landed to our left, and down four rows. As he rounded the bases the crowd was still going wild from seeing what we had just witnessed. From what was a bad ending to a great players career this was an incredible moment to have witnessed his last full season.

Hopefully you enjoyed all the cool Ken Griffey Jr. items I have gotten from living up here in the Northwest. I know I've enjoyed sharing not just the goodies, but also the two stories of my experiences watching 'The Kid'. Looking back it's a shame that during the main part of his career I missed watching him play. While I do have two great memories I'd love to have seen him in his prime. Unfortunately life took a different path, and baseball during that time was non existent in that life. Luckily things have come full circle, and I get to see more games, and learn more about this great game. It's amazing how there are times I go in different directions yet in the end I always come back to baseball.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Scheduling Time For Junior

If there ever was any question on who the franchise was for the Mariners during Griffey Jr.'s time in Seattle. All a person would need to do is look at the schedules put out during Junior's playing time in Seattle. During those years Griffey Jr. was on the Mariners schedule for ten years. The only person with a run comparable would be Ichiro. Felix might pass these two stars in the future, but when it comes to Mariners schedules currently Junior, and Ichiro are the top stars.

Much like most promotional things in 1991 the Mariners capitalized on Senior, and Junior playing for the same team. Not a bad looking schedule showing the two off together. In 1992 Junior popped up for his third appearance on a Mariners schedule.

Missing out on the 1993 schedule Junior was back to form the following year. The 1994 and 1995 schedules which I think are his best looking. While some showed him at the plate or after his swing. These were the only to showcase that sweet swing of his. Its schedules like these that are the reason I enjoy collecting schedules. Some of these just have that baseball card feel to them.

Even though this has a pile going on I'm counting it as a Junior schedule. Commemorating 'The Slide' which is possibly the teams most historic moment ever. Schedules such as this one are great if you cheer the team, and know what this picture is all about. I have lots of these type schedules in my collection, but knowing everything behind this one makes it even more special. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more like this that we just don't know how special it is.

Three more years of schedules before the run in Seattle had ended for a trip to Cincinnati. While they are decent looking schedules. I can't help but think these are the type of pictures you would see on a baseball card for these years. Thinking about it, didn't one of the companies do a card with the player in front of the teams logo?

Unfortunately I traded away the one schedule he appeared on for the Cincinnati Reds. I'd thought about cheating, and showing it off anyway as it was a good looking schedule. An internet search came up empty so we are left with 2009, and Junior's last appearance on a schedule. Still having the look of that card set with the patch background. This wasn't a bad way to go out in schedules.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My First Junior Experience

(2009 bobblehead)

The very first time I ever saw Junior was going to a game at the Kingdome. We were in town for a week long vacation, and the Rangers were in town. Honestly the Rangers were the real reason we went to the game. At the time I had one player, and one player only I wanted to watch. He was a pitcher on that very Rangers team... One Nolan Ryan!

Being naive at the time on how to check for who the starting pitchers were for upcoming games. My cousin who we were staying with as she lived in Seattle at the time. My girlfriend, and myself all decided catching a game would be cool. Hoping Ryan would be pitching that night we decided to go to the first game of the series. Sadly we got to see another great pitcher who we knew absolutely nothing about. The pitcher we saw was none other than Randy Johnson. Nolan would end up pitching the next night, and win the game. I just had a feeling at the time we would end up missing him by one game. Sure enough I was right about his pitching schedule.

Arriving at the stadium, and needing to purchase tickets. The three of us decided to go with the general admission section in left field. Heading into the stadium we found our seats with not many people around. As the Mariners started to take batting practice we learned why. During the practice a young player named Ken Griffey Jr. stepped in, and took his turn. This youngster had the sweetest swing I have ever seen still to this very day. He hit ball after ball out to the right field seats easily. Watching him hit was the most incredible thing I have ever seen. The way he swung the bat, and hit the ball out without even trying was amazing.

(2010 "The Kid" bobblehead)

During this time frame I was mostly collecting basketball cards. What this meant is I barely knew anything about Junior. If I would have known more about baseball something tells me I'd have quite the Junior collection. Living here in the Northwest there were lots of chances to add some sweet Junior items. While very few made it into the collection. There are tons more that looking back would have been great additions.