Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First And Last Time

Back in the early 90's I had hit a time frame where I was into basketball, and baseball was just an afterthought. The only reason I was picking up baseball cards were to resale at a few of the card shows in our area I had decided to try, and sell at. This was just another one of those collecting time frames that I'm glad have been long forgotten.The main reason for this basketball love was a few superstars were just starting their careers.

While I still have some of the cards. The love of basketball has been long gone. These days things are so bad in basketball that I couldn't tell you the last time I watched an NBA game. College gets some love in the name of Cincinnati Bearcats games when they are on, and nothing more interesting distracts me. Other than those the Final Four gets a ton of love. The basketball thing has been like this for years. The reason I mention this is because of an e-mail I got on Tuesday.

A person who I worked with died of cancer on Monday. This wasn't just anyone this guy is one of those people who everyone liked. This man wasn't just a coworker he was someone I looked up to in a way. He was a big fan of basketball, and loved to talk about the sport whenever possible. Around work I am known as the big sports fan so usually anything sports related people come to me. This led to us having a conversation about what I thought about the Trailblazers. Coming out of the conversation I started to learn some basketball just to talk sports with him.

A couple years ago he was complaining about his back hurting. It happens to all of us atleast every few years. We always just try to nurse it along for a few weeks before coming back at full strength. Wanting to be tough he decided to try, and tough it out. We have people in charge of different jobs, and I lead in one of  those jobs at times. Doing everything possible I tried my best to make his days working with me as easy as possible. It's what I'd hope for if I was the one hurting.

Two weeks passed, and he wasn't getting better. Then a month, and still not better. His doctor decided to do a couple tests, and found he had cancer. Unfortunately this meant he had to leave, and take care of business. The last conversation we had he told everyone that this was how his dad, and sister had died so odds are he would end up the same way. This all lead up to ending on Monday for him.

Since he left working with us I haven't carried a basketball conversation with a single person. I just haven't been into the sport since all those cards from the 90's and those few talks we had didn't change those feelings. As a tribute for an all around good guy I have showcased the basketball cards you've seen throughout this post. This is where the post title comes in. This is the first, and last time you will see basketball cards on this blog.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday

If you've been following the cat for awhile you know that Monday is the day stuff gets done around here. Unfortunately I decided to stay up way late Sunday night. That led to a late wake-up and a day where I didn't get a ton completed. A part of me wanted to head up north, and go to the Goodwill, then stop into the card shop up that direction. Neither of those got completed due to circumstances beyond my control.

The first stop was Walmart as the wife's left me her car to get the oil changed. No big deal here as the oil change took just a touch over half an hour. Problem is as I said, the start was a late one. While waiting for the car a wander through the store up to the card section was just calling out. Listening to those little voices in my head saying buy a blaster pack. I couldn't resist the urge to quiet the voices, and so I reached back, and picked out what I had hoped would be a winning pack. The pack didn't disappoint, as it was full of cards for the set I keep toying with possibly attempting to complete.

A double play card for all you double play lovers out there.

My first gold card. Minute I pulled this card I had a home in mind for it. Now I just need to get the package together, and mailed out.

Inside was another card for the personal player collection in a Jesus Montero. I keep toying with the idea of building this subset as well. While I keep slowly adding these as well. I feel like it has better odds than the 2013 Topps of getting completed. Something about prospects just draws me in, and I can't stop adding them.

With how excited I was with the cards in this package. The desire to head up north was growing stronger, and was drawing me hard. The voices were telling me I had to go to that card shop as something cool was there waiting for me. Then came the nail in the coffin that put an end to the trip altogether. Before leaving town I had to go across town to get flea medicine for the dog. Stopping at the house to grab the dog we were on our way.

Once inside a lady was coming out with her small dog. For some reason there wasn't the usual two people working the front desk. What this meant is one person dealing with all their questions. After the question marathon came the dog shield so her dog couldn't lick the stitches from whatever happened to its leg. Not liking the size the vet picked out, it took three attempts to find a size she liked for the dog. Without dragging the story out longer I was there for an hour. Thus the dream of heading north was over as the voices had stopped.

Giving up on the dream I decided it seemed like a good day to just hang with the dog. Maybe next weekend the voices will start up again.

Monday, February 25, 2013

No Waiting For This Trade

Around a week ago, could be longer, could be sooner. Tom over at the blog Waiting 'Til Next Year mentioned Panini, and how he was still trying to complete the 2012 set. As luck would have it I had bought a few packs of the cards while doing my Monday runs late last year. Thinking that it'd be cool to help out a fellow blogger, and ease his pain. I looked through the cards, and happened to have two he needed. An e-mail was sent, and a trade was agreed to. Just wanting to help Tom out the return was no big deal. Being a blogger though Tom said he needed my address for a return, and what he sent didn't disappoint.

First let's start with what I call the stunner of the package. Tom sent a letter that did everything but apologize for what he had sent in return. Contained in the letter was a, couldn't find too much cards from your wantlists. From there it went into odds are you already have the Ackley, but maybe you can use another. As I said earlier, I only bought a pack or two. What this means is the card goes right into the binder as I needed one.

Tagging along with Dustin was a pair of mascot bodyguards. Another pair or cards that I'm excited to add into the mascots collection. I keep going at the rate I have been this year, and one of these subsets will get finished at some point during 2013

Finishing up the trade was a card that during our e-mail exchanges I had asked for specifically. If Tom would have only sent this one card everything would have been fine. This past season the team had changed affiliations so I was looking for a new card to add into the collection. Tom didn't disappoint as he sent the card.

  Tom, your letter sounded like you wish it could have been more. Sometimes in life what seems like a small thing is huge to the receiver. Just the one business card from the Peoria Chiefs made this package huge to me. Being able to add Ackley, and two mascot cards was insane. I can't remember which blog I read it in, and exactly how it was written. I'll give out the quote anyway as it's so true.

Some of the best trades ever have come in the simple PWE.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green, White Checkered Finish - Daytona 500

And the winner of the 2013 Daytona 500 is.....
Jimmie Johnson
This is the second Daytona 500 win for Jimmie who won the race in 2006. Jimmie joins an impressive list of two time Daytona 500 winners.


Kevin Harvick-- Harvick was caught up in a wreck on lap 33 that damaged his car beyond repair. The wreck started when Kyle Busch, and Kasey Kahne bumped on a restart. The main cause being the front three cars in line slowing up, and causing the entire line to make the same maneuver. The bump from behind pushed Kahne into the lower line, and took out a few cars including what most considered the race favorite in Tony Stewart. Due to the crash Harvick finished the race in 42nd place.

Kyle Busch-- Kyle, and teammate Matt Kenseth both suffered engine failures late in the race. The failure brings back memories of the 2012 season where Kyle suffered from engine problems in multiple races. The season ended with Kyle looking like the problems were behind him until they struck again today. The end result was a 34th place finish.

Michael Waltrip-- The driver who finished best of all my picks. It was obvious early in the race that Michael didn't have a winning car. Michael was able to lead the race for a few laps before falling back into place. Finishing an impressive 22nd place for the race. It's going to be awhile before we see Michael again as if he is doing the same schedule he's done for the past few years. He won't be in a car until Talladega at the earliest. I do look forward to seeing Michael doing some commentary work though as I enjoy seeing him in the booth when he does that work.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity Lets Go Racing - Daytona 500

With racing back into the fold, and being a huge fan of the sport. I was thinking of doing a series of posts every Sunday to give information on the upcoming race. There are races on Saturday's as well so those few will get this information on Saturday.

 First off about the name, it's the catchphrase of Darrell Waltrip. Darrell drops this phrase before every race he announces as it's starting. His excitement when doing it makes this a classic. I like many people love the catchphrase, and so I'm going to it as the what to expect for the upcoming race. Besides all this I personally enjoy the work he does announcing races, and this is a small way to show respect for that work.

Daytona is a wild card race. A wild card in that any driver in the field can win this race. Along with Talladega this is one of two tracks that almost all the drivers in the field will race as long as they can. What this means is no start, and park cars like most races. Besides the wild card factor, and all the cars racing for a full race. Daytona takes a bit of skill, and a whole lot of luck to win. The luck comes in the form of avoiding wrecks when they happen.

Adding to the excitement of this race is the new cars. This off-season NASCAR introduced a new car called the 'Gen 6'. While there was testing done with these cars they are still new to everyone. There has been two what I'll call short preseason races at Daytona this last week. The wrecks in these along with the wrecks during practices have been more frequent. I wouldn't be surprised to see even more wrecks than usual for this race.

It pains me to say this as I despise this driver more than anyone. As a fan of Kyle Busch you are taught to hate this guy. Consider these two NASCAR's version of the Yankee vs. Red Sox rivalry. They genuinely hate each other, and it shows when they are close on the track. Currently though he has been on fire. He won the race last Saturday. He won his duel shootout on Thursday, to earn him the number three starting spot. He is just too hot right now to not pick him as a favorite so sad to say I have to go with him.
Kevin Harvick

My first pick as a spoiler to Harvick's party is my favorite driver. Much like Harvick, Kyle has been on fire at Daytona. The results last weekend don't show this as a mid race wreck took Kyle out of the running. He did run great in the second dual winning the race, and earning him the fourth starting spot in the field. An advantage Harvick doesn't have is Kyle has been running more consistent in his practices, but as the saying goes. We are talking about practice..
Kyle Busch

My second pick is a man who just being in the race makes him a dark horse. He only runs the two races at Daytona, and the two races at Talladega. He always runs great at Daytona, and has even won the 500 once. I'd love more than anything to see this man win again as he's racing the number 26 in honor of the 26 who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Throw in he seems like a genuinely good guy who seems to feel honored he's lucky enough to be a race-car driver.
Michael Waltrip

This is the first race of the season so no one has any points. Starting with my post race posting on Monday. I will keep track of the twelve driver who would make the chase if it was to start that day. NASCAR is tricky as you will have the top ten. The final two spots are earned by finishing in the top twenty, and having the most wins of the racers between 11th, and 20th place. This means that 16th place could be shown as the 12th racer. My standing will reflect this, and I'll point out why each week to help people who don't follow racing to close to keep up.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why I Love Daytona

For some it is the wrecks that draws in a minimum five cars each time they happen. For others it's the speed. With cars going close to and sometimes over 200 miles an hour. To others like myself the Daytona 500 is charmed as it signals the fresh start to a brand new racing season.

Daytona has another special place in my heart. While I have never seen a race in person. A goal that the wife, and I want to change in the future. How long until that future race is yet to be determined. This is the one racetrack on the circuit I have seen in person.

In 2010 we were lucky enough to spend our second time visiting Disney World. On the list of things to do were visit Daytona Raceway, and visit Daytona Beach. With those two items on the list I was somehow able to convince the wife, and daughter going in early June was the way to go then. Convinced we made the plans for close to two weeks in Florida. A day was set aside for a trip to Daytona with the major share being a visit to the raceway.

As the days got closer to this trip I had put a vision in my head of how big this place would be. The vision was of this huge track surrounded by seats. Driving closer to the raceway it was bigger than I had ever imagined. Honestly I can say it blew away the vision I had planted in my brain. Amazing doesn't even describe the feelings going through my brain at that time. You have to keep in mind that the straightaways are around one mile long give or take.

As we arrived they have a statue dedicated to Dale Earnhardt Senior. Daytona was where he died in a tragic crash on the final lap. While I'm not a Senior fan the statue was very cool.

Besides the statue they have a walk of fame for all the drivers who have won The Daytona 500.

Going inside they have a museum full of the tracks history. Included are a few cars to help with the visual parts. A history note about that track we learned is. The reason this is the most important race of the season, Daytona is the first track ever built, so it's the birthplace of NASCAR. While I won't bore you too much with museum pictures there was one cool thing that needs mentioning. Each season after the race. They take the winners car right from the winner's circle, and put it in a special place for everyone to see. Then the following season when there is a new winner the current car is replaced. In 2010 the winner was Jamie McMurray.

What I thought was the coolest part of the car is you could still see the confetti. A closer look also revealed the pop, beer, and whatever other sticky things they were celebrating with. While you can't touch the car the stickiness was obvious.

After the winners car it was off to see the legendary track itself. This was the part that we were all looking forward to the most. While the museum was awesome. I'd say if it was a meal the museum was the main course. The track was dessert, and it was time for dessert. We had to wait outside in the blistering heat for about 15 minutes, but it was worth every second. Being the track is so huge they drive you in a shuttle type vehicle With such a huge track you only get to drive half the track. The half you do get to see is the best parts so it's all good. The first stop is at the top of one of the bankings where they stop, and let you take pictures.

Following this they take you onto the track. The first stop they make is at the bottom of the banking that is below where I was when I took the photograph above. It's pretty impressive to look up at this bad boy. The photograph doesn't even come close to doing this view justice.

After this they take you towards pit row. Showing more of the things we don't get to see at home the tour finished with a stop at the Winner's Circle.

They take individual pictures of everyone in the tour group. They are pretty cool as you are standing exactly where the winning team for the race stands. Seeing all this in person has made me an even bigger fan of this race than ever before.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digging For Gold

While digging through the e-mails everyday from the online clubs I am in. Sometimes you can find a gold flake, but a good share of the times you end up with just an empty pan. When you come up with an empty pan too many times it starts to get you down. An experience all of us collectors feel. With the love of the hobby though we keep digging, and digging hoping that just a small flake will appear.

Lucky For me just over a week ago. I was sifting through the pan full of small rocks I noticed that this was sitting in there, and it drew my interest.

Excited that there was something of interest in this pan I searched even harder in hopes that just maybe there might be a gold flake or maybe even a nugget. A rush ran through my veins as there was a flake in the pan. Looking through all my tools I had to find something to dig this flake out with. So I looked and there he was. A Chasing History A-Rod. Using A-Rod I was able to get this baby out and into my collection.

In general I want to thank Marvin from the online club for a great trade. Adding these two Ackley's into the collection was pretty exciting. Now for the wild part of this post. I am still missing all the other parallels, and the regular cards. If you have any laying around looking for a home hit me up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Discovery

As most everyone knows this past weekend was an extended weekend for most. While all it was for me is the same three days I always get off. Having the wife, and daughter home meant we had a ton to do. Saturday consisted of new glasses for the daughter, a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings (YUM!), and a stop in at Goodwill. Sad to say there won't be a Goodwill post this time as it was a total bust. That is unless you want me to do a write-up on a silver colored picture frame I got for the hobby room. No picture in it yet as it needs a matte, and me to decide what picture to add.

Sunday was the most fun day out of the three. While hanging at Buffalo Wild Wings, we decided a trip to the indoor swimming pool down south would be fun. It's an hour's drive from where we live, but it has a wave pool, and decent water-slide. Nothing fantastic, but for our area decent enough to make it worth the trip.

Monday is when it gets interesting. On Saturday while we were gone the rod in our closet that holds our clothes fell down, and that meant it needed a fix. Off to a home improvement store for a closet organizer addition to fix the problem. Once it was bought most my day was spent putting it together, and rearranging the current organization. It's still not completed but pretty close. It was good enough to hang everything except for the shorts we wear in summer, so it will work until I can come up with something to complete that small section.

Part of the Monday chores is we had a stop to make where they needed some documents. One of those needed to be found, and so on Sunday after returning from swimming the search was on. The first place I looked was in this small lock box I have had for years. After a quick search for the box I opened it, and was glad I did. It's been awhile since opening the box so I'd kind of forgotten about it, and what it contained. What was inside is the cards you have been seeing throughout this post.

Not everything inside is cool, but when they were originally put in I thought they were. The majority was my early 80's, and some 70's Nolan Ryan cards. While I'm not showing off the best stuff right now. They will start making appearances in future posts as the box has been moved into the hobby room.

So I guess even when life gets in the way of collecting. Sometimes that getting in the way can lead to a new discovery.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Grapefruit League

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the view on the Cactus League pocket schedules. If not check it out as they are pretty cool. Today it's time to see what the Grapefruit League puts out in the way of a schedule.

The three schedules I have are from 2010-2012.All three were sponsored by Holiday Inn, with two having their logo across the front. The 2012 schedule matches with the Cactus League 2012 in style. This leads me to believe that MLB is somehow involved in the making of these schedules.

I like the postmark look right below the Spring Training.While not an amazing schedule I personally like the look, and think it gets the job done.

The 2011 schedule in my opinion is pretty basic.The palm tree leaf coming in from the side makes this schedule a touch better, but doesn't save it from being a disaster in my opinion.

For some reason I like this design. My guess is the colors all draw me in. I like the overall design as well just the colors finish it for me. Comparing it to the Cactus League schedule from 2012 it's exactly the same design only with trees instead of a cactus.

All three have this same design inside. Comparing it to the Cactus League you will see the same basic idea. The trickier part, is that the teams in Florida are all spread out throughout the lower portion of the state. This would mean a little more research is needed to find each stadium.

Hopefully you enjoyed this showing of both the spring training leagues schedules.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cactus League

Busy weekend here at the cat house. Have to go get new glasses ordered, and new shoes for the daughter. Throw in that tonight the NASCAR season has it's form of spring training in the form of the Sprint Unlimited. The sad part is that some drivers won't be in the race, but hey racing is right around the corner. As a race fan on the Monday after Daytona I will do some sort of recap on the race. I might even turn next weekend into Daytona posts galore. As for this weekend I'm going to kind of keep it simple.

During my schedule collecting I was sent a couple years ago schedules for spring training. While each team has one for themselves, these aren't those. These are the generalized ones for the entire league. Today I am going to show off the two Cactus League schedules, and tomorrow I will share the Grapefruit League schedules in the collection.

Back in 2004 the schedule was basic with just the schedule of each team inside.

My next schedule is the 2012 version. Quite a big gap on the years I have for these two schedules. The 2012 as with like most everything else in the world the front has a modern look to it.

The 2012 version also contains the schedules for all teams as it should.

An added treat which comes in very useful I believe is the map for where to find each park, and the teams that use that particular park.

Sorry about the last two scans, but when folded out the schedule is to big for my scanner. Hopefully you enjoyed the view even with the missing section.

Friday, February 15, 2013

This Down Brought Me Up

After an interesting day that included the daughter breaking her glasses. The time came to get the mail. Usually the dog loves to go out with me, but feeling wore out I sent the daughter to do it. While the dog still loved the walk I missed out. Entering the door the first words from her mouth was 'you will be excited'. She was oh so right as in her hands was a padded mailer from Jack Downs from the online trading group I'm a member of. Jack had contacted me as he knows I collect Teixeira cards and he had some I might be interested in. Excited about the offer I looked over his wants, and unfortunately came up empty. Despite this Jack sent me these great Teixeira cards.

The great thing about this mailer is Tex wasn't alone.Some Rockies pitcher made the trip as well in the names of Drew Pomeranz, and Juan Nicasio.

Finishing up this awesome package were names like Ackley, and Ryan. Some repeat performers were included as well, but only in mini form.

While I'm not sure if Jack will see this or not. Thank You so much for the awesome cards. I'll do my best to repay ASAP... With that in mind Jack has the 2013 Walmart blue cards, and the emerald cards on his wants. If you have any taking up space, and would like to see them gone I'd love to try, and work something out so I can repay this trade.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Week With Two Trips

As I said in yersterday's post I got to do some extra running around on Monday. After hitting Griffey jr., and Raul Ibanez bobble-heads on Friday. I was excited about going to another Goodwill, and hopefully keep the streak alive. Heading up to one of my favorite stores I went through row after row coming up with a new M&M tin for the Christmas tins collection. A couple other items of interest caught my attention, but nothing came home.

Heading down the road I thought it might be fun to see if the card shop in town was open. Being it was eleven and the store usually opens at noon my hopes weren't very high. My luck was running high as a note was on the door saying he wouldn't open until 12:30, but the door was open. Walking in the owner let me know that he had come in early. He'd be leaving at 11:15 so time was limited. Not wanting to waste a second I headed to the boxes of singles, and picked out the 2013 box. The box was light, but did have seven cards that I picked out for possible trading. Nothing fantastic though as it was a 25 cent box.

Before leaving I decided to try my luck with two pack of Topps. My luck in cards was running low as there wasn't anything special in the two packs. I did get a Fielder mini which was bent to heck so luck on that was weak as well. Sad thing is I didn't notice until getting the cards home, and preparing to add them with my other 2013's.

A trip to the other Goodwill in town followed with what ended up being a huge disappointment. I was able to get 20 bubble mailers in a package for 5 dollars. Maybe they will get some use in the near future for trades so I guess it wasn't a total loss.

Leaving town I was ready to head home with what little treasures I had found. As I passed Albany the Goodwill in town was calling my name. Thinking about how well I did on Friday I just couldn't pass up the voice. As I walked in I did the usual start in the sporting good section. I told myself recently that no more logo baseballs would be coming home. That promise has been kept until Monday when I spotted an Arizona Diamondbacks ball from their inaugural season.

From that point on my luck was in full swing again. Rounding the corner to the nick-nac aisle I looked at the bottom shelf. Glancing up I spotted something I thought would never be found there. A treasure that I didn't even imagine I'd be able to add into the collection.

The first thought was to the post I did Saturday saying if I ever found the Felix, and Ichiro for this set. I would rush out, and buy a lottery ticket.

Guess I'd better get the money ready. Only Ichiro is missing now...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Baseball Quirks

Sometimes on Monday's I get to do some running around on my own. Other times there are errands to do, and those take priority. Lucky for me this week was a both errands, and a running around day. The errands were two quick phone-calls, and getting the oil changed in the car. The car part was easy as my running around plan took me past the oil change place anyways. I won't get to much into the running around as that will be tomorrows post.

While listening to the radio which I have on sports talk most the time with some top 25 music the rest. At noon the local station has a show called 'The Joe Beaver Show'. The show is mostly talk about the going-ons with the local college team the Oregon State Beavers. The station uses the JOE radio as their call sign, thus the reason for the show's name.

 It all started as they talked about how many triple-doubles have been accomplished in the basketball teams history. One of the two talked about how stats weren't kept very well for assists early on, and this makes it hard for players from early years to accomplish the triple-double. This is where the conversation moved over to baseball.

They started talking about how well baseball stats have been kept over the years. While discussing baseball it moved to a conversation one man had with a baseball fan who followed stats closely. The fan pointed out that he was totally against the error stat. His reasoning was it is a totally biased stat based on a persons opinion. He claims it is the only stat in all of sports based on a projected result instead of a fact.

It got me thinking he is right, and yet wrong at the same time. While he is right that the stat is biased. There are times when an errant throw makes it easy to recognize an error. Sometimes errors are given out that might not be deserved. Say the shortstop moves over behind second per a scouting report, and makes a great diving play on a ball and throws pulls the first baseman off the bag on a close play. Some guys might give him an error for the throw that was just offline. This is in a way unfair as if not for the scouting report it's a ball that goes easily into the outfield. Throw in that one scorekeeper might say it was an error, and another calls it a hit.

I believe he is wrong though as it is in a way a needed stat. Without the stat how do we keep track of how the hitter ended up on first? There are times we can't give him a hit as he didn't deserve a hit due to a mistake. It's a tricky line on how we keep track of this.

I will say it was an interesting talk that got me to thinking.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Set- 2007 Topps

While at the card show just over a week ago I cam across some fun little cards in the dime boxes I was roaming through. Some of the cards drew me in for the player collection. A couple were picked up for possible future trades, and then there was these cards.

Getting back into cards after being gone for so long I come across a few gems every so often. These cards are part of that in my opinion. There is just something about baseball stadium photography that as a person who enjoys photography as a hobby that draws me in. I love cards that the focal point is all about the stadium. I'm not into cards with a player, and the background being the stadium. It's cards where the entire point is all about the stadium.

These are a little different than the normal stuff for me. While the stadium is a main part, the roster information on the back is something new. The concept is cool if you ask me, and the reason I had to get these two cards. The problem is that I was only able to find two cards for this subset. So with that in mind I am throwing out a wantlist right now, and will add one to my current wantlist page.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sad State Of The Marlins

Just got done reading an article about how bad of shape the Miami Marlins are in. Seeing the pictures from the article brings to mind the phrase I've heard a few times throughout my life. What happens when you throw a party and no one shows up? I guess the Marlins can answer that question for us now. The main picture of the article is a line of four people waiting a half hour before single game tickets go on sale. Looking at the picture I think one of the four is an employee for crowd control. Gotta keep those rowdy Marlins fans in check you know. If I am right it makes the situation even worse. It would show how clueless the owner is of the damage done with the Blue Jays trade.

After gutting the team I don't know what ownership expected. Maybe they were hoping that the beautiful stadium would still get people to show up. While it might help a little it's not going to solve the bad feelings ownership has now created.

As a fan of both the Mariners, and Rockies I know a little about bad teams so I can feel for the Marlins a little. Both the Mariners, and Rockies have tried to win atleast so it is different. The interesting thing is will the Marlins suffer from some of the same attendance issues the Mariners suffered from last season or will it be worse? Watching one of the few Mariners games I did at home last year. There was one game that the attendance was below 20,000. While this might not be alarming to most, the game was an Ichiro bobble-head giveaway. If there is anything Northwest people love it is an Ichiro bobble-head. So to still have bobble-heads left it was quite the stunner.

Personally we have to drive over four hours to Seattle for a game, and the team was so sad we decided it wasn't worth the cost. While they are trying to improve I don't know if we will make a trip this season either. Imagine how it would be for the Marlins this season. You'll have fans that won't drive across town as the cost will be to much.

In closing I read a few of the comments from the article, and these were the best.

the best part about being a Marlins fan is that you know every other single Marlins fan.

I called the stadium and asked what time the game starts, and they said what time can you get here

Marlins 2013 home opener: 3 people, 16 pigeons and a moth.