Thursday, February 21, 2013

Digging For Gold

While digging through the e-mails everyday from the online clubs I am in. Sometimes you can find a gold flake, but a good share of the times you end up with just an empty pan. When you come up with an empty pan too many times it starts to get you down. An experience all of us collectors feel. With the love of the hobby though we keep digging, and digging hoping that just a small flake will appear.

Lucky For me just over a week ago. I was sifting through the pan full of small rocks I noticed that this was sitting in there, and it drew my interest.

Excited that there was something of interest in this pan I searched even harder in hopes that just maybe there might be a gold flake or maybe even a nugget. A rush ran through my veins as there was a flake in the pan. Looking through all my tools I had to find something to dig this flake out with. So I looked and there he was. A Chasing History A-Rod. Using A-Rod I was able to get this baby out and into my collection.

In general I want to thank Marvin from the online club for a great trade. Adding these two Ackley's into the collection was pretty exciting. Now for the wild part of this post. I am still missing all the other parallels, and the regular cards. If you have any laying around looking for a home hit me up.

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