Thursday, January 31, 2013

First Mariners of 2013

While the title makes it sound like I got in some 2013 Topps, it was all a trick. Odds are it won't be until Monday at the earliest before I'm able to get my share of 2013 Topps. While the itch to get some of those bad boys keeps waiting for a scratch. I did get the first Mariners schedules for 2013. While I was only able to get one of each cover which was a disappointment. These two will be making it into the Mariners schedule collection. Hopefully in the future I can get more to add into my player collections for these two players.

I was pretty excited to see that Seager was on one of the covers. I like this kid, and hope for a great season for him at third. If he pans out this could be the first of many years Mariners covers for Seager.

For this next cover if you are a Yankees fan it's time to look away. If you are a Yankees hater keep going as this one is extra special.

Jesus Montero was the first cover released by the Mariners this year. With Olivo gone this is going to be a huge year for Montero. As of right now he is the favorite to be the starting catcher once the season starts. There is another catcher waiting in the wings though that could have a strong enough spring, and could break into the spot. Either way Montero will be on the roster in just what position is the question. Will it be the main catcher or, back-up catcher with designated hitter most games.

No matter which of the two he does. Much like Seager this will be a telling season for the young catcher.

With the first two covers out there are now just a couple questions left for the Mariners schedules. How long until the Felix schedule finally pops up?
With the return of Ibanez does he get a schedule? I'm saying he does, and it will be the Spanish version.
Last is with Ichiro gone will the Mariners keep going with the Japanese, Cambodian, and Chinese schedules? If they do who will be the new cover boy for these language schedules that have been a staple since the first year Ichiro arrived.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Still Hurts To Watch

If you've followed my blog since the first of this year. You read the post I did about my fascination with things crashing against each other. A fascination I believe most of us share just some share it in secret. While the post had some great cards of catchers blocking the plate, and being crushed it just wasn't quite finished. Going through some cards while I attempt to organize my hobby room, and cards. More of these gems came to my attention, and so this second coming of that post is here.

This first card could be considered a cheater card if you will. Nothing in the card says that this is going to be a collision at the plate. I just think that the ball coming in and Buck trying to knock it down looked cool.

Back on track now. While you can't see who is about to come running in. From the position that Steinbach is in you know the pain is coming.

This has to be the worst feeling for a catcher. Here you are with the guy sliding in about to take you down. Wating to see which one gets to you first. The ball, or the runner. I'm going to say the runner was safe on this play, but who knows. I could be wrong.

The expression on Piazza's face says it all. I have to give it to the photographer of this card. A beautiful picture that captures the oncoming train about to run into a brick wall.

While you can't see the catcher in this card one thing comes to mind. WOW! It's a shame that this card couldn't be bigger. With the cloud of dust in the air, and just seeing the catchers right leg. You know this was a huge collision with both men feeling it. Perez holding the shoulder just adds to the whole perception that this was serious. I love that the umpire made it into this card. His looks lets you know this was excitement, and Perez didn't win this battle.

Once again I enjoyed this journey into the collision at home plate. While I see a few sites giving love to the double play. Which is a beautiful play in itself. The play at the plate rules around these parts..

Monday, January 28, 2013

Character Managers

With the death of Earl Weaver just over a week ago. I started to think about the things I have read about the great manager over the years. The stories of how loved he was by his players. The craziness of Weaver kicking dirt on hats, and anything else that he decided to kick dirt on while unloading on an umpire. Being the off the wall person I am it got me to thinking. What has happened to all the managers like Weaver who were total characters?

 Growing up guys like Weaver, and Martin were just fun to watch. Seeing the fits these two had were something to behold. Little did I know how much the players would do for these guys. All I knew is their raging was a blast. Another of these fun guys was 'Sweet' Lou.

Why did I mention Lou last? It seemed like even his last few seasons he had become one of these much calmer managers.

When I think of the current crop of managers only one comes to mind on the character front. Ozzie Guillen, and if not for some of the truly stupid stuff from his mouth he'd fit perfect with this group. My belief is that his mouth stops him from getting the love, and respect these managers players had for them.

Other than Ozzie what happened to these managers? You watch any Major League game, and all you see is this calm manager standing on the step watching everything. The look of deep in thought across his face as he looks more into the game than anyone in the stadium. While this thought is a good thing I want character.

This card from Japan shows the type of guy I'm talking about. Is this an old manager, or do these guys still exist in Japanese managing ranks? Sometimes they make appearances in minor league games here in the states, but in the majors they are like the dinosaurs.

Will we one day be telling our grandchildren about these wild managers, and get the look of grandpa you are nuts. Will those kids be looking at us with the, and 'I bet you walked uphill to school both ways'. All I can say is

you've barely left us, and we miss you more than you will ever know Earl...

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Another Two Ackley's

A week ago another member of the online trading group had a stack of 2012 Topps he was offering up for trade. Looking through a checklist of all the 2012 Topps. I noticed that two of the cards were of a new player I started collecting since deciding to do this blog. The player is Dustin Ackley, and the cards were a sparkles, and a Gold Futures. Two great cards that arrived yesterday, and have already hit the binder. So here they are...

I just love the classic style look of this card. I was so busy looking to see what the players where for the numbers he had that I didn't look to see if any of my other players were in this set. I sure hope so as like I said I love the look of this subset.

This is my third card with this exact picture. I currently have the chrome, blue border, and this one the gold sparkles. Got quite a little rainbow going, and hope to add even more in the future.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sign Here

One of the things I think is so great about baseball is the access given to players. While I don't go to games for the other sports so I can't speak for them. Baseball is great for allowing people to go by teams dugouts and get autographs. The few games I went to in basketball I never saw one person getting autographs. While at MLB games I can't count the amount of people hoping for an autograph.

When we used to do the autograph thing it was always the visiting team. For some reason it seemed like the visitors are more than happy to show appreciation for their away fans. I remember a few times we got lucky, and were the only people around. Those times were special as I can recall two times players actually stayed and chatted for a bit. The few times we tried the Mariners no results were had. When we did see the home team sign it was total chaos. People shoving, and pushing anyone who dared get in their way, including small children.

With stories I've read from other online places. This isn't a common scene, atleast I hope not. We do need to keep kids in not just collecting baseball cards, but in collecting autographs as well. Too much craziness, and they will just figure the reward isn't worth the price paid to get that one autograph.

This is one of the charms with minor league baseball. Most teams in the Northwest League have two players at a table signing for a limited time. One team we saw had an entire area for autographs with players coming over whenever they wanted. The best by far though is the collegiate team we have locally. At the end of every home game they allow families on the field for autographs, photographs, and just general talking to the players. It's events like this that will hopefully keep the next generation in these hobbies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


You ever come across a song that every time you hear it memories start flowing? I'd be willing to bet everyone has that feeling about some sort of song. Personally I have a few that get the memories flowing like crazy. The one song in that category that really hits the wife, and myself is 'Centerfield'.

Why does this song hit us so hard, and what memories does it invoke? Personally until the wife pointed it out at a minor league game that they were playing the song. I never even noticed the significance of that one song. Then she hit me with a reminder of why the song was so special to her.

We try to get up Seattle for atleast two or more games each season. While waiting outside the gates I never paid much attention to the music selection. What songs they play I'd bet she couldn't even tell you. I think it's some sort of mix of new hits, but don't quote me on that.

There is one constant though, and it's the reason for this post. I don't know the exact time, but they begin playing the song 'Centerfield'. The song echoes through the area as a signal that the gates are about to open. The suspense builds as the song plays on, and on teasing those of us waiting outside. As the song comes to a merciful end a loud horn blows letting us tortured souls inside for the fun.

I'd never even thought of those memories until that day at the game. It's amazing what a song can do to a person. Especially a song that until going to see the Mariners never crossed my mind.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artelopes- Jackson Generals & Some Angry Birds

A few weeks ago I sent out three more artelopes. Two of these were for schedules, and business cards while one was cards I owed to an online club trader. I will start with the online trader artelope. This was for cards that I have owed this person for quite some time. What this means is he got a couple cards, and an envelope with art from the daughter. Hopefully he enjoyed the art as I think it turned out great. The daughter was very excited to be able to have done this artelope. She was turned loose, and told to use her imagination, and she did just that.

While this person didn't comment on the artelope. The woman at the Post Office thought it was some awesome work. She didn't even notice that it had a sports theme to the birds. 

The great part is it gave me the chance to talk to the lady at the Post Office, and learn what the rules are for drawing on envelopes. With what was learned we might be able to push the limits a little more than originally planned. Hearing atleast one person liked it got the daughter excited. Which will hopefully help motivate her on testing herself more in the future.

Next is a return from the Jackson Generals. The Generals are the double A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

The sad part is this artelope shows just how bad my art ability is. I drew this one as the daughter says her stars need tons of work. So she opted out of this one and gave it over to me. When this was sent out though it was for early bird schedules so she will get another chance to dream something up. The other option is my stars will get another workout along with my imagination.

With all that out of the way lets see what I got in the return.
This was a great return as you can tell. The card below the schedules is a business card. I always love to get business cards that have a home schedule on the back. These type come and go all the time which makes them special.

5 days
5 schedules
1 business card
successful return

Monday, January 21, 2013

Predicting A Future Star

We love going to minor league baseball games. Last season it was the closer college wood bat league. While in past seasons it's been Northwest League. I believe that both leagues can be pretty close talent wise most the time. Some years they can be far apart as well. To prove this fact, the Salem/Keizer Volcanoes (Northwest) play the Corvallis Knights (college) team an exhibition game each season. While I haven't went to the last two years as I don't care for the Volcanoes. The years we did go the game was always close with some games even ending in ties.

Watching all these games you will sometimes see future MLB players come through the teams. At this level it is farther between them as this is short-season A ball. Meaning that most promising players will skip past this level altogether. Sometimes though they will start here, and those are the fun ones. The ones you can say I saw them when they were in town. Some of the more recent I can think of are.
David Freese with the Eugene Emeralds

I'm willing to bet a few Padres fan are upset about this one. The Emeralds are the Padres affiliate from the league, and as you can see this isn't a Padres card. The sad part is I was unable to make it down to Eugene the season Freese was in town, and that is a loss.

Micheal McHenry with the Tri-City Dust Devils

I saw McHenry every chance I had as I'm a Colorado Rockies fan. Honestly I had my doubts about him ever wearing a Rockies uniform as he didn't seem that impressive. Guess I was partially right, he hasn't played for the Rockies.
 Buster Posey with Salem/Keizer Volcanoes

Another of the players I never got to see. It was a busy summer so I didn't hit to many minor league games that season.

This last one is special, and the reason for this entire post. On Friday while I was driving home, and listening to sports talk radio. The show of choice is PMS, 'Petros, and Money Show'. A guest was filling in for Petros. The man was a football player, and the subject of star players came up.

Money asked him if while playing in college if he ever played with a star. While he didn't mention any names the man said that oh yes! Then he went on to explain about how when you play with these players you can tell they will be big. There is just something about them that you look at and can tell they have IT. 

While I never played baseball in the minors. The first time I saw this man play you could tell he was going to play in the majors and be a star. Seeing this man move his huge frame down the third baseline, and snagging balls he shouldn't be able to get for his size was amazing. I remember looking to the wife, and telling her this man will be the next third baseman for the San Fransisco Giants.
She looked at me with the comment about reading an article mentioning him. The article went on to say he wouldn't make it far as he was too big to be playing third. His size would doom him to a few years in the minors before the Giants gave up on him.

I fired back with can you see that man move? It was my belief that he ran faster than most anyone on the team. Despite the fact he was the biggest player. His speed is amazing so remember that we saw him as he will be a star. 

The funny thing is this is the only player I've ever seen in the league that had that type of impact on me as a fan. Just watching him, and realizing that you were seeing future greatness. If you haven't already guessed by now the player is...
Pablo Sandoval

While I don't collect his cards, and don't know why. Of all the players I have ever seen he will always be the one that has left a lasting impression.

I'd love to hear if you have any player that came through town as either a visitor or hometown that you just looked at, and said this is future greatness.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

PWE Trade

While another blogger decided to give love to the plain white envelope trade, and those are popping up. A PWE trade unrelated has made an appearance in my mailbox.

This envelope comes from Kevin who runs the online trading group I've been a member of for a few years. Kevin was looking for some cards to help with his 2012 Topps Traded set he is working on. Not just trying for the regular edition cards Kevin was looking for the Blockbusters, and Golden Greats subsets as well. Having two of the regular cards, a Ryne Sandberg Blockbuster, and a Harmon Killebrew Golden Greats.

 Kevin gave my set looks a once over, but came up dry. Asking if there was anything else he could send I gave him the names of my newest player collections. Looking through his stuff Kevin came up with the following cards.

2012 Bowman gold Dustin Ackley. Ackley could be my favorite player on the Mariners right now. Seager, Montero, and Smoak are closing the gap though.

Kevin added this beauty and another new member of my player wants to go with Ackley.
Pomeranz is one of those guys I'm rooting for big time. I love the deal that brought him over to the Rockies. Just hope that pitching in Colorado doesn't ruin the guy. All I know is it's a Bowman Best card. Other than that I'm at a loss for any information on the card. The design is sweet though, and has me pumped about getting this into the binder.

Two great cards from a great guy. Thanks you so much for the cards Kevin.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brain Freeeeze!!

While reading a couple great blogs in The Five Tool Collector, and This Card Is Cool. Both writers did posts that contained discs from what has to be one of my all time favorite series. The ever popular Slurpee discs.

While I don't know the full history of this series of discs. I remember the 1984 more than any others. As a Slurpee lover when these first showed I was hooked.

Now a little about the discs for those that don't know about them. The discs were at the bottom of the cup under a small white colored cardboard to hold them in place. I believe they came with the medium and large sized Slurpee. Which was cool as I was a kid and convincing the parents to ante up or come up with the money myself for the medium was easier that way.

The challenge was in that the closest 7-11 to where we lived was seven miles away. So the choices were either ride bikes with friends or go with the parents grocery shopping. The plan was to then hope I'd been good enough to get a Slurpee for the ride home.

While I did an excellent job the first year in getting around half a set. The following two years I didn't get the same results.

In 1985 only three discs (top) were able to find their way into the collection. Followed by another three in 1986 (bottom).
The 1986 set was different than the others as they contained three superstars instead of the normal one the the first two sets contained.

Odds are I had more of these as a kid, but some were ruined due to the moisture. You have to know that the reason these are sometimes a harder find is a cold Slurpee wasn't good on them. Throw in the amount of people who probably just tossed them.

More than anything my best memory isn't the discs. It was drinking all those Slurpee's, and the brain freeze's that went with them. The discs were just a bonus.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tribute To The World Baseball Classic Team Announcement

I know it's a day early, but I thought I'd do a small tribute to the World Baseball Classic. Like everyone else the thought of baseball starting in the near future has me excited. This excitement has me doing this posting a day early. So without further ado I present to you nine cards from the 1994 Upper Deck minor league set. Not just any cards thought, these nine cards are the International Flavor cards from the set.

Only three players from this group of cards ever made the majors. Roger Cedeno, Rey Ordonez, and Jose Silva.Unfortunately none of them have ever played in the classic.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A No-Hitter, and 5000 K's All In One

Not very long ago a great blogger named Tom send me an e-mail wanting to do a trade. This trade didn't end up being just any trade though. This trade ended up being historic. How could it be historic? The trade not only finished two sets, but contained one of, if not the best pitcher to ever take the mound.

Just with that first paragraph it's obvious that the meat, potatoes, and dessert of this trade was Nolan Ryan.
This card is from the Mother's Cookies set commemorating Nolan's 5000 strikeouts. The card is #2 of 4 for that set, and as I already said it completes this set.

Next was another Ryan.
I look at the card, and his shrug taunts me. It's like a shrug of what took you so long to get me, and finish this set. The taunting is over now as I've added this card #8 to finish this set.

Now if I can only find where I put the first four cards to this set. It's things like this that is the reason I had organizing my collection as a top priority in my 2013 goals.

With the biggest name in this trade done it's time to give love to the other cards as well.
Another 2008 Rockies Upper Deck Documentary. I think this puts me either 160 or 161 away from completing the set. While it is one of the most disliked sets from the people I've talked to in person. I will finish this one day as I like the thought of being able to read about that season. Who cares if they used the same picture a million times.

Last, but not least in this awesome trade.
Tom finished me off with four more mascot cards for the sets. Adding to the joy is the fact that one of the cards is our closest mascot, the Moose. These four cards also means I think I doubled my mascot cards just this week.

Now that I've gotten this far, and almost forgot. Go check out Toms blog Angels In Order. It's a great blog ran by a great guy. So go support him, and learn some stuff about the Angels.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Remembering My First

I'm not sure if I'm the only one or if other guys do this as well? I have a kind of footlocker that I made while in 8th grade shop class. It's still a sturdy box that ever since it was made houses all my finished card sets. It's not a big box which isn't a big deal as I only have one huge set, and a bunch of smaller sets.

That's not what I wonder if I'm the only one though. The one huge set is

Yes, 1986 Topps. While it might not be one of the more fantastic looking sets it does have a special place in my heart. You see that was my first set that I ever built. It's the only set still to this day I have completed with over 350 cards in it. While I have put together other sets through the years, that 1986 set is still my first. Remembering that set is too also remember what went into building the set.

When I started collecting baseball cards as a kid building sets was quite the challenge. There was no using the internet to arrange a trade for the few remaining cards. Throw in that I was living in a very small town. We are talking the type of town where most everyone knew each other. To give you an idea of size. When I went to high school our school took 7 towns, and there was under 800 kids.

We had very limited television channels. The only ballgames we had were on WGN, and that was the Cubs. A couple years later the town finally got TBS, and Braves games. By then it was too late, I was a Cubs fan. All this was before the 1986 set.

Now with the little history lesson out of the way. The year this set came out I turned 16 that summer. Until then trading was limited to only the few kids in town that collected baseball cards. With only two chances to watch games not many of the few kids in town collected cards. Set building was a pipe dream that would be tough to even imagine. We were kids anyways, and just getting all the cards from our favorite team was an accomplishment.

While I was able to finish Cubs team sets. Never had I ever attempted to build a full Topps set until I finished the 1986 set. By then a card shop opened in the town that my dad worked in. So after the official turning 16 a friend, and myself would go to work with him. Only to ditch him , and head on out to harass the card shop guy. The world was changing for us as a whole new world of baseball card collecting had opened up.

All this magical happenings led to what will always be my first. Like I said before. She might not be the best looking girl at the dance, but she will always be the first I danced with.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Trade With Character

Just over a week ago a fellow collector named Scott was looking for 2012 Topps Update cards for his set. Having bought a few packs, and not building the set myself I contacted him to offer up a few of the cards. Looking through my wants Scott came up with some cards to send back in return to complete a trade. Saturday the return part of our trade showed up and I'm thrilled to show off what Scott sent my direction.

Starting off was these two cards from the 2011 Opening Day subset Stadium Lights.
Now I see why fellow blogger Night Owl loves these type of cards. While I'll never get into the collecting night cards I am hoping to finish this subset one day.

Next up is another subset from the same year and again from Opening Day.
I read someplace that these cards aren't very popular. It does seem like a kind of corny subset, but I thought I'd try to finish it at some point anyways. I seem to love those corny or odd type sets, and subsets so why shouldn't this be any different?

Last, but not least was the reason this post got it's name. Eight, yes count them eight cards from two different years of Opening Day mascots.
I have been working on getting these cards for every year they have been doing them. I enjoy these cards so much that I'm even trying to get the cards from when they weren't a subset, but part of the normal cards.

Seeing these cards got me even more excited if that's possible for this years Opening Day cards. I much like tons of others will not only be chasing the mascots subset. I will be making a run for the mascot autograph cards.

Ending I'd like to say one more time. Thank you so much for the great trade Scott! You made this cat very happy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Photobombing 101

Sometimes we are given the chance to learn valuable information. The type of information that could cost tons of money to gain. This morning I am offering you this type of information free of charge. This is the type of information that you will be sharing with family and friends. While it might not be something you personally use someone you know will use this one day. This offer is only for a short time though.

So grab your pen, or pencil, and some paper. This is something you are going to write down. Maybe you should call your friends, and invite them to class. Maybe your friends are busy. No fear get a family member as they might want to share this invaluable information with their friends.

Now that you are ready it's time for today's lesson. I see you thinking to yourself the man has built this up so it had better be good. So what is today's lesson? Today we will be discussing the fine art of photobombing. Mainly the how not to photobomb.

You see while some have had great experiences, and came away with some laughs. Today's examples are how not to photobomb as you will end up looking like an idiot.

First let's start with a legal mumbo jumbo. I don't condone the art of photobombing. Should you feel the need though remember what you learn today. With information like this you have to be careful. Never know I might even get a video one day and make money on this so you gotta cover yourself.

Let's start with the definition from the Urban Dictionary. Let's be honest. These aren't the actual definitions, but they give a good idea on today's subject.

1- To drop in a photo hop in a picture right before it is taken.
2-  Any time the background of a picture hijacks the original focus.

Here is our first subject.
See the three people on Yount's left shoulder? Start with the kid who is wearing a Pirates cap, and work up. You have the guy who for one is rubbernecking it. Then above him is the lady with the sunglasses. Can you imagine those two back when this card came out.

 Hey, Pete did you see me on that Brew Crew baseball card?

Where were you?

I'm right behind the kid in the Pirates hat!

You sure that's you? I can't tell because that guy is mostly cut off by that kid.

I'd be willing to bet that the lady in the sunglasses had a similar conversation. So this is where the learning comes in.

As a general rule place yourself in a position where you can be recognized in the picture. Standing up and moving a seat over or something would have paid off. If you aren't going to put that effort in then just stay out of the picture. As for the lady in the sunglasses. Unless you wear glasses then don't wear glasses. You want to look normal so your friends can recognize you. This is a baseball card, and no one can recognize you. Odds are you couldn't even recognize yourself if you saw this card.

Subject number two.
While this guy did a much better job he failed in one major part. As with the lady in the sunglasses. Our cameraman seemed to forget one of the major rules. You can't disguise your face. I will give him credit for the thumbs up. The more I think about it this might not be a fail after all. The camera draws attention to him which is the point, and odds are prevented him from getting in trouble. Due to the camera he can claim he was just doing his job and somehow ended up in the picture.

Subject number three, and our last. This is a very interesting photobomb
You have to give credit to Buhner for what was a great photobomb. He got in behind Junior, and was in the picture. Oh wait! I just noticed something that makes this a bad photobomb. This is Buhner's card! So while the attempt was great you did it so well it backfired. I guess we have to change this and say great job by Junior for showing up in Buhner's card. You see that is how it's done kids. Junior isn't just a great player he photobombs like no other.

Hopefully you learned something from this lesson. If you would like to pitch in and see this on vidoe. I'm willing to share any profits from the sales we make doing an infomercial. Until then I guess this will stay as free information.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

This Is Going To Hurt!!

Last week we spent five days at the coast. In my post about this trip with some of the goodies that I brought back. I talked about how up here in the Northwest we love to watch waves crash against the rocks. This got me thinking about how as a society we just love to see things crash against each other.

The facts are there whether we want to admit it or not. We just love to watch things collide. In some part of the country they have demolition derby's. Nothing says crash like watching two cars go after each other and metal flying everywhere.

The most watched sport currently is the most violent, football. A sport where the players crash in to each other play after play.

To some like myself the most exciting play in baseball is the play at the plate. Heck it's so popular that even a blogger named his blog after that one play. How many other plays in baseball get that much love? So I'm going to give that play a little more love, and show some of the cards that share the play at the plate.

Sometimes the thought of a collision about to happen will get us excited. An example is this 1994 Stadium Club card.
Just the look on Sheaffer's face lets you know he is preparing for a dive that even he knows will get ugly. Did he make the play, or was Grace safe? I'm going to go with safe as it looks like Sheaffer just isn't committed to the effort needed to make this play.

This card here is one that can drive a person crazy.
It's like a wave coming in against the rocks. There's Hoiles all ready to take the shot from a player looking to dislodge the ball. A full head of steam going against a man who's only protection is the gear he uses. The anticipation of this shot is just pure excitement. This is one of the shots that leaves you wondering how did this play end?

While looking for cards to write up this post my blood got flowing when I came across this card. How can't you as a fellow crash lover not enjoy this card? 
The card is what homeplate collisions are all about. Even if you aren't big on these you have to admit the way Stadium Club captured the entire thing and put it all on one card is great. Could you imagine seeing this on a motion style card? Being able to move the card and watch this play over and over would be a dream come true. I guess we will have to settle with this though, and I'm fine with that.

Some cards leave the imagination though with what just happened.
We see all the dust, and in the background it looks like the catcher is down. Was Andruw safe or out? It's a great looking card which leaves me wondering the answer to that question. From the looks of things Andruw was wondering the same thing at the time.

While I found many other examples these are what I consider the best of the best in what I could find going through my cards. The cards that just left you knowing that it just had to hurt when the play was over.