Sunday, October 29, 2017

Who Would Have Thought?

With the creation of the other site I've been staying away from posting these type of finds here. The gap between posts has been just over 2 months, and it was a great day so why not do it here.

For the first time in what I believe has been ten years minimum, we headed to Portland for the Palmer Antique Show. When I got custody of the daughter doing shows like this was a casualty of her living here. Not doing these shows is something that honestly didn't bother us as we did what most parents do. Moved on to doing other exciting things with the kid, or kids for some. Now though she has hit that magical age of 18, and so we can do these shows whenever we want once again. Odds are it won't happen very often. Honestly I enjoyed doing the water-slide parks, and other things we would go do while she was younger.

Originally the wife was on the fence about hitting this show, but in the end she went along. With a vacation that will include tons of walking coming up she felt this would be a good preparation for that trip. I believe she was glad she did as her big find was a Disneyland book from the early 60's which are something she loves to just look through. On my end I've started to very slowly, and I mean slowly, collect a few of my favorite Hot Wheels from when I was a kid. Going in I felt that if I could walk home with two cars this would be a successful trip.

As you can see it was a mission accomplished! Like every kid that was growing up around the same years as myself, I loved Dukes of Hazzard. While it wasn't Hot Wheels who had the rights to making these cars, I just had to add it. The car itself is a little rough, but in this collection it is just character that shows it was loved like the one I had. Not a bad find for the first thing that was bought by us at the show. The stagecoach looking car was another I liked to play with, and was out final purchase.

Down the same row as the General Lee was what had to be the surprise of the show. To say I never expected to find these would be an understatement.

When I initially saw the box these were in I took a swift look.That look got much deeper when the guy said a dollar each. How could I not look inside, and see what treasures would be found inside. If there had been a full set of these I would have brought them home. Sadly this was the only six so this is what I have.

Couldn't pass up the chance to add some other schedules from the USFL. Going into the day I not only didn't have any USFL schedules, but had a couple in the past, and have traded them away. Now I have the decent makings to a growing collection.

Out of all the stuff found in the box this is by far my favorite. As a collector of schedules of all but one Denver team these are pure gold. Not only getting a schedule, but a sticker was awesome if you ask me. I'm still trying to decide if it should go in a page with the schedule, or stuck someplace. Odds are it will end up in the page.

Closing things out are these three finds. The Mariners was a shot in the dark as to whether I needed it or not. it wasn't on the wantlist, but I just felt it wasn't a sponsor that I had.

A dual Dolphins/Hurricanes schedule was a must for the Hurricanes collection. I still to this day wonder why I keep adding to these by not only writing the school, but buying them when I see one I don't have. At this point I'm going to quit asking myself this question, and accept it.

 Last is that sweet looking old school Broncos logo sticker. As a kid I was a member of the Broncos kids club for atleast 4 years. I'd be willing to bet that I had a few of these end up in my hands during that time frame. If I did I can't remember, and what was done with them is more of a mystery.

After going through the three boxes of schedules I originally pulled 28, and whittled the final count to 22. Something in me just wasn't willing to plop down 28, or add two more for an even 30 dollars for these. At 22 the dealer was willing to take an even 20 which was a great deal. Good thing I had the self-control working as I could have easily spent 50 on this little venture. There were bumper stickers galore from the various USFL teams. I would have picked up one more batch of small stickers that would have ended up being stuck someplace, but it was a batch of 5-10 sheets that were all stuck together. Tried prying them apart, but it didn't work out.