Monday, March 31, 2014

(2 by 3 Heroes) and Villians From Star Wars

Just a touch over one week ago Jeff who runs the blog 2 by 3 Heroes ran a post about one of his other passions Star Wars. Back when I was collecting baseball cards in the early nineties non-sport cards became a sort of side hobby. Unlike the baseball cards which were going to make me filthy rich. These were cards I enjoyed for various reasons. Their future worth meant nothing in the big scheme of things.

Now here we are twenty years later, and I'm back into baseball cards for fun, and the non-sports are a kind of background hobby that never gets much attention.. The cards from that time all sit in a couple boxes with some started sets waiting for the last few cards, and others waiting for a new home one day.

Reading Jeff's post I remembered having a set of Star Wars cards, and responded to Jeff's post asking if he would like these cards. We exchanged a few e-mails, and a Star Wars trade was born. Offering up a set of cards I never knew existed for my Star Wars stuff was a cool addition.

Once the cards got here I was like a little kid looking for the cards of what were my favorite characters from the Star Wars franchise.

Being I was a small kid when these came out Chewbacca, and Darth Vader were by far my two favorites. I still remember going to see Darth Vader at the mall. That was a huge thrill at the time for me, and the tons of other kids that showed up for the appearance. Over the years my Darth Vader appreciation has fallen to the side, but I still love Chewbacca.

Still a kid as more of these started popping up. I much like all the other kids in my area atleast loved these characters.

Of all the cards in this set this one holds the most meaning for me. While I can't tell you anything about Aurra Sing, and her part in the newer movies. This appreciation has to do with our vacation in 2010.

That year we decided to do a Disney World vacation in June. Little did we know until after the plans were made that our visit was during Star Wars Weekends. Finding out about this event I made the plan to do one full day at the park experiencing this. Looking back now I wish it would have been two day, but what can you do? Knowing that the wife, and daughter weren't Star Wars fans the wife planned on just hanging at the room, and doing some laundry and swimming.

Needing a break around noon I came back to the room for a quick nap, and lunch. The heat just was too much so a nap refreshed me. The daughter seeing some of my pictures from the day so far wanted to come join the festivities with me. Happy to take her along for some photo ops, we were off. In the afternoon Sing came out as a character that just floated around for interaction. Wanting a picture I had the daughter stand, and hoped for the best. What came was an interaction that was pure classic.

 Not afraid of many things my daughter still says til this day that she freaked her out. Not wanting to repeat that part of the weekend she says if we are ever able to do this again she would do the Star Wars thing.

Have to say thank you so much Jeff not just for the cards, but the memories that looking through those cards brought back.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cat, and Bird Artelopes

This has been a crazy weekend when it comes to the mailbox. Luckily for me this will leads to blog posts during a time I have been struggling for ideas. Among this group of treasures was two returns from my baseball related artelopes. The first came from the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

The Fisher Cats front office has always been good to me, and this return was no different. Going with my version of a logo used by the team I was sent three schedules, and a business card. Each year New Hampshire puts out anywhere from two to four different schedule variations. This is the first of this years collection.

My second return came from the Rochester Red Wings of the International League.

Rochester has a new logo that will be debuting this upcoming season. The new logo is why I mailed the Red Wings as I need an updated business card. While my artwork isn't up to par for drawing this new logo. I went with a wing across the bottom of the envelope. In the end I will be forced to make another attempt as Rochester sent me 2 schedules, and no business card.

Maybe next time I will try to do the new logo or do something different. Until then if anyone out there wants these two schedules they are available.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Baseball, and Rides Tennessee Style

Thursday evening when I was finally able to hit the mailbox there was a PWE from Tennessee. Giving it a quick glance it only took a mere moment to realize that Mark from the blog Mark's Ephemera had sent me a goodie. Not thinking for one second about this very post 2014 Tennessee Smokies Pocket Schedule that Mark had done on the 25th. I headed towards the house wondering what cards Mark was sending my way. As I opened the envelope I was hit by something that in my mind is every bit as good if not better than baseball cards.

When Mark said he had sent one to a fellow blogger already I never thought for a second I was that guy. How this had escaped me with the trade we had done in the past was beyond me. The Smokies did a good job with the look of this schedule.

The Smokies schedule wasn't the only surprise contained in this PWE. Mark showed that he made a visit to my business card wants page as he dropped a biggie on me.

This is what you call a two fer. If you have never looked at my business card list I'll share why this card is significant. Amusement parks, and waterparks are very high on my business card favorites. Around here we love our waterparks, and enjoy amusement parks. These two loves led me to start a collection associated with the two different parks. This card nailed down both the amusement park, and waterpark aspect all in one. That in my mind is a grand slam of a business card.

Mark, you made this cat a very happy collector.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

While all the kids around here, and in other parts of the country enjoy Spring Break. The cat house has been buzzing with tons of activity. All this has until now put a stop on not just the writing of blog posts, but reading blogs. Missing out on some great work that maybe one day I'll be able to go back, and read. Until then the craziness continues through this weekend. What have I been doing all week?

Last Sunday while preparing to watch the NASCAR race on television. I started the project of scrapping the popcorn ceiling off in the dining room. As the race got started I was in such a grove that I kept going, and going. When finished I had the entire dining room scrapped clean, and ready for the new ceiling texture. Excited about my accomplishment, and with the wife's push. I wanted to get the dining room fully completed by this upcoming Sunday. Her push was not wanting to put the dining room table back until the room was competed. I bought in, and have been doing other smaller stuff to keep my momentum going. Today things really started to hit their peak as I took half a day off work, and came home to texture paint the ceiling. Once done I did a few other errands around the house that have been getting neglected.

Now the plan stands at waiting for the paint to dry, and then complete the room on Saturday. From there its moving into the living room which will be quite a project. First everything has to be taken out so I can start the entire process of scrapping, and painting all over again. Being able to look at my completed work in the dining room will hopefully keep me going strong. Odds are it won't effect the blogging like this week has. That is unless I go nuts once again, and decide to finish it in one week.

As you noticed the cards in this were Padres. My reasoning is we are painting everything two different shades of brown. Not Padres colors, but different shades of brown. So how could I not use Padres cards as my pictures?

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Artelope Season

With opening day for the MLB coming soon, and some minor leagues starting not much later. The start of artelope season has opened. Last week I started loading up while sitting at the coast by doing seven envelopes. On Tuesday I threw in the request letter, and SASE for the return on six of the requests. Today I bagged me a return which ended up being a disappointment. First the bait...

Not my best work by any means, but it is early in the season. My request to the team was more for a business card to update the collection as the team has become a Twins affiliate. What I got was this.

Two schedules, and a letter from the team on how to get pocket schedules. I probably should show letters when I get them, but as for this one it ended up in the recycle cart. From here on out I will try to remember to show off letters. This time I was so thrown off that I just crumbled it up, and tossed it for recycling. The part that threw me off the most was it telling me in a letter that contained pocket schedules in it. How to request pocket schedules if I wanted more.

Either way this still leaves me without a business card from the Kernels that has the Twins affiliation represented. Guess I will give it another try later on this summer, and maybe I can show off the letter with that return. Until then I still have five more requests from last week out there, and the hope that they will pay off. Once those get going I sent out seven more today with two being business card requests, and the rest being more for the schedules. Hopefully the remainder of artelopes season gets better as it's a long season

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baby Bull Nectar

While the card above is a cool looking card in my opinion, this card does not classify as nectar. Why even bother showing the card then you ask? It was one of three new additions to the Wilin Rosario collection picked up at the Beaverton card show on Saturday.

Rosario is one of the two players I have decided to make as my main current player collections. Two other players are on the list, but not with the passion I am collecting Rosario, and Trout cards. With that spot the two got a goal in my 2014 Bloggolutions. That goal was #3, and is to add ten pieces of Rosario, and Trout nectar into the collection. Saturday helped with the addition of two Rosario cards.

As I was getting ready to leave the show I made my way to the last table. I saw this guy at the Mall 205 show, and remembered him because of all his energy. Odds are most the dealers are the same at both shows, but two guys stick out in my mind. One is the guy who has tons of boxes, and does dollar, quarter, and nickel boxes of the three most major sports. Sorry hockey doesn't make the cut when it comes to these boxes.The second was the guy at this last table because as I said he is high energy.

At the last show he was so busy with people looking through his football stuff. The table was insane, and I barely got to interact due to the craziness. Trying to get in I didn't see any baseball boxes, and came across only a small stack of baseball cards which I did find a Trout in that I bought at the time. This time things were more manageable with only a couple other buyers at the table. Looking over I saw a box with cards arranged by teams. As I reached for the Rockies he asked if I had a certain guy I look for. The typical question, but one that acknowledges your existence. As I got ready to say a name this popped up.

As I held it up for him to see I responded with Wilin Rosario. While I looked somewhat calm I know I was far from it. He could tell I was pumped, and that the card was coming home with me. This is when things got a little crazy, and I could see his high energy start going even higher.

Letting him know that I can never seem to find common Rosario's let alone nectar. That is when he burst out with I have another, and it's a sweet card. At this point I was hooked, and had to see this card in the worst way possible. Sitting behind him was a box of random cards he said haven't made it into their place yet. Containing maybe a couple hundred cards in cases he brought the box up, and said I was more than welcome to help him look. Each taking a stack, and going through them he then got distracted by another buyer. As I hit the halfway point in the box there was no sweet Rosario only a change from baseball to football.

Back into my direction he came as he seemed to know if he could find that card it was coming home with me. Thinking for a couple seconds he lifted a box off another, and said he had odds, and ends minor league type stuff. Once again both of us started flipping through cards looking for my treasure. As we got halfway through the single row he started to think that maybe he sold the card, and somehow forgotten. Just then he got the look of disappointment as he flipped up a card to show me a Wandy Rodriguez. As he showed me the card which honestly wasn't that cool in my mind up popped a card that was much sweeter in my opinion.

A 2011 Futures game-used that is numbered 175/199. For some reason I've liked the look of these cards since the first time I saw one. Finally getting to add a Wilin Rosario patch is the best way to add one of these into the collection.

It might be a few months before I get back to either of these card shows with everything going on. Ending with these cards is going to have me itching to go again when I do get the chance.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Beaverton Card Show Haul

After being out of commission for the last couple days the cat has returned. Doing parent teacher conferences on Thursday, and a birthday dinner for the wife's father on Friday. Throw in a little writers block to the mix for good measure, and you have the making for a few days off blogging. That was until today, and the Beaverton card show.

Wanting to hit this show for some new stuff into the collection. I planned on trying to stay focused this time, and not fall victim to the loss of focus I suffered at Mall 205. While it might look like I went down the exact same path by buying some stuff I wasn't collecting. Most of these are going to be starters for new sets that will be hitting the wantlist in the very near future. Starting off the new stuff was this card I picked up for a quarter.

My big dilemma is I know barely anything about this card. Some research on my part came up with these being from either 2004 or 2005, and is a subset called sportscasters. Playing around for a little while came up with no checklist on these for me to use as a starting point. Personally I just like the card as it has the look of those large cards you could get in the mail that told you about everything under the sun. Any information about these, and where to find a checklist would be greatly appreciated.

When I originally picked up these cards all I knew is they were from Authentix. Lucky for me they are from the two sets I am currently building. After adding these two into the collection the wantlist for these are being added since until today I didn't even know about them.

All collectors have that type of card they love to collect. Some do double plays, while others do plays at the plate, and any other interesting thing that goes with baseball. For me it has been cards with pictures of baseball stadiums on them. The Ballpark Heroes subset is the next group of cards that fit that mold, and caught my eye. Best of all is I managed to snag four of the nine cards in the subset.

Besides the new sets some cards from the player collections made it into the fun. Three new Mark Teixeira cards was a nice start of additions into the binder.

Even better was the addition of eight Nolan Ryan cards. Slowly cards from the time frame I had stopped collecting keep finding their way into my Ryan binder. If these would have been the only cards I picked up this show would have been a success in my eyes.

Amazing as it might sound the Ryan cards weren't even the big treasure from the show. Two cards that have been very tough finds, and a long time coming made it home with me. I'd share them now, but what motivation would you have to return? So keeping that in mind those two cards will be my next post.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trip To The Coast

This last weekend was our anniversary, and in honor of event we arranged for a kidless trip to the coast. Leaving Friday after I was done at work we started discussing the game-plan for the weekend. The wife wanted to make the almost three hour trek north for bagels at our favorite place in Seaside. Feeling a little adventurous I was in, and am glad we did it.

After doing the breakfast thing the wife mentioned going to the store in town that has a ton of NASCAR stuff. I say needing, but it was probably more like wanting a display case for two of my 1/24 Kyle Busch cars. I was all for hitting the store, and trying to convince the wife to let me get a case. She was more than willing as it was her who mentioned getting a case before I could. Not only did she say get a display case, she told the guy we wanted the three car case. Once I get the new room done in a few months I'll have an extra display case. Guess it means I'll have to get a new car at some point to fill the empty case.

While this was a great stop the best was yet to come. After a few side trips in town we started the journey south, and back to the beach house. Deciding to hit some of the antique type store we always see, but never stop at. Our first was an antique store in Wheeler. Going through the place I came across a treasure that while not antique was exactly what I was looking for. Sitting in a box was this beauty.

2007 Gold Glove Ichiro bobblehead. The best thing about Ichiro is he finishes off my 2007 Mariners bobblehead collection.

When I first started the Mariners bobblehead collection I had serious doubts that I'd be able to complete one of these sets. Thanks to this great find I have my first completed year, and hope for completing another in the future.

Stopping at a few more shops including a thrift store. Nothing compared to the display case, and the Ichiro find. That is unless you are a fan of cheese as one of the stops was the cheese factory. I can't ever drive past there without making a stop for cheese curds. In the end it was an awesome trip that reminded me why I take these long drives every so often.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Thrown A Curve

Tired from a weekend at the coast I'm going to keep this simple today. Arriving home on Monday there was a PWE waiting for me from Saturday's mail delivery. Its contents were from a trade with a new schedule collector. The trader had posted about getting a few of these on a stop by the stadium.

While it took me a few days to get the trade started. I am thrilled with the result of adding this into the business card collection. Altoona changed logos in 2011 so getting a card with this logo has been an adventure. I'll say it has to do with the small Pirates logo in the lower corner. Don't know if its just me or what, but my luck with the Pirates and their affiliates has been dismal. At one time most of my missing business cards were for all the Pirates affiliates. Now I can cross another off the wants which stands at 19 missing cards.

For those interested here are the missing...

--International League--
Buffalo Bison (Blue Jays affiliation)
Charlotte Knights (new logo for 2014)
Rochester Red Wings (new logo for 2014)

--Pacific Coast League--
El Paso Chihuahuas

--Eastern League--
Akron Rubber Ducks

--Texas League--
Arkansas Travelers (new logo for 2014)

--California League--
Lancaster Jethawks (Astros affiliation)

--Midwest League--
Burlington Bees (Angels affiliation)
Cedar Rapids Kernels (Twins affiliation)
Quad Cities River Bandits (Astros affiliation)

--New York-Penn League--
Auburn Doubledays (Nationals affiliation)
Batavia Muckdogs (Marlins affiliation)
Jamestown Jammers (Pirates affiliation)
State College Spikes (Cardinals affiliation)

--Appalachian League--
Bluefield Blue Jays
Princeton Devil Rays

--independent leagues--
Laredo Lemurs
Rockford Aviators
Trois-Rivieres Aigles

If you have any access to one or more of the teams, and could hook me up with a card I would be forever in your debt.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Artelopes - The Lost Files - Outback Bowl, and Rose Bowl

With baseball season coming within the next few weeks for not only the ML:B, but minor league teams. I have been preparing artelopes for business card, and schedule requests. As I prepare to let the mailing begin I feel its time to admit defeat on two artelopes that have been gone for two months now. Using my past track record, when they haven't come back by now they aren't coming back. Hopefully at some point this record will change, but currently it hasn't.

Before showing off these two lost gems I feel maybe it would be best to explain artelopes to the new readers of this blog. Two hobbies that I enjoy other than baseball cards are business cards, and pocket schedules. My business card collection covers many other subjects, but my favorite part is the sports teams. Lately it has been very tough to add new business cards into the collection. That is when I read a post by Tom at 'Baseball By The Letters'. Tom mentioned drawing on envelopes to increase the odds for autograph returns. I took this idea, and decided to attempt it in my mailings to sports teams. Thus the artelopes were born.

Other than a few non-returns the results have been amazing. Last year I was able to trim the wantlist for baseball teams down to six, and got returns from a few very tough holdouts. While the list has grown back to 22 due to new team names, logos, and affiliations. This year I am hoping for more results like last year. So far I'm not fairing too well with three returns, and two lost.

Using the same concept as the New Mexico Bowl late in 2013. I decided to add the football boomerang in hopes of jazzing things up a bit. Unlike the New Mexico Bowl artelope which came back with business cards. The Outback Bowl left me hanging.

The daughter had been itching to do this concept for awhile. For a time she was really into drawing roses, and hearts with wings. She wanted to add some flair to the rose by rubbing her finger across the rose while the ink was still wet. So no your screen isn't going blurry the rose really is that way.  At first I wasn't into the idea, but it was her concept so in the end I let her run with it.

As a fan of a team in the PAC-12 I'm kind of disappointed that the Rose Bowl didn't send a business card. Maybe one day in the future I will get the chance to add a card from the Rose Bowl. Until then it stays on the list of missing bowl game business cards.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

It Hurts To Watch 6.0

One of my favorite series of posts since doing the first has been this very series. With all except one of these coming while I have either gone to the coast, or gone on vacation. This time we are going to the coast again as it's the wife, and mine anniversary. In honor of the trip we once again go with the fun known as 'It Hurts To Watch'

There times while doing these I can't decide which card is my favorite. Here you have the build up of the runner bearing down on the catcher. The suspense of a collision that is about to happen. Will the ball arrive in time to record the out or was the runner safe. I can say one thing about this play. From the look of the players in the background, odds are this was a run to win the game.

Then you get plays like this, and I think maybe the card with the actual play is the best. With Kenji actually holding the ball you can tell this was a very close play. Amazingly the first thing that came to mind when I saw this card is its significance. The way this play turned out is how the new rule for plays at the plate are supposed to turn out. Still very exciting, but possibly minus the aftermath on this next card.

While this could be the end result it will be much more rare than before. Losing these will be a sad day as sometimes the aftermath from a play at the plate is amazing. All the dust from the collision makes for some sweet looking cards. Hopefully we don't lose those cards as they are great to look at.

All this still leaves me confused as which is the best?

Friday, March 14, 2014

More Fish

One of the great things about collecting not only baseball cards, but pocket schedules is when things like this come out.

I know they exist, and can search one out for the collection. Something a little different for the Trout collection that not everyone goes after. Things like this is the type of additions that I search for in my player collections.

Knowing how much I love adding items like the schedule above into the collection. Imagine my excitement when I learned Trout wasn't only on the spring training schedule.

That's right! Trout is the cover boy for the Angels season schedule. What this means is the Angels know that this man is the face of the franchise. Trout is the man they are banking on getting the job done once again this upcoming season. Teams don't just put anyone on their schedules, they put their main man.

Trout isn't the only player on Angels schedules. The team decided to go a different direction this year than in previous seasons. Albert Pujols is the cover boy for the Spanish version schedules that are out as well. Does this mean the team will add other players into the mix as the season goes forward will be interesting to see. If the Angels don't add more players the odds are they will add new sponsor backs. The new sponsors has been a trend for years, and hopefully for my collection a thing they do once again. Until then I do have these two beauties for the collection.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Gone Trout Fishing

Closing out my purchases at the card show last Saturday was some basic Mike Trout cards. Normally I would have showed these with the other card, but this post is about more than just the cards from the show.

Before I get ahead of myself lets start with some cards. 

I was pretty excited to find these in the quarter each or five for a dollar box. I believe the two on the left are doubles that will end up being traded at some point. The top right 2014 Topps will find its way into my 2014 Topps set as I have one for the Trout collection already. The bottom right will go right into the collection of Trout's.

These two are the ones I am most proud of. The Gypsy Queen was a dollar, and the Chrome ran fifty cents. I was pretty thrilled to add a card with the picture of the catch so I had to get it.

After my time at the show there were a couple other stops I was dying to make. The biggie being a Toys-R-Us not far down the road. For a month or two I have been looking for the MacFarlane Mike Trout figure. Going into the store in Salem twice, and the one in Eugene once I was still minus the Trout. With the next series of these coming out soon, and no Trout in the series it was becoming more important that I found one soon. Heading in, but not sure of my chances I did the run around the figures section. Then... JACKPOT!!

This was just one of two figures left in the store. Who cares how many were there, just that the one I wanted was there. While the picture shows the figure still in its original form from the store. Once I get all the things done in the house, and into my new hobby room. Trout will be freed from his plastic cell, and find a spot on a shelf. Until then I'm thrilled to have finally got this bad boy.

My last stop wasn't very thrilling, but I didn't care as the day was everything I could want. Hopefully my next card show day goes this well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Mall 205 Haul

This was the first time I have ever done the Mall 205 card show. While I have done the Beaverton one a few times since getting back into collecting. As some would say I remember some of the dealers from the Beaverton show, and heard them talking about being there. The cool thing is one of my favorite guys was there with some stuff I hadn't seen since doing the show late last year. He usually buys collections, and then sells everything for a great price to recoup the money, turn a little profit, and sounds like add some cards into his own collection. One thing about these shows haunts me though.

I always seem to go with a set plan, and more often than not the plan goes right out the window. Since getting back into collecting this problem has been my downfall. There is good news though as from reading other blogs I'm not the only blogger that suffers from this lack of focus. Take for instance this very show.

One plan going in was to get cards for sets. I did that goal as I can cross of eight cards from the wantlist.

four great hits to the 2003 Authentix

four cards for two different subsets in the stadium cards binder.

Another goal is to add some goodies for the player collections.  This goal was nailed down, but was something I could have done even better than I did.

A Mark Teixeira, and two Juan Nicasio's isn't a bad start.

Four new Ryan's, and a double for a fellow trader that collects Ryan.

This is where things begin to go south for the plan. While there were more opportunities to add cards into the player collection, and some into my 2013 Topps series 2. I picked up cards for players that I have been considering collections for.

It wouldn't be something that drives me crazy except for one thing. During card shows last year I followed this same trend. Then when the year was over I decided not to collect the few players who I had picked a bunch of cards for. Hopefully this year doesn't end the same way, with all these cards going into the future trading stock. So what I did at this show was fall into the same trap I fell into last year. Hopefully in future shows I can gain focus, and just stick to the cards I can use. Instead of passing on stuff I need, and ending up with cards I just felt an impulse to buy.

In the good news department I fought the urge to buy a couple packs of 2014 Donruss for no reason other than to open a pack. Only wanting a few cards from the set I considered just buying the cards outright, and saving money on opening tons of packs for those cards. In the end I didn't buy either the packs or singles. Hopefully I can stay strong, and look for the singles at the next show.

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Little Pre-Show Thrifting

Last week I made it well known that on Saturday the Portland Mall 205 card show was in the plan. Luckily nothing came up, and I made the show without a hitch. Before the show came another adventure that is always my favorite. Arriving in Portland way earlier than I had planned due to making amazing time on the drive up. Throw in the wife being forced to work so I woke up early.

I arrived over an hour early, and decided to make a stop at Krispy Kreme for some donuts. Directly across the street a new Goodwill opened a month or two ago. Thinking that this would be something to do as a time killer. It didn't hurt that I could hit the store as it opened, and get down the road before traffic started getting crazy. With all this running through my head I went in looking for some treasures. Not to disappoint I headed down the aisle of frames, and spotted this beauty sitting there calling my name.

It's 8x10, and still wrapped in plastic. Looking at the picture it took all of two seconds to decide that it needed to come home with me. The first thing that stuck out to me is the fact that the Kingdome is the round white building in the middle upper. Until seeing this picture I never knew that Safeco Field was bigger, yet alone that much bigger than the Kingdome.Maybe its just that Safeco is the closer object so it looks bigger.

Since this picture was taken the Kingdome has been taken down, and replaced with CenturyLink Field. When we go to Mariners games we park inside the CenturyLink Field parking garage. If you ever go to a Mariners game keep it in mind. Parking at the garage is half the price of using the Safeco Field parking garage.

Lucky for me I wasn't done quite yet. Another couple aisles down was the nick-nac row, and another Mariners prize. Normally this would be considered a treasure except for the fact its Yuniesky.

Back before I started the hobby room, and filling it Mariners bobbleheads. The opportunity to buy this bobblehead came up at a Goodwill, and I passed. Yuni is one of the top most disliked players ever in my house, and possibly Mariners country. Since then I started collecting Mariners regardless of who they are. The antique stores at the coast have one, and want 15 dollars for it. There have been a few times I was getting closer, and closer to pulling the trigger on buying one. Glad I didn't as now I have one for a third of the price. Yuni now puts my 2008 bobblehead collection one player closer to completion.

After finishing up with this store I made another side trip as I still had half an hour. Sadly this journey ending with nothing to show for my time. I'm not really that upset as my first stop came up with two great items for the hobby room.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Backstop & The Cat Trade Announcement

Close your eyes, and.... Wait you might want to keep your eyes open. Closed eyes makes it kind of hard to read so we'll have to go another route.

With your eyes open imagine if you will a professionally set up room. Chairs lines up full of the press, and camera's in the back. In the front of the room sits an oak podium with tables on both sides. Noise fills the room as the press all sit talking to each other about who they think will make the NCAA tournament, and why they ended up doing this press conference. The noise breaks as a woman steps up to the podium.

WOMAN:: I would like to thank you all for coming out today... We are here to announce a trade between 'The Prowling Cat', and 'all the way to the backstop'. As both parties would like to give you time to ask questions. We will get right to the trade, and a comment from both parties... Being sent, and now currently with 'The Prowling Cat' is the following card.

WOMAN:: In return 'The Prowling Cat' has sent to 'all the way to the backstop' a group of Padres that are either en-route or have already arrived. Right now we don't know their status so we won't get into that at this time. Now we will allow both bloggers to comment about the trade starting with the cat.

--Slowly I get to my feet, and walk over to thew podium.--

ME:: Before we get into my thoughts about this trade. I would like to lighten the mood in this room with a joke... How many Padres fans does...

--Before the joke is finished a well dressed man steps up, and stops me mid-sentence. Almost ninja like he puts his hand over the microphone, and whispers into my ear.--

ME:: It seems according to my agent his research shows that Padres fans might be the second most represented fan-base in blogging. Who knows if this is true or not, but Padres blogs seem to be everywhere. Kind of like co...

--Quickly the guy jumps out of his chair again, and puts his hand over the microphone. Once again he whispers something in my ear before directing me to my seat.--

AGENT:: What my client is trying to say is we are honored that 'all the way to the backstop' made this trade. He has a deep appreciation for the Padres, and watches Eugene Emeralds games each season. Watching those games means he has seen some of the great Padres players, and some of their future stars. He will continue this in the upcoming season by catching more games. Hopefully the roster will contain another future Padres player. Besides all this he has made other trades with Padres bloggers, and hopes to do many more of those in the future. 'all the way to the backstop' will be one of those bloggers he seeks out Padres cards for. Now at this time we are ending this press conference, thank you...

-- Slowly he motions to me as I get up, and we leave the room.--

((Thank you for the Emerald Trout card Marcus. Hopefully you got your cards from my half of the trade by now. If not they were sent Monday, and should be there any day.))

Saturday, March 8, 2014

College Bowl Pick-em Winnings (part 4, final cards)

The sad day has come when it pertains to the box of goodies from Kerry at Cards on Cards. It's kind of bitter sweet as opening three packs a day has been a fun experience. At the same time I finally get to see what the commemorative patch that has been tormenting me since starting this. All this has showed that I can be patient as I've held of opening it until tonight while writing this post. I say tonight as this post is being written Friday night. Once again lets get down to business shall we?


#301 Jake Peavy
#290 Chad Bettis- Another young Rockies pitcher 
#149 Miguel Cabrera highlights
PH-19 Mike Trout- The Future is Now - Now I have both of these for my Trout collection. Nice way to finish off the box.
#263 Doug Fister- Target red parallel
#191 Chris Perez- Target red parallel
#227 Andrew Cashner
#44 Matt Carpenter- How ironic is that the box comes from a Cardinals fan, and the box ends with a Cardinal. In honor of this ending how can I not show the card?

Now comes the moment I've been waiting for since getting the box. I've been so good, and staying honest by not opening this card until now. I've seen a few of these on other blogs, and thought these are pretty sweet looking. So lets get to it....

Not a bad looking card to get as the patch card. You could put me in the group that would rather have the actual card though.

Once again I would like to thank Kerry for running such a great contest. If you didn't participate this year hopefully he will run it again. When that time comes I will once again be in the contest.. So keep the college bowl season in mind, and join all the fun.

Friday, March 7, 2014

College Bowl Pick-em Winnings (part 3)

With some great cards in the last three packs I'm hoping that the final four packs keep delivering. Not much else to say except lets get to business.


#204 Adrian Gonzalez
#64 Will Venable
#318 Luis Valbuena- Ruby parallel - sweet sliding card that would be the card from the pack I showed if not for the next card.  
#RCT-4 Albert Pujols- An awesome card that is currently the best card in the box. Taking away the patch card I'm going to guess this is the card of the box. Not a bad card to have as the card of the box if you ask me.
#107 Jordan Zimmerman- Target red parallel
#46 Kolten Wong- Target red parallel
#71 Anthony Rizzo
#331 Yasiel Puig

This was a sweet pack from the very first card to the final card in the pack. This will be a tough pack to beat not only in this box, but if I bought a hundred more packs I'm not sure I could do better.


#166 Dustin Pedroia
#148 Chris Sale- love the throwback uniform on this card 
#161 Adrian Beltre
#UC-32 Yadier Molina - I just love the subsets in this years Topps series 1. Even if I'm not building any of them they are just to nice too atleast not appreciate.
#284 Brandon Belt- Target red parallel
#63 Tyler Skaggs- Target red parallel
#298 Chris Getz- sweet double play card
#160 Bruce Rondon

#100 Bryce Harper- Not a bad way to start off my second to last pack.
#117 A.L. ERA leaders
#SV-2 Miguel Cabrera Super Veteran
#90 Ethan Martin - Target red parallel
#198 Nick Swisher- Target red parallel
#72 Michael Young-
#295 Matt Tuiasosopo- Like most guys who end up trapped in the Mariners triple A. After being let go he finally starts to get his act together.
#88 Oswaldo Arcia

Another great run of cards in all these packs. I'm almost sad that there is only one remaining pack, and the commemorative patch card. More than anything this box has been fun to open, and who knows. This might be something I do in the future if I'm not building a set. Only time will tell if I ever go that route.