Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Still a little wore out from what ended up being a longer weekend than expected. While the trip north to Portland, and the card show was expected. One trip I hadn't planned on was the one south for an oil change in the new car.

Until recently that wouldn't have been a big deal, but the daughter does guitar lessons now. That unfortunately is a longer drive than I'd like for it to be. So throw all that into one big day to go along with the card show, and I spent atleast 8 hours driving in two days. Not complaining much here as I did well at the card show, and got some goodies on my trip south. What type of goodies you ask?





of stickers.

When everything was said, and done. For the price of only 99 cents I got 65 cards with stickers on them. The best part of the whole deal is that now I get to take a trip back to childhood. With so many of them being doubles I feel like they need to be decorating some of my card boxes or something. That is the point of stickers isn't it?

All the binders I put my collections in are the ones you put a page in the front, and on the side. Using them in the binders will be the first choice, and then I will work from there. It will all depend on how much I start feeling like a kid again when the decorating begins. Should be fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Go Daddy Bowl Artelope

More often than not I try to write my posts the night before. I mention that as I have two posts that need to be written. One will be about the card show from Saturday, and the other my trip south today (Monday).

Instead though you get a fairly short post about my latest return from the artelope project.

Lately I decided to attempt a few more bowl games. The reason for this was my recent bad luck with NFL teams. Yes I got back schedules from the teams, but my goal was business cards. So instead of making more attempts, and risk coming up empty even more. I thought, why not make a run at a few more bowl games?

To be exact I sent envelopes off to three bowl games. Monday the first of these came back with the following results.

Two very cool looking cards. Honestly when I wrote this bowl I expected the cards to look like the one on the right. A good looking design with the logo displayed predominately on the card front. What I didn't expect was them to have the sweet looking back with the bowl logo in the middle.

Very well done Go Daddy Bowl! You've got some great cards that I am proud to be adding into the Bowl game collection.

Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Hobbies Madness

Not only did I watch some racing on Sunday afternoon. I spent my Friday, and Sunday doing some serious work on organizing the business card collection. While there is still some work to be done. What was accomplished I am very proud of.

Starting off the fun I added 90% of the new cards that were picked up during the big schedule trade session with Mike. The toughest part being the hockey related business cards. Hockey has so many teams, and leagues that come, and go constantly. Outside of hockey the baseball was the biggest bulk of what I brought home. Honestly I could go on, and on turning this into a post about what I picked up that day. Only problem with that is I already did that post, and so going off again would be a waste. After adding all the cards an idea dropped into the head.

Now would be the perfect time to update the wantlists for all the business card wants in every sport. What better time to do that than now while I'm thinking about it? So, with that in mind I started the updating, and didn't stop until I was done with all sports. My only problem was halfway into the project something hit me.

Doing the entire HTML thing while updating the site got a little old. Since starting this blog I have come to realize that some things can be done easier. One of those things is the full update on my business cards, and pocket schedules So keeping that in mind I came up with the idea of.

Instead of spending tons of time doing the HTML thing while adding. or subtracting business cards or schedules. I can do it all tons faster by going this route instead of the regular webpage route.

In the end I'm hoping that it will make the big redo of schedules easier than it was going to be. So far the business cards wants was done easier. My main concern will be on how things work when it comes to the schedules for trade. The baseball is a gigantic list that will test things to the max.

While I doubt this means a whole lot to those of you who come here for a little bit of everything. Here is my plan for the two blogs.

The Prowling Cat will continue to run as it has been run. That being the blog where I show off everything that is going on in all my hobbies. Nothing will change from the way things are right now.

Hobbies Madness will be more of a traders blog for my business cards, and pocket schedules. Its use will be to send the people I trade those items with to. Giving it a purpose though, odds are trades for business cards, and pocket schedules will run on both blogs. Odds are the artelope returns will be double posted there too. What will happen there that isn't going to be done here is the showings.

The plan will be to show off either a business card, or pocket schedule every so often. How often that is will vary from time to time. Nothing fancy, just showing off the item with some information. Odds are the information will be minimal, but if you'd like to see sports teams business cards, or pocket schedules The Prowling Cat's Hobbies Madness is your place.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Chase- race 7

Today was 500 laps at 'The Paperclip', or known by its real name Martinsville Speedway. Going into the race it is another track where you don't know what is going to happen. The reason is with the season winding down it is the last best chance for revenge. If there is anyone you have truly pissed off during the season. Once they find you it doesn't take much to bump your rear-end, and take you for a spin. If all goes well it ends your day, and payback has been achieved.

Following the disappointment of seeing Kyle eliminated from the chase due to the stupidity of Austin Dillon. I watched the race as I am a NASCAR fan, but it lacked luster to me. Normally when we see Kyle's chance to win the chase go down the drain. We deal with it, and enjoy the remainder of the season. This year was extra tough as everything was going right until last weekend. With three more races left after today's, hopefully we can move on this year, and enjoy those races.

With all that said it's time to talk race winner.

Normally I wouldn't show this card, and use it for a post.The reason is I bought it to send to a fellow blogger. The difference this time is simply because it's a cool cards, and well. Dale Earnhardt Jr. was the winner of Martinsville today.

Now I am not a fan of Junior in any way shape or form. I could even go off for awhile about why I don't care for the guy. When it comes to today's race it would have been a crime for anyone other than Junior to win. First is it was the ten year anniversary of the Hendrick's plane crash. To see a Hendrick driver just felt right due to that. Having it be the one Hendrick driver who's father died during a race is the way it is supposed to be on a day like that.

Adding to everything was Junior has long wanted to win this one race. Seeing the man so excited he didn't know what to do. He ran hugging everyone within sight, and when he ran out of people looked lost. It brought back memories of North Carolina State winning the NCAA Championship in 1982. Watching the celebration on television was a great moment. Then when he was grabbed to talk about the win. He mentioned how he had wanted one of the grandfather clocks since he was a kid growing up. Despite not caring for the guy I couldn't help, but root for him today.

When it comes to Kyle I'd have to sum it up as quiet. Kyle ran a decent race, and finished a respectable 11th place. He stayed away from trouble, and was running a quiet race in the top 15. No getting into it with anyone, and just doing his thing.

The best racing news for us this weekend was the card above. I managed to find 25 Kyle Busch cards at the card show Saturday. This will get me through most of next year with new cards as I post about races.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sluggo Comes To The Cat House

As I've commented a few times since getting the hobby room moved over. There is not much room for much of any new additions. Anything new possesses the possibility of forcing a current item to either a new home, or donated to the thrift store. What this has meant is when I head to Goodwill this has to always be on my mind. Luckily I have done a great job in remembering, and have made one purchase since then. That one was the Rowdy bobblehead that almost didn't come home.

On the plus side I took an extra Iwakuma, and my Pedro Martinez bobbleheads to Mike last weekend. Pedro was a tough sell as I was kind of fond of the thing. Mike is a diehard Mets fan so I know it is in a good home. That made giving it away a little easier, but still a bummer. Like I said, I really liked that bobblehead. Something about the blue glove was just cool to me.

Getting back on track here. I have been so good in not buying new bobbleheads. On Monday I saw a Cal Ripken Jr. statue, and was able to walk away without Cal. Not really being a fan of the guy made it a little easier, but it still took some willpower.

Then came last night, and another trip to Goodwill. The daughter wanted this trip as she is trying to find a costume for Halloween. This meant another chance to test my new found willpower. Roaming the aisles I came across a Portland Winterhawks player bobblehead that was still in the box. Trying to convince myself that it needed to come home I put it back on the shelf. Walking away I told myself if anything else drew my attention them maybe I would consider bringing him home. Much like with the Ripken statue, I told myself that I'm not a big hockey fan.

Thinking I was out of the woods we went out to grab a bite to eat before heading home. That is when the daughter mentioned going to the other thrift store in town. Normally I don't go there, but I thought why not? As she did her thing I wandered the aisles expecting very little. Trouble hit as in the middle of the nic-nac aisle was this.

Getting Sluggo was a no-brainer. Given away in 2012, and a mascot with some memories when it comes to us. I had to bring him home without even thinking about it. 

Him, and my daughter have had their moments since Sluggo was introduced. You ask her, and she would tell you how much she dislikes him. Personally I think deep down inside she actually likes him, but just won't admit it. She's done battle with him a few times, and has enjoyed doing it. When it comes to my usual "here take a picture" I get the "NO WAY!" I've stopped asking as I'd bet it's not cool to have a picture with a lime green bear at her age. I can respect that, and play along with her disliking him. Even if she won't admit that she likes him. This is why he had to make the trip home with me.

The best thing is Sluggo will go down as the cheapest bobblehead I will probably ever buy. Marked at the very affordable 99 cents. He had a yellow tag, and was 25% off of that price. So for a mere 74 cents I now have Sluggo roaming among my other Eugene Emeralds collectibles.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Great Schedule Trade

I know that it has been mentioned a couple times this week, but now it gets its own post. For those that haven't been around, and heard about it. Sunday was what has become a every two year event in my collecting. This event is a day spent trading schedules, and business cards with fellow collector Mike.

It has taken those three trips for me to finally start getting more comfortable with taking schedules not only for my collection, but for trading with others. Since my first trip there Mike has always said take two, or three minimum when grabbing some schedules. It was tough to do that initially as I felt bad just taking some in hopes of trading. This trip though I finally came to terms with Mike's generosity, and took some I could hopefully using in future trades.

More might have come home, but I was focused on going through as much stuff as I possibly could go through. In the other two trips I would end up going through maybe half of his traders. That was not going to happen Sunday as I've gotten a better idea of what is in my collection, and some stuff I needed.

These two 2013 Mike Trout cover Angels schedule are an example. I knew that they existed, but honestly had forgotten until going through Mike's 2013 schedules. Going through his Angels in hopes of finding a Trout schedule. I was reminded towards the end as I spotted the two schedules above.

These two weren't the only schedules I found that have been missed in previous years. Lots of baseball schedules that I have missed found their way into the binders. While I'd love to show off these treasures it's not going to happen. Work was slow today so I came home, and you guessed it. I went through the haul, and put the missing schedules in their place. Trust me when I say I did well.

Adding to all the fun was as I said earlier. Business cards were exchanged in big numbers along with the schedules. Mike had quite a few new designs for teams that I already have, and helped me bag one that I've been going nuts trying for. That is the Laredo Lemurs who have stiffed me both years since their creation. Laredo has been my nemesis since they haven't even sent a schedule either year. No longer will I have to worry about them stiffing me again thanks to Mike.

Some of the best business cards though are the NFL teams I managed to add. Denver might be the only NFL team that gets full representation into the collection regularly. The exception to that rule is when I find business cards that have schedules on them. There was quite an extensive collection of those in Mike's traders, and now I have a big start on a collection of business cards with schedules on the back. The two above would have to be my favorites of the entire batch.

As with the two previous trips to Mike's house. This was a very productive day that I can't wait to do again. Odds are we won't be waiting two years as separating baseball teams, and splitting the mailing in half was discussed. We did this in the past, and it worked out well for both of us being able to save some postage costs. Even with me not collecting every team it still worked out well. We will see if it happens or not for 2015.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Johnny's Spot Trades Me

Starting out this month I did a full week of getting rid of cards I no longer have use for. Cards that were in need of brand new homes where they could be better appreciated. When all was said, and done the posts were a complete success. So much that I'm hoping to drop a few more before the month ends. All that is missing is me getting my butt in gear, and doing the posts.

It was during the first week that John who runs the blog Johnny's Trading Spot staked his claim on some cards. What happened next is a little secret that I might be the only one until now knew about. Getting a return from John in the form of a decent sized box. Included inside were loose NASCAR cards of one of my favorite drivers.

From there the box continued to give even more as two well wrapped groups of schedules sat inside. One was labeled 'to keep', and the other 'for trading'. I just sat there excited about what could be contained within each pack. Before opening them I couldn't help, but think "how does Johnny do it?" That is when I remembered an old commercial.

I'm not sure if others remember this guy or not?

For those that don't know who this is. His official name was Cool Spot, and he was a sort of mascot for 7 up in the late 80's. One day he disappeared, and from what I believe to be true. Spot accepted a deal with Johnny to do trades for him in return for some unknown to even me payment. It has been a deal that not only the two of them reap the benefits of. Anyone who is lucky enough to trade with John reaps the benefits of. How else can you explain these three Jeff Gordon cards being included in the box?

The set was a Pepsi promotion from 1997. Anyone else here starting to see a trend starting? Cards from a Pepsi promotion, and 7-up a Pepsi product. If you still aren't convinced of Cool Spot, and John relationship. I present to you one last proof for your viewing pleasure.

Included among many other schedules were these two that prove my point.

Looks like two normal schedules don't they? That is where you are wrong. A look at the back of these proves even more the theory of Spot doing John's trading.

That's right! Pepsi as the sponsor of these two schedules. How can anyone question all this proof?

So taking in all the evidence I came to one conclusion. John has Cool Spot do all his trading, and that is where his blog name came from. When you have Spot doing all your trades you have to give your blog a cool name such as Johnny's Trading Spot. John, please let Cool Spot know he did a great job, and sorry that I didn't show more of the goods you sent.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Since getting the new hobby room more organized than the old room ever was.Things have hit a form of chaos when it comes to the room, and my hobbies.

While on the outside it appears that things have become more organized than ever. To me the truth is far from that. When it comes to the three hobbies of baseball cards, business cards, and pocket schedules. I have let two of the three fall to the wayside as I have been getting the other organized.

Baseball cards have been taking a front seat to the other two since I started this blog almost two years ago. Since starting the blog I make sure the baseball card wants are well organized, and updated every time a new set is added.

Business cards have been a hit or miss affair these days. Yes, there are moments when I go after new business cards like the college bowl games, and NASCAR tracks. The problem is that if you were to look at the baseball wants it is incomplete right now.

Basketball, and football are a whole different story. Basketball has NBA developmental teams listed that no longer exist, and new teams not added yet. That doesn't even count that New Orleans changed names to the Pelicans, and Charlotte to the Hornets. Football still has teams listed for the Arena Football League that are gone, and new teams unlisted as well. NHL, soccer, bowl games, and NASCAR haven't even started to get wantlists yet. As you can see, the business cards are a mess.

From there we hit the pocket schedules. Much like the business cards, I haven't made a list of schedules missed since starting this blog. So it would be a safe bet to say that my schedules are a mess too. Adding into all this is the trip to Eugene for schedule trading. This trip is what I refer to ass the blessing in disguise. After the trip there is no telling what I have, and don't have in schedule for trade. While I call it trading, what really happens is we both look through the other trade stock, and pull stuff out. When all is said, and done there is no count on who got what. Once finished the blessing is it forces me to go through all my trading schedules, and verify what I have. So it is a great thing for making sure everything is up to date.

Even with all this chaos going on things are looking up. On the bad side my hobby room is a bit more cramped than I expected. Since the other room was such a disaster I bought stuff, and ended up with to much. All this is forcing me to evaluate what is in the room, and will force some tough decisions in the future. It's a slow process as I hate just donating stuff I bought less than a year back to where I got it.

The good news is I have a room where I can lay things out, and not worry about the mess. They can sit there for as long as I'd like. Then whenever I'm feeling like working on the pile it can get done at my own pace. All this gives me hope to catching up with where things were. Maybe I will finally achieve the complete organization of all three hobbies. Then will be the challenge of keeping them organized.

I can always dream can't I?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Chase- race 6

I'm going to be totally honest here. There will be no picture, and a very small update on what happened in today's race. The reason is a simple, I didn't watch the race.

Instead of hanging around the house playing with my baseball cards, and watching one of our favorite tracks. I had prearranged plans to head south, and trade pocket schedules. So those plans took precedence over watching the race. After six hours of looking through schedules, business cards, and just chatting. I am left a little too drained to look up pictures, or scan any.

What I did learn it was for the best when everything was said, and done. Brad Keselowski who needed the win to advance into the next round got just that. This left out Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. who both needed a win to advance as well.

The huge surprise came when our driver Kyle Busch was knocked out on lap 140, and finished a very disappointing 40th place. Needing to finish 26 or better, or having other finish worse than they did. Kyle missed the cut by seven points. Hanging out at the back of the pack didn't pay off as Kyle was rear-ended, and sustained what was race ending damage. Under the circumstances the team practically rebuilt the entire car, but it wasn't enough. Every race fan regardless of their allegiance has to admit it was a valiant effort. If another wreck would have happened earlier, then the effort would have paid off. Unfortunately the next big one was to late in the race for Kyle's chances.

Now the field has been narrowed down to eight remaining drivers with a chance to become champion. All points are again reset, and the winners of the next three races will become part of the final four. The next highest points over those three races will be added to the group as they run one final race for all the marbles. Should be interesting to see as Jimmie isn't in contention now.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's Up Dog?

Thanks to fellow TradingBases member Phil, this week a long neglected set took a few hits. Much like I have been doing with the 'Clearing The Closet' posts. Phil was looking to unload cards, and try to help other get closer on their sets. Luckily for the cat one of those sets was in my wheelhouse.

1993 Milk Bone Superstars cards. 

While this blog might be called The Prowling Cat, I love me some cards with baseball players and their dogs. Its a beautiful set that whenever I see it leaves me torn. Torn on glad that it was only done the one year, and sad at the same time. Sad because it is a cool set with the cool concept of baseball players, and their dogs. Whenever I see these cards it reminds me of what has become my wife's favorite calendar the Greg Biffle Foundation NASCAR drivers, and their pets. Another year or two of these would have been great in the binder.

My joy comes from the fact that here we are 21 years later, and this set still haunts my wantlist. So if there had been more years I'd be in big trouble trying to complete these. Getting this far in the building of this set has been an adventure so doing more might have crossed into the driving me mad zone.

 I know that these pop up on the bay quite often, and I could have either bought a full set by now, or built it in pieces. As of now I thought that might take away from the joy of finally trading for the remaining cards I needed. With time I have eased on that stance, and in the near future might take a crack at adding a few cards using the ebay method.

Adding to the craziness is during my non-collecting time frame. I had walked into a Goodwill, and saw a 330 count box jam packed with these cards. The thought of buying the box had crossed my mind, but I wasn't buying cards and passed. Now that box haunts me every single time I see one of these cards. Until the day I complete the set it will always be one of my card collecting regrets. Having an easy way to complete a set staring right at me, and walking away.

Onto the good news about these set additions. Included in the PWE from Phil was four of these sweet cards. This leaves the set at just over half completed now. Hopefully for my sanity it won't take another twenty years to finish adding the remaining cards.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Padrographs Gives Me The Sheets

During one of my posts a few months ago I commented about needing to get four pocket pages to help. There were some old pocket schedules, and the Colorado Rockies police card set that needed this sized page. Not knowing how long it would be before making the trip north to Portland. I was going to just accept that it would be awhile before I could get the organizing done.

That post was more of a letting people know how I was doing in the project of organizing the collection. That is when fellow blogger, and Padres fan Rod stepped to the plate. Rod e-mailed me asking for the address so he could send me some pages, and keep the momentum going. Adding to the fun is Rod picked up the sheets at the exact same card shop that I was going to pick them up at if I would have gotten them.

Sending me the pages Rod did better than I expected. Included in the bubble mailer was ten sheets that I am still working on filling. The explanation for the unfilled pages is that I have been wanting to do a write up, and so I never filled them up. Something in me knew that if I filled them this long overdue post would fall into the land of the lost.

I know that these have already been shown when I got them in a trade. The only difference is that now they have a page protecting them. All courtesy of Rod, and his generosity.

Now I am having a dilemma that I will attempt to solve this Saturday or Sunday. The dilemma is, in a little over a week I believe that Mall 205 is having a card show. Last weekend I was itching to do the Beaverton show, but something more important came up. Since I didn't get to hit that show I mentioned to the wife that going to the Mall 205 show was big on my list as I'd like to hit one last show this year. Odds are this will be my last chance in 2014 to buy any cards. If I hit the show I need to see where I am at when it comes to all my different sheets before going. Then I can get any sheets needed to keep the organizing project running strong.

Another big bonus would be if Rod was to hit the show I could repay his kindness with a few goodies I've been holding for him. That's a hint to you Rod..

For everyone else, if you haven't been to Rod's site Padrographs. Go check out the sweet collection of Padres autographs that Rod has accumulated over the years. He's done a great job with the collection.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Ballin' And Getting Rowdy

I believe I have said a few times in the past month that I have a few posts that are long overdue. Today I will finish up the Goodwill posts that are long overdue, and then move on to the trade posts. Luckily the trade posts aren't near as old as this post.

With an upcoming trip that is a sort of surprise coming up within a month. The wife was looking for some new clothes. Wanting to head north, but there not being any of the retailer she wanted to head into up north. We decided to go south, and see how our luck would run. Figuring this might be a chance to accomplish two things I was considering doing that Monday I was in.

Heading south I had mentioned wanting to go into Fred Meyer to look for a specific Oregon Ducks schedule. What I learned is that they either didn't have any or the schedule doesn't exist. I'm going to say that it doesn't exist to make myself feel better.

Despite coming up empty I hit the jackpot in another way. Directly across the street from the retailer was a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store. This was a store I didn't know existed as I've never gone that far west while in town, and have never done a search for one. Knowing my penchant for visiting thrift stores the wife mentioned we should go over.

Excited about a new stop I headed in ready to find some treasures. Roaming what I will say is one of the most disorganized thrift stores I have ever been in. I managed to find the sports section if only by pure luck. A basket holding tons of baseball caught my attention, and the search was on. Being very selective on logo baseballs these days as I honestly have more than I need. I couldn't turn down this addition to the used baseball collection.

One of the too many collections I have is baseball's from various leagues. Seeing, and being able to add a ball from the PAC12 was a sweet find. Helping with my excitement was that they only wanted 50 cents for the ball. This is by far the cheapest ball I have been able to add into that collection. The crazy part is I kept debating whether or not to even buy the ball, but in the end I thought when will I ever come across another one?

Leaving with my treasure we headed to a Goodwill that was one block away, and another new find. It was a fairly small store, and yielded zero results. These two thrift store are both places I will very rarely visit again if ever. Something in me just doesn't feel like they are worth the extra driving out of the way for them.

 From there we headed to the second stop I had planned for Monday. Earlier in the week the wife showed me a poster the Ducks were to start selling on Monday. Jokingly I mentioned having one would be awesome, and the wife said sure. With her having a Duck fan at work who's birthday was Monday we hoped that maybe they would arrive early. Things were going our way as just as I hoped they were in, and hot off the presses.

It's the 2014-2015 Oregon Ducks cheerleader poster. Just last night it became the first picture/poster on the wall of the hobby room. Maybe it will finally inspire me to start hanging up some of the other pictures I have.

Finishing up with getting the poster at the Duck Store we headed for our final stop. Going into what is one of my favorite Goodwill's, and hoping for the best. As I wandered the store I noticed two things of interest, but left empty handed. Once I was outside that is when things got interesting. The step-son has been looking for a chicken butter dish. Told by the wife it would be a miracle if I ever found one for him. I did not one better, I did two better. Not knowing what these things were I took a picture of a glass chicken, and texted the wife while inside. She didn't get the picture so I showed it to her, and it was exactly what he was looking for. Forcing her to head inside to verify she saw a larger purple colored one, and bought it for herself. What it means is miracles happen in two's I guess.

As we started to walk out I had given more thought about one of the things I had considered while inside for myself. Realizing that I need to slow down on the buying things for the hobby room. I didn't pay attention to my own rule, and bought.

This is a Rowdy bobblehead. Rowdy is the mascot for the wood bat West Coast League Medford Rogues. It was a giveaway from the recently finished 2014 season, and cost a mere 99 cents. If he had cost more than that he would have stayed at the store. For the price he cost though I thought why not see if I could find a space for him. Currently he has found a space among the other bobbleheads which will now have to take a hit every time a new one comes home. What all that means is for another bobblehead to come home it will replace a current one. I have my two picked out that would be the first out, and am honestly considering doing a Clearing The Closet with them as the offer. If, or when that happens is still being determined. As for now I'm still just enjoying the three new additions into the hobby room.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Clearing The Closet 8

After what was a very strong start in the closet cleaning. We seemed to have hit a snag later in the week with many sets going unclaimed. If these still go unclaimed by the end of today some will end their life as cards. They will find themselves in the recycle bin hoping to become something someone out there will use. So if you would like anything on the list, comment on this post.

Before going on with two more batches here is a review of what is still available.

San Diego Zoo- 110 card set
Dream Machines- 100 card set  ::Claimed::
Aladdin color cards, and stickers
Aladdin color cards
Flintstones color cards

If you would like a reminder on what they look like the cards all come from Clearing The Closet 5, 6, and 7.

Now lets move into two self created batches shall we? The theme for these will be Superhero for those that miss the obvious.


There might only be four cards shown in the scan, but it's not everything. I believe I have a batch somewhere between 10-20 cards that are all Spiderman related. I believe there are even more from the Spiderman set in with my old non-sports cards if you'd like those in the batch.

Not only are there Spiderman cards. I have Punisher, and Wolverine if you are a fan of those characters. If you would either like those included, or want one or both guys instead of Spidey. Let me know, and they can be yours too.

Wizard Promos 

For those that don't know about these cards here's the history. Wizard was comics version of Beckett Magazine during its heyday. It was the price guide that was used by most everyone to determine the value of their comic books. Included in most magazines were two promo cards that either promoted upcoming superhero sets, new comics, or just fun cards.

There are 20 cards from various issues, and comic book promo's in this batch. The scan above shows just the four from comics I think might be the more popular characters.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Chase- race 5

What a race!!

 I guess the truth is what an ending!

Let's start with the winner of the race.

Kevin Harvick

Coming on in the second half of the race. Harvick ran a good race that for once wasn't dominated by any one car. On a late restart with only three laps remaining when the race restarted. Kevin got off to a great start, and ran away with the win.

First off I am going to admit to using a recycled card for this post. After the way this race finished I'd rather post than scan a new card. So forgive me for the scanning laziness.

Kyle had a great race starting from the front of the field. While not getting the win that we here at the cat house would have loved to see. Busch finished a very strong 5th place, and put more distance between himself and 8th place.

Now onto the post race antics.

After finishing a weak 17th, and seeing his chances to advance into the next round getting even farther out of sight. Brad Keselowski went nuts, and swiped Denny Hamlin's car while on the cool down lap. From there, Brad set his sight's on Matt Kenseth who was driving down pit road. Bumping into Matt his car then accidentally rear-ended Tony Stewart. Tony who has been known to not just take hits like this one, popped the car into reverse on Brad.

At this point the fun was just beginning. Denny taking offense with the treatment went after Brad in the garage area. Dragged off by his pit crew, and told to go into the hauler Denny was finished. Brad's night only got worse from there though as he tried to exit stage right. Slipping between a couple haulers, and walking along thinking he was safe. Matt Kenseth came from nowhere, and started fighting.After being separated each driver was sent their separate ways.

For Brad that direction has been rumored to be the NASCAR hauler. Word is that unseen by the camera's that were taping the race. Brad did a burnout in the garage area, and put lots of people at risk of serious injury. Word is that there might be some serious penalties coming from NASCAR for Keselowski. What those will be is to announced on Tuesday the rumor is.

Should be an interesting week for NASCAR fans as there is lots to talk about until next weeks race. Adding to all this drama is Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Brad all need the win at Talladega to make it into the next round. Losing all three of those drivers in this round would leave the chase wide open for the taking.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clearing The Closet 7

Here is the final post that was promised when I started doing these. During the coarse of the month more of these will be popping up, but odds are not with two items in every post.

Missing from today's post is the theme thing that started going along the way. Neither of these sets have anything in common. I just wanted to get these offered up, but didn't have anything matching to pair them up with. So I figured I'll just match them up together.

San Diego Zoo

Out of all the non-sports cards I ever collected. Cards with animals on them were, and still are my favorites. When these cards first came out I bought two boxes, and built multiple sets. The big reason was I wanted a full set that included all the special cards to make this a complete set. Even buying the second box it took a few years before I finally had the special cards to complete my personal set.

Over the years I either traded or sold all, but this one last set. It is a beautiful set of 110 cards that contains some information about the animal on the back of the card.

Exotic Dreams

When I built this set it was for two reasons that are obvious by the picture above. How can you not love a set of cards with beautiful women, and fast cars? Some of the cards like the one above I believe were posters at one time. With 100 cards in the set there are only a few with women which is great as this set is about the cars more than anything.

Hopefully everyone out there had some fun atleast seeing these sets more than anything. There are still some cool batches of cards available so if there was one or more you thought about claiming, but didn't. Go back, and see if they are still available. Then stake your claim as I'd love to see all these cards find a good home, and not a recycle bin.

Almost Forgotten Weekend Finds

Around three, and a half weeks ago I had a good day with three great finds.

Starting the day off was a swap meet over at the fairgrounds.This was the first ever meet, and something I was very interested in checking out. How to break the news to the wife was the big question. The problem solved itself as she mentioned going into town for groceries that were on sale that she needed. Feeling this was my opportunity to mention that we could hit this show I went for it.

Realizing I enjoy these things, and remembering how well she did at the show in July. She was all for going, and seeing what she could find herself. When the smoke had cleared she did pretty good in getting a Christmas display for the house. I walked away with some marbles for the old canning jar I've been slowly filling with old blue marbles. Had the hobby room not been filled already the purchases would have been much bigger. One seller had a short stack of five ice cream batting helmets with the old logo's on them. Would have loved to get them, and put them in the room, but without knowing where they'd go I passed.

From there we made our way to the Goodwill in town where I hit Mariners gold.

'Sweet' Lou was inducted into the Seattle Mariners hall of fame this season. As with the other players who were inducted the team gave away a bobblehead that game. Even though we didn't make it to the game I now have the bobblehead to commemorate the induction. Lou now sits in with all the other Mariners bobbleheads I've either gotten at games or found at Goodwill.

From there we did the wife's running around before coming home. Not long afterwards she mentioned that her cellphone battery was dieing at a crazy pace. Still early in the day, and she had charged it three times. So it was either get a new battery, or a new phone.

Telling me she would prefer getting a new battery we headed up to Salem for that battery. What this meant to me is a chance to hit my favorite Goodwill.

Making the drive up we went to my stop first where I struck Mariners gold once more.

Not as fun of an item as the Piniella bobblehead, but still welcomed to the Mariners collection just as much. From there the finds weren't over as the next aisle was the nic-nac row, and this little gem.

A giveaway from the Portland Beavers. Ironically the week before I got the same stadium, but with the soccer layout instead of baseball. This version is bigger, and not in as good of shape. I honestly debated about not buying it as the light towers are damaged. As you can see my love of stadiums won, and it came home.

Now it sits next to the Portland Timbers soccer layout, and looks pretty cool. Maybe one day I will find one in better shape, but until then this one will do just fine.

Overall it was a great day that I wanted to share back when it happened. Problem is that I was honestly in kind of a writing funk, and just didn't do it. Maybe soon I can finally catch up, and write about the finds from two, and a half weeks ago.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Clearing The Closet 6

Despite not having the best of luck with the three sets of coloring cards. Today will be another two groups of self created sets of cards, and stickers.

If you are interested in any of the three coloring card groups that were in 'Clearing The Closet 5' feel free to go to the post, and stake your claim. Also consider claiming any of the two groups in this post.

For those wondering on what today's theme is it will be obvious, but I'll tell you anyways. Aladdin is the theme for today.

Aladdin Color Cards, and Stickers

This batch contains eight cards. The five gold colored are stickers. While the three plain are coloring cards. The coloring cards have a game on the back of the card for extra fun.

Aladdin Color Cards Set

This is the full ten color card set.  The Abu card is the game on the back of his card to give you an example of the fun with these cards. That card gives you a little extra fun as you can color the back as well as the front.

As has been the deal all along. Leave a comment if you would like either set of these cards. Much like the Monday sets I will throw these in an envelope, and send them out right away unless you tell me to hold them incase you claim other packs.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Clearing The Closet 5

I would like to say this project of clearing out cards that I have no use for has been a roaring success so far. With all this happening the odds are I will be going deeper into the month with all this stuff than previously planned. Odds are after Friday's post though it might slow down to one thing a day, or it might stay at two. All depends on how I do at finding cards, and other things I would like to help find a new home. I'm going to say odds are it will be one item a day as getting through until Friday might be tough due to the theme idea.

So onto today's batches, and side story. After taking Friday off I knew that today was going to be my mailing day, and running errands around town. One of those errands was to take the dog, and get his nails trimmed. It's an errand that I keep forgetting to do because of the other things that were much more important. Sometimes I seem to be getting a little more scatter brained as I get older.

Remembering the dog nails I had the idea to do a theme of animal related cards as I have a set of San Diego Zoo cards. Nice foreshadowing for all of you out there who'd like to share this set with your kids or keep it for yourself when I post it. Problem is what set to match it up with when I decide to post it? At the vet the dog was what we call the grumpy butt, and had to be muzzled. His attitude is hit or miss when it comes to getting things done at the vet. All this meant is things seemed to be going towards the grumpy direction on dealing with things for me as well. After returning home I dropped Dega off, and headed to the post office.

This is when the day took a drastic turn for the better, and led to the idea for today's goodies. The guy working at the post office was in a great mood, and cracked a couple jokes. Not sure if the other guy in the office was upset or not about the joke as he made a comment. Personally I thought it was funny, and that is what matters right? From there I headed out to get me a quick bit to eat. The guy working there cracked a couple jokes as well, and put me in an even better mood.

Due to all this I believe it was determined that today was going to be a fun for the kids theme. I won't hold it against you if you want these for yourself, but the main idea for these is for the kids. None of these batches are full sets so I am going to post pictures of everything you will get if you claim the batch.

Flintstones Color Cards

These cards are part of a Flintstones set that honored the cartoon, and comics. Honestly I can't tell you how many of these coloring cards where included. My best guess would be there were ten, but you will only get the five shown above.

As a cool surprise I have three sets of these cards for the taking. Two of the sets have the five cards above. The third set is missing the top baby dinosaur card.

U.S. of ALF

These are fun stickers with a ALF comic drawing. The back of the card gives some real information about the state that is features on the sticker.

I am going to be dealing with these batches differently than any of the previous sets I've done so far. With the sets I waited, and put them in boxes, and mailed them. These will go right into an envelope with no protection, and sent out ASAP. If you mail me your address after staking your claim I will get them out that day. Just want to be upfront about how these will be sent so there is no surprises. If you want me to wait in-case you claim something else, and send it with those cards let me know. I will gladly hold the cards for you, and mail them that way.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Chase- race 4

Today was Kansas, and what has to be one of the wildest chase races ever. While watching this race the wife commented that today was NASCAR's version of yesterday's college football. When the smoke had cleared it put three of the chase favorites on the ropes.

Starting in the back of the field due to a spin in qualifying was Jimmie Johnson. Then on lap 84 Johnson took a major hit when Greg Biffle's car bumped Johnson, and forced a spin. Included in the wreck were Justin Allgaier, and Josh Wise. Taking another 70 something laps to fix his car, Johnson came back out but finished the race in 40th place, and 87 laps down. The finish means Johnson's chances for getting to the next round are in serious jeopardy.  His only shots now are to either win either one of two very tough races or hope the other contenders have a day like the one he had today.

If Johnson going down wasn't enough of a hit to the chase favorites. Dale Earnhardt Jr. who was picked by most to be a final four contender went down. Later in the race Junior was leading when disaster hit in a blown tire. The quick right into the wall did major damage to the car, and may have ruined Junior's hopes as well. Finishing just two spots ahead of Jimmie in 38th, Junior now needs the exact same scenario as Johnson to advance.

If two guys going down wasn't enough. The one man picked to win the entire chase suffered the exact same fate as Junior. While passing Johnson a blown right tire slammed Brad Keselowski, and his two car into the wall. Finishing 36th, and much like Jimmie, and Junior needing either a win in the next two races or disaster by four other drivers in those tow races.

The disaster scenario is a possibility with the third race being at Talladega. There is always the looming wreck called 'The Big One' out there. Problem with this for the three who saw their chase take a hit is you can be part of that just as easily as any other driver.

Coming out of all this madness, and guaranteeing himself a spot in the next round was Joey Logano.Showing he was a force to be dealt with. Running up towards the front most of the race it was obvious that Joey would play a huge part in who won the race. What this does is add more fuel to the fire of picking Joey as one of the favorites to win it all.

In what is quite possibly the worst track in NASCAR for our driver Kyle Busch. Kansas was much kinder to Kyle as he came across in third place, and a major victory. Giving what has to be the quote of the year in NASCAR after the finish. During his post race interviews Kyle said "I won today. I just didn't get champagne, and a trophy."

Going into this round, many have Kyle picked as one of the four that are going to be eliminated. While I would have liked to say no way. We are realistic, and realized it was a very strong possibility due to Kansas, and Talladega being in this round. Already talking about his past bad runs in Kansas I've already talked about Talladega, and the possibilities of it too. So having a great run in Kansas now has Rowdy Nation realizing that making it to the next round is a possibility. If he does look for Kyle to be a threat to win it all as the three races in the third round are tracks Kyle runs well at.

Clearing The Closet 4

So far things have been going great with this little project of clearing out the closet in the spare room. Hopefully we can keep the streak alive, and when finished I will have tons of spare room. While you the readers will have some cool sets in your collections. That is the goal of this entire project isn't it?

With today being the first race of the contenders round today will be a bit more interesting than usual. First off, I will still be doing the NASCAR post this evening about the race. Second is I decided it would be cool to make today's theme car related.

1994 18 Wheelers

Before getting started I'd like to point out the obvious. That being the diesel I chose is pink colored, and was done in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

When I bought these cards I was dating a girl, and her dad was a truck driver. We thought it would be a great Christmas present if we put together a set of these cards for him. The problem is to make it happen we had to buy a box of the cards. They were very tough cards to find so buying a lone set was out of the question. What is left from that box is a set of 100 cards that is missing 4 of the cards.

1991 Muscle Cards

While one of the coolest sets I have, it is also the weirdest. What makes this set so cool is the subject of muscle cars. The thing that makes it the weirdest is the set is listed at 102 cards, but has two header cards to make it 104 cards. Those header cards isn't what makes the set so weird. It is the fact that sets are usually 20, 50, 75, 100, etc. This is the only set I have ever seen that contains the crazy number 102.