Monday, October 6, 2014

Clearing The Closet 5

I would like to say this project of clearing out cards that I have no use for has been a roaring success so far. With all this happening the odds are I will be going deeper into the month with all this stuff than previously planned. Odds are after Friday's post though it might slow down to one thing a day, or it might stay at two. All depends on how I do at finding cards, and other things I would like to help find a new home. I'm going to say odds are it will be one item a day as getting through until Friday might be tough due to the theme idea.

So onto today's batches, and side story. After taking Friday off I knew that today was going to be my mailing day, and running errands around town. One of those errands was to take the dog, and get his nails trimmed. It's an errand that I keep forgetting to do because of the other things that were much more important. Sometimes I seem to be getting a little more scatter brained as I get older.

Remembering the dog nails I had the idea to do a theme of animal related cards as I have a set of San Diego Zoo cards. Nice foreshadowing for all of you out there who'd like to share this set with your kids or keep it for yourself when I post it. Problem is what set to match it up with when I decide to post it? At the vet the dog was what we call the grumpy butt, and had to be muzzled. His attitude is hit or miss when it comes to getting things done at the vet. All this meant is things seemed to be going towards the grumpy direction on dealing with things for me as well. After returning home I dropped Dega off, and headed to the post office.

This is when the day took a drastic turn for the better, and led to the idea for today's goodies. The guy working at the post office was in a great mood, and cracked a couple jokes. Not sure if the other guy in the office was upset or not about the joke as he made a comment. Personally I thought it was funny, and that is what matters right? From there I headed out to get me a quick bit to eat. The guy working there cracked a couple jokes as well, and put me in an even better mood.

Due to all this I believe it was determined that today was going to be a fun for the kids theme. I won't hold it against you if you want these for yourself, but the main idea for these is for the kids. None of these batches are full sets so I am going to post pictures of everything you will get if you claim the batch.

Flintstones Color Cards

These cards are part of a Flintstones set that honored the cartoon, and comics. Honestly I can't tell you how many of these coloring cards where included. My best guess would be there were ten, but you will only get the five shown above.

As a cool surprise I have three sets of these cards for the taking. Two of the sets have the five cards above. The third set is missing the top baby dinosaur card.

U.S. of ALF

These are fun stickers with a ALF comic drawing. The back of the card gives some real information about the state that is features on the sticker.

I am going to be dealing with these batches differently than any of the previous sets I've done so far. With the sets I waited, and put them in boxes, and mailed them. These will go right into an envelope with no protection, and sent out ASAP. If you mail me your address after staking your claim I will get them out that day. Just want to be upfront about how these will be sent so there is no surprises. If you want me to wait in-case you claim something else, and send it with those cards let me know. I will gladly hold the cards for you, and mail them that way.

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  1. man, I'm starting to feel a lil guilty here. I definitely would like the Alf cards. feel free to hang on to them in case I am luck again.