Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Go Daddy Bowl Artelope

More often than not I try to write my posts the night before. I mention that as I have two posts that need to be written. One will be about the card show from Saturday, and the other my trip south today (Monday).

Instead though you get a fairly short post about my latest return from the artelope project.

Lately I decided to attempt a few more bowl games. The reason for this was my recent bad luck with NFL teams. Yes I got back schedules from the teams, but my goal was business cards. So instead of making more attempts, and risk coming up empty even more. I thought, why not make a run at a few more bowl games?

To be exact I sent envelopes off to three bowl games. Monday the first of these came back with the following results.

Two very cool looking cards. Honestly when I wrote this bowl I expected the cards to look like the one on the right. A good looking design with the logo displayed predominately on the card front. What I didn't expect was them to have the sweet looking back with the bowl logo in the middle.

Very well done Go Daddy Bowl! You've got some great cards that I am proud to be adding into the Bowl game collection.

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