Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's Up Dog?

Thanks to fellow TradingBases member Phil, this week a long neglected set took a few hits. Much like I have been doing with the 'Clearing The Closet' posts. Phil was looking to unload cards, and try to help other get closer on their sets. Luckily for the cat one of those sets was in my wheelhouse.

1993 Milk Bone Superstars cards. 

While this blog might be called The Prowling Cat, I love me some cards with baseball players and their dogs. Its a beautiful set that whenever I see it leaves me torn. Torn on glad that it was only done the one year, and sad at the same time. Sad because it is a cool set with the cool concept of baseball players, and their dogs. Whenever I see these cards it reminds me of what has become my wife's favorite calendar the Greg Biffle Foundation NASCAR drivers, and their pets. Another year or two of these would have been great in the binder.

My joy comes from the fact that here we are 21 years later, and this set still haunts my wantlist. So if there had been more years I'd be in big trouble trying to complete these. Getting this far in the building of this set has been an adventure so doing more might have crossed into the driving me mad zone.

 I know that these pop up on the bay quite often, and I could have either bought a full set by now, or built it in pieces. As of now I thought that might take away from the joy of finally trading for the remaining cards I needed. With time I have eased on that stance, and in the near future might take a crack at adding a few cards using the ebay method.

Adding to the craziness is during my non-collecting time frame. I had walked into a Goodwill, and saw a 330 count box jam packed with these cards. The thought of buying the box had crossed my mind, but I wasn't buying cards and passed. Now that box haunts me every single time I see one of these cards. Until the day I complete the set it will always be one of my card collecting regrets. Having an easy way to complete a set staring right at me, and walking away.

Onto the good news about these set additions. Included in the PWE from Phil was four of these sweet cards. This leaves the set at just over half completed now. Hopefully for my sanity it won't take another twenty years to finish adding the remaining cards.

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  1. One of the best parts of this set is the fashion choices these players have made. I understand it was a different era, but there is no excuse in any decade for that abomination Rob Dibble is wearing.

    I like cards with animals on them. A couple of months ago I showed off a set that the Rangers had put out in partnership with the Humane Society, showing the players with their pet dogs or shelter dogs for those players who didn't have dogs.

    I think I owe you a trade package, too. I wouldn't sit out by the mailbox and wait for it, but I am working on getting something together.