Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sluggo Comes To The Cat House

As I've commented a few times since getting the hobby room moved over. There is not much room for much of any new additions. Anything new possesses the possibility of forcing a current item to either a new home, or donated to the thrift store. What this has meant is when I head to Goodwill this has to always be on my mind. Luckily I have done a great job in remembering, and have made one purchase since then. That one was the Rowdy bobblehead that almost didn't come home.

On the plus side I took an extra Iwakuma, and my Pedro Martinez bobbleheads to Mike last weekend. Pedro was a tough sell as I was kind of fond of the thing. Mike is a diehard Mets fan so I know it is in a good home. That made giving it away a little easier, but still a bummer. Like I said, I really liked that bobblehead. Something about the blue glove was just cool to me.

Getting back on track here. I have been so good in not buying new bobbleheads. On Monday I saw a Cal Ripken Jr. statue, and was able to walk away without Cal. Not really being a fan of the guy made it a little easier, but it still took some willpower.

Then came last night, and another trip to Goodwill. The daughter wanted this trip as she is trying to find a costume for Halloween. This meant another chance to test my new found willpower. Roaming the aisles I came across a Portland Winterhawks player bobblehead that was still in the box. Trying to convince myself that it needed to come home I put it back on the shelf. Walking away I told myself if anything else drew my attention them maybe I would consider bringing him home. Much like with the Ripken statue, I told myself that I'm not a big hockey fan.

Thinking I was out of the woods we went out to grab a bite to eat before heading home. That is when the daughter mentioned going to the other thrift store in town. Normally I don't go there, but I thought why not? As she did her thing I wandered the aisles expecting very little. Trouble hit as in the middle of the nic-nac aisle was this.

Getting Sluggo was a no-brainer. Given away in 2012, and a mascot with some memories when it comes to us. I had to bring him home without even thinking about it. 

Him, and my daughter have had their moments since Sluggo was introduced. You ask her, and she would tell you how much she dislikes him. Personally I think deep down inside she actually likes him, but just won't admit it. She's done battle with him a few times, and has enjoyed doing it. When it comes to my usual "here take a picture" I get the "NO WAY!" I've stopped asking as I'd bet it's not cool to have a picture with a lime green bear at her age. I can respect that, and play along with her disliking him. Even if she won't admit that she likes him. This is why he had to make the trip home with me.

The best thing is Sluggo will go down as the cheapest bobblehead I will probably ever buy. Marked at the very affordable 99 cents. He had a yellow tag, and was 25% off of that price. So for a mere 74 cents I now have Sluggo roaming among my other Eugene Emeralds collectibles.

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