Monday, October 27, 2014

A Little Hobbies Madness

Not only did I watch some racing on Sunday afternoon. I spent my Friday, and Sunday doing some serious work on organizing the business card collection. While there is still some work to be done. What was accomplished I am very proud of.

Starting off the fun I added 90% of the new cards that were picked up during the big schedule trade session with Mike. The toughest part being the hockey related business cards. Hockey has so many teams, and leagues that come, and go constantly. Outside of hockey the baseball was the biggest bulk of what I brought home. Honestly I could go on, and on turning this into a post about what I picked up that day. Only problem with that is I already did that post, and so going off again would be a waste. After adding all the cards an idea dropped into the head.

Now would be the perfect time to update the wantlists for all the business card wants in every sport. What better time to do that than now while I'm thinking about it? So, with that in mind I started the updating, and didn't stop until I was done with all sports. My only problem was halfway into the project something hit me.

Doing the entire HTML thing while updating the site got a little old. Since starting this blog I have come to realize that some things can be done easier. One of those things is the full update on my business cards, and pocket schedules So keeping that in mind I came up with the idea of.

Instead of spending tons of time doing the HTML thing while adding. or subtracting business cards or schedules. I can do it all tons faster by going this route instead of the regular webpage route.

In the end I'm hoping that it will make the big redo of schedules easier than it was going to be. So far the business cards wants was done easier. My main concern will be on how things work when it comes to the schedules for trade. The baseball is a gigantic list that will test things to the max.

While I doubt this means a whole lot to those of you who come here for a little bit of everything. Here is my plan for the two blogs.

The Prowling Cat will continue to run as it has been run. That being the blog where I show off everything that is going on in all my hobbies. Nothing will change from the way things are right now.

Hobbies Madness will be more of a traders blog for my business cards, and pocket schedules. Its use will be to send the people I trade those items with to. Giving it a purpose though, odds are trades for business cards, and pocket schedules will run on both blogs. Odds are the artelope returns will be double posted there too. What will happen there that isn't going to be done here is the showings.

The plan will be to show off either a business card, or pocket schedule every so often. How often that is will vary from time to time. Nothing fancy, just showing off the item with some information. Odds are the information will be minimal, but if you'd like to see sports teams business cards, or pocket schedules The Prowling Cat's Hobbies Madness is your place.

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