Saturday, December 26, 2015

Missing Blogger-- If Found Please Call

2015 has been an insanely slow year for me in the blogging category. Things hit an all time low when October only saw one lone post. Puttering along we hit December and, the final three posts for the clearing of unwanted clutter.

The last of those was fifteen days ago. It's not that there isn't tons of things to write about around here. Looking around I have a stack of probably five, or more trade packages waiting for their glorious showing. Some of those are related to the clutter cleaning, two are Christmas goodies, and a few other trades.

I've even been so bad that the three claimed items from that last posting are still waiting to be sent out. For those waiting there is hope as my plan is to mail them out on Monday. Sunday will be crazy as we plan on taking down the tree, and then ending our run as the last people in the world to see Star Wars. After a planned visit to the local movie theater I will be working on getting the cards all ready for their trips.

December's slow down if you recall from the seventh clutter posting is due to the dog adventure. I was so locked into searching for the perfect dog that instead of doing blogging things I would look at the shelter website over, and over before doing other things. After all of that time spent it's ironic that the dog we finally did get was never posted on the shelter's website.

 I introduce to you Miss Melody, or as the wife has me calling her. Mellie

Mellie was brought in from New Mexico, and is eight months old. Odds are very high that she ends up being bigger than what I had wanted. Currently she is the size I had in mind as my prefect dog. The wife though said she wasn't against a bigger dog, and honestly was leaning towards a Black Lab sized dog.

Well she got the dog that will probably end up being somewhere around that size as she is German Shepard/Blue Heeler. Her two big problems right now are, she is basically afraid of her own shadow, and is doing her business in the house. I think once we get those two things improved she will be a great dog. Being shy was something while driving us a bit nuts right now is why we ended up picking her. She was so calm with our dog Dega, who accepted her despite being bigger than he is. Dega has even established himself as the alpha dog, and gives her some courage in scary situations.

Earlier I said she wasn't on the website. This is because on Saturday the 19th I went by the shelter to see if any new dogs had appeared. I also wanted to bond a bit more with a four month old Shar Pei/Black Lab puppy. Keeping an open mind I checked out the other dogs that had just came in, and were still unavailable for adoption. They do an intake where they get a better idea on the dogs attitude with other dogs, cats, kids, etc. During that time I walked by her pen, and thought she seemed like a good dog, but her size scared me off because of Dega's dislike for bigger dogs. That disliking was what had stopped an earlier adoption for a puppy we had fallen in love with.

Sunday came with me mentioning to the wife that I had seen quite a few dogs worth a look. Checking out the Facebook for the shelter I noticed that it said they had gotten in 60 dogs on Saturday. Not wanting to go along this left the daughter, and myself  to check out the fresh blood. In the end this was probably for the best as the daughter didn't let last times experience slow her down in looking at bigger dogs. Our first visit was with the dog Mellie was sharing a pen with. While spending that time I mentioned a couple times that last night there was another dog with her that I liked much more.

As we exited the visiting room the intake lady was putting Mellie into the pen, and clipped her information on the pen. From there it was one dog in, and the other coming out. Not to keep dragging this out we spent time with a couple more dogs including the Shar Pei before almost leaving empty. The daughter had to see Dega deal with Mellie before we left so I caved, and the meeting happened.

Now the big ordeal has been the daughter not willing to accept that Mellie wasn't brought home to be her personal pet. Once we can get her a little braver, and some better weather. I plan on taking her for some walks with the wife, and Dega so we can start losing some poundage we so need to lose. It'll be quite the journey getting her there, but like I said in the end I think she will be a great dog.

With all this going on, and Christmas finally over. I need to sit down, and get myself back in order. Hopefully I can do this soon so regular posting can happen. There have been some awesome packages that I refuse to add into the collections until they have been shared on a posting.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 8- The Finale

This has gone alot slower than I had expected it to go when deciding to clear out all these items last month. If I had gotten to business like I'd planned. By now everything would already be in their new homes, or atleast heading there.

Today there will be no fooling around though as I am going to do a big cleaning house of small baseball sets. Six sets are all up for grabs, and looking for new homes. Feel free to claim one set, two set, or heck all six if they interest you.

Toys "R" Us Baseball Rookies Set
As you can see from the picture this is a 33 card set of rookies from 1988.

Ralston Purina Set
This set f 1984 cards contains the stars of that time with all 33 cards included.

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Set
Put out in 1986 this set comes with all 33 cards.

Kay-Bee Superstars of Baseball
Coming out in 1987 this is another of those ever popular 33 card sets from the era

Kay-Bee Young Superstars of Baseball
Arriving earlier than the set above this 33 card set was released in 1986

1987 Baseball's Award Winners
This 44 card set commemorates the award winners from 1986. Originally coming with six stickers in the box those are long gone, but the 44 cards are still in the box.

So there they are in all their glory. While I've gotten lots of thank you's from people for sending out all the treasures that have already gone out. I want to say thank you to all of you for helping me find homes where all this stuff will be appreciated for years to come.

Everything here will be available until Monday at which point the remaining sets will begin to be parted out for either player, or team collectors. If you are interested in a player or team when these start becoming parted feel free to leave a comment below. Full set claims will get the first shot, but Monday morning all bets are off, and the parting will begin.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 7

With the weekend being waaaay busy it has been a couple days since the last post. I will just say we had a serious day of Christmas shopping. Closing out the day we went out to the local animal shelter, and fell in love with a sweet dog. Feeling she would be perfect we put her on hold, and went back on Sunday first thing. Sunday was to meet our current dog to make sure everything would work out between the two. Doing a quick just us without the dog to make sure it was still good. We had a good time with what was a sweet shy eleven month old dog that would curl up on our laps. After this it was time for the meeting, and to see if the cat house would have another family member. As our dog walked into the room this sweet puppy turned into a nightmare that wanted to basically jump up on our dog, and wouldn't take his hints of no. Needless to say we came home without the new member, and are strongly believing things will stay that way. It's a tricky situation as I want a medium sized dog, and our dog isn't into dogs bigger than him. No biggie as I believe it's just a sign that we are supposed to be a one dog family.

 The wife is still keeping an eye on the shelter's website as she starts a vacation next week that will run through the remainder of the year. She wants another small dog, and the daughter wants just any sized. All this is a Pandora's Box I've kept closed as a big no, but now opened by wanting a little bigger dog.

Enough about the weekend, let's get back to the business of clearing out some unwanted stuff cluttering up the hobby room.

Game-Used Northwest League Baseball #1

While all the information on the ball is clean the ball itself is pretty dirty. I mention it because I'm not sure if how dirty it is comes through in the picture.

Game-Used Northwest League Baseball #2
As you can see this ball has a scuff mark in the writing area of the ball. It is a much cleaner ball than the #1 baseball.

In news for the other unclaimed items from past posts. The ice cream helmet is still available until Saturday, and so is three of the fire engines series 4 sets. On Saturday they will both go away with another box heading to the Goodwill truck. I also spent some serious time at the post office mailing out a package to Billy Kingsley. This leaves me still needing an address for Julie Owens so I can mail out your treasures.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 6

It's been a couple day since the last offer, but I still have more so how about we do this?

Fire Engines series 1
Far as I know this is the full set of 100 cards from series one. If you know anyone who is into fire engines this is the perfect set as it is loaded with information. 

Fire Engines series 4
Another of the fire engine sets, and the last series I was able to collect. If you claimed the first series one of these would go perfectly with it. 

Besides all these I am still waiting to hear from the following people with their addresses.
Julie Owens
Billy Kingsley

Once you get back to me I will work on getting your treasures heading your direction. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 5

With a clean slate after the unclaimed stuff is now gone, and the latest treasures claimed fairly quick. How about we mix it up again, and offer up some non card related goodies?

Salute To Armed Forces Medallion

I got this medallion, coin, whatever you want to call it when we went to the April 13, 2013 game. Personally I think the Mariners do a great job on these, and saw another recently which I passed on which was something I now regret.

Emeralds Ice Cream Helmet

If you are anything like me you remember the small batting helmets that you could get ice cream in. Around the cathouse we know them well as the Eugene Emeralds have been doing these for awhile. Being we like to get ice cream when it's hot outside we've bought a few of these. I've kept one of each design for myself, and had some disappear, but still have the one above.

Remember to claim either of these just leave a comment below on what you'd like to add into your collection. If you follow it by an e-mail to by Monday morning it will get sent out with the other treasures leaving on Monday to their new homes.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 4

It's been a couple crazy days that honestly I am still recovering from. This morning was the big one as we got up early to go out for some deals. Yes, I know it's kind of unnecessary these days because of online shopping, but I still kind of enjoy it.

Anyway, how about we get down to the business of clearing out some more things looking for new homes. First let's start with the information on the claimed, and unclaimed things. How about we go with the fun, also known as claimed treasures. If you haven't contacted me via e-mail at with your address then I'd appreciate it so I can send you your goodies. I've tried to contact most of you, but haven't gotten a response which I'll say is due to this being the holiday weekend.

Next is to save you some time I will let you know that the following items are still up for grabs. From the original post I have tons of the Rockies police cards, but no complete sets. Post two still has one full set of "Fievel Goes West" cards available. The third has two logo baseballs from the Eugene Emeralds, and the Corvallis Knights. The lifespan on all these are about to run out as I am taking the daughter south to check out a longboard. Once we return I will check here, and any of the treasures unclaimed from the first three posts will be making a trip to the Goodwill truck.

How about we get back to business now.

1994 Parkinson Set
This is a set of art cards from the artist Keith Parkinson. The artwork is fantasy style with lots of dragons, and castle type paintings. There are 90 cards in the set, and it is a great looking set of cards.

San Diego Zoo
A weird sized 110 card set that was produced in 1993 Cardz. This is an awesome set in my mind that I'm hoping will find a new home through this post. Back in the days of me collecting non-sport cards I was into the endangered animal sets probably more than any other type of card. These were by far the best of all the endangered sets in my opinion.

Remember that if you want any of the treasures offered in the first three posts you need to claim them ASAP. By Saturday night they will all be on their way for sale at one of the Goodwill's in the region. The two sets above only have a span of how long it takes for someone to claim these two sweet sets.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 3

With only one of the four treasures being offered up claimed. I am going to go a new route today, and offer something up that is non card related.

Salem/Keizer Volcanoes Baseball

The Volcanoes are the Northwest League affiliate of the San Fransisco Giants.

Eugene Emeralds Baseball

Much like the Volcanoes the Emeralds play in the Northwest League. For 2015 the team changed affiliations from the Padres over to the Cubbies. As you can see this giveaway is still in the bag that it was handed out in.

Corvallis Knights Baseball

Another giveaway only this ball comes from a local team in the college wood-bat league West Coast League. The Knights are consistently one of the top four teams in the league each year.

Sacramento RiverCats Baseball
Closing out the logo baseballs is this ball from the RiverCats. Unlike the other three this ball appears to be one of the type you buy from the team store.  

Depending on how well these are received there might be a couple more logo baseballs offered in the future. If you aren't interested in these remember there are still cards available from the first two posts.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Cleaning Out The Clutter 2

Seems I am off to a slow start as all the cards offered up on Sunday are still available if anyone is interested in anything. Hopefully today will get better results, and I can clear atleast a little room by seeing these go to new homes.

Hanna Barbera

This fun 60 card set was put out in 1994 by Cardz. If you are any sort of fan for Hanna Barbera cartoons I would recommend staking a claim on these cards.

Fievel Goes West

A huge 150 card set that was made for the movie 'Fievel Goes West' in 1991. Most the cards are scenes from the movie with a few other movie information thrown in.

Nothing earth shattering here, but hopefully something you can use for the collection. Remember Sunday's goodies are still up for grabs, and if you have any questions on how to claim today's cards refer to the post Clearing Out The Clutter 1     

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Clearing Out The Clutter 1

Last year I did a series of posts where I offered up various sets or group of cards taking up space in the closet of the hobby room. It was a great series that cleared out some cards that I'd held on to for years not knowing what to do with them.

Even then I'd held back some sets that for some reason I just wasn't ready to unload. 2015 has come with some changes that are about to see all, and I mean all of those sets go out the door. With the hobby room coming together, and getting closer every day to becoming the dream I've had for the room. The sets of cards, and other assorted treasures getting offered up in the next week, two weeks, three weeks, or however long it takes to clear these out will be gone. This year I am holding nothing back as all these treasures are all in the way of the dream I have.

First off lets start with the rules for all of these treasures being offered up. I'm going to keep them simple because I want these gone, and making it easy on both you the receiver, and me the giver will help them go away.

1. If you want one of the things I'm offering up here on the blog then claim it by leaving a comment with what you are claiming. Don't feel bad about claiming too many things. Last year I had a couple people start to slow down because they were feeling bad about claiming so many sets. In the end some of those cards went their direction anyways, and I'll bet some they thought about claiming went unclaimed. Once again... I want these gone, and if you want them then stake your claim to them.

2. If you want one of the things I'm offering up here on the blog then claim it by leaving a comment with what you are claiming. Don't sit there, and look through my baseball card wantlists, and then say I can't hit those so I'll leave them up for grabs. Claim the stuff, and then figure something out afterwards. I want all this stuff gone, and it is going away. Be that going into your collection, or to the local Goodwill. All this stuff will be going away so it might as well be into your collection.

3. All these will be getting posted here on the blog, but hopefully bloggers won't be the only people claiming some of these treasures. I am a member of an online trading group that much like all of you has been really good to me over the years. Keeping that in mind I will be sending a link to the post there, and they will be e-mailing me any claims. So, just because no one has left a comment doesn't mean something hasn't been claimed. I will do my best to change available to claimed on the post as soon as possible when something has been claimed. This means sitting there thinking too long can be the difference in you adding a treasure to your collection, or another adding it to their collection.

Told you I would do my best to keep it simple. Yes, it was a ton of words, but I think it was simple. If it was confusing I will now sum it up. Claim anything you want by commenting on the post, and figure out a return later.

So, you've just claimed a set of cards, and are sitting there thinking to yourself. I don't have any of the baseball cards on his wantlists. No problem! I am here right now with a solution that you can't help but love. If you know anything about The Cat you know that baseball cards are not my only hobby. I have a few more hobbies, and would love to accept anything that falls in the realm of those hobbies. Rather than have you try to figure out what those things are here is a list.

A. Pocket Schedules- If you have ever come to this blog more than just the last three or so posts. You know that collecting pocket schedules is another of my hobbies. There are so many teams out there in so many sports at so many levels. Can't find any baseball cards? Go out to wherever you live, and find some schedules from the local team, teams, or college. Gather up a group of twenty or more of the same schedule, and send them my direction. If you can find other covers, sponsors, or anything different I'd take those.

B. Bobbleheads- I have been building quite a collection of bobbleheads since starting to put together the hobby room. As with the schedules I am all for any team, or sport when it comes to bobbleheads. Have an unwanted soccer bobblehead, send it my direction in trade.

C. Baseballs- Secretly, and not so secretly I have been collecting baseballs. One day I am hoping to have a collection of a game-used, or batting practice  baseball from every league. My only rule for these is I want the league information on the ball to be readable. Its no fun to have a ball with all the writing on it smeared so you can't tell what league used the ball. Have a ball with the teams logo you got at a promotion? I'll take those too since I use them in the room as decorations.

D. Business Cards- Sports team business cards is my true collecting passion. For years now I have been trying to build a collection of business cards from every team in all the sports. There are still teams missing in all sports at all levels of play. If you have a team in your area I am interested in a business card. Don't be shy about sending me a business card, and worrying about it not being good enough. In my world it means so much for someone to take the time to get a business card for my collection.
        I would even say that if you go to a stadium, or team office to get a couple schedules see about a couple business cards to toss in. College athletic programs are very rare in the collection so if you hit the local college athletic office you'd be striking gold. Last is I'm also doing college bowl games, sports venue's, and racetracks so when I say any sport I mean any sport.
          Besides the sports related I collect Best Western, Rainforest Cafe, Red Robin, KOA Campgrounds, Buffalo Wild Wings, amusement parks, or water slide parks business cards. While these aren't as sought after as the sports related. Who am I to stop a person from tossing one, or more of these into the return sent my direction.

Now that I have covered everything I can think of, and probably bored you to death. Lets get into the first batch of goodies that are up for grabs.

1993 Hostess Baseballs

One full set of 1993 Hostess Baseballs cards. I ate a ton of those cupcakes when I was building this set, and honestly enjoyed every one. Good news is I was very physically active back then so it has taken all the way until now for all those calories to hit me. If you are building this set, and need just a few cards I have a few extra's that I can look through to hopefully complete your set. 

Rockies Police Cards

I have multiple batches of these cards that if I recall came from the 2003 set. What is available is what I believe is one full set of 26 cards, and then partial sets that will go down from there. If you are looking for just one player such as Galarraga, Weiss, or Girardi to name a few. I would be more than happy to send you a couple of that players card for your collection. Fair warning, these cards are larger than most baseball cards, and were put into four pocket sheets by me to use as a size gauge.

Let the claiming begin, and look for more stuff Monday.  

Monday, November 9, 2015

Christmas Cards

While you might think it is a little early to send out Christmas presents. Sometimes getting them out early is best for people with busy lives. One of those people is fellow collector, and TradingBases member Mike. Just under one week ago I got a PWE with a letter, and this picture inside.

Included in the letter was an explanation that he forgets to send out thanks to fellow collectors for the holidays. In order to prevent that from happening this year he was getting these presents out while he had them on his mind.

If you ask me I can't do anything, but applaud Mike for realizing something that many of us don't. With all the hustling, and bustling we sometimes intend to send out some holiday cheer. Doing all the family stuff takes over, and we forget our card collecting family. Next thing we know as Mike also added the holidays are over, and we never sent the cards.

Well done Mike on the cards, and the thoughtfulness behind sending them my direction. Hopefully I can focus long enough to spread some holiday cheer like you have this year. I keep failing to do the things around the house I should be doing. So, maybe spending some time on a project like this can get me going on the other things needing done.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Mickey Does The NBA

Not being any sort of an NBA fan I can't tell you where last years NBA All-Star Game was played at. Knowing this it shouldn't come as any surprise that until a couple weeks ago I didn't know that the 2012 game was played in Los Angeles. If it wasn't for this find right here I still wouldn't know that little tidbit.

While not a huge basketball fan I am a fan of Disney, and Mickey Mouse. Being a fan of those two I found it in myself to overlook the NBA thing, and pick this statue up.

Monday, October 26, 2015

I Should Be Forced To 'Bob Walk The Plank'

As you can tell from my last post it has been close to almost a full month since the last posting around here.  The reason for this absence is due to a couple reasons. The main one is right around the time we went on our guys weekend there started a series of things going on around here.

After returning I started getting myself in the mood to try, and get some of the long overdue projects around the house completed. These projects are cleaning the spare room, cleaning the living room to finish the painting, and scraping project, and try to get the hobby room in order. So far I keep taking a step forward, and a step backward in these projects. I've been doing fair in getting the spare room cleaned, but in doing so I move things into the hobby room, and it gets messy all over again.

The good news is the spare room is almost empty, and has been quite the chore. Normally it would have been easy except I'm in one of my ridding clutter moods so it has taken longer than usual. Its not often I get in these moods so when it happens I have to take advantage of it, and do things right. The bad news is I get sidetracked, and instead of just finishing the room I go into the hobby room, and go through things in there as well. Next up will be the main, and biggest portion of the work. Getting everything out of the living room so I can finish scraping the popcorn ceiling, and painting. All this will be done by Thanksgiving week at the latest, or I'm in big trouble. I have the week off, and vowed to the wife it would be done so she can get carpeting for the two rooms, and hallway. If it isn't done there will be no Christmas Tree, or decorations until it is completed.

What all this means is first the gaps between posts might continue through the remainder of the year. Second is soon I can guarantee a week, or two of constant posts. These constant one's will be offering up lots of cards, and other goodies that are taking up space in the hobby room. Be looking for these in the next couple weeks, and get ready to start saving everything from going to either Goodwill, or the recycle bin.

Enough about the absence, and onto more pressing things. A couple days before going on the guys weekend a bubble mailer made its way to the cat house. Opening it up it became obvious that the famous pirate Matthew from the even more famous blog 'Bob Walk The Plank' had been out collecting booty.

Nothing starts off a great treasure like finding some gold within. Ackley might be long gone, and wearing pinstripes these days, but I still gladly welcome this little bit of gold.

Gold wasn't the only thing found inside. A sweet autograph of Paxton who will hopefully flourish under the new coaching he will see next season. Matthew closed out the baseball cards with some pirate black, and a 5/5 Brendan Ryan.

Stunned by all this booty I was even more pleased to find not only a West Virginia Black Bears business card. There was two pocket schedules that just so happened to be the teams second cover for the year. I plan on collecting schedules for the Black Bears so starting off with both inaugural schedules was a sweet find.

Thank you so much Matthew for the booty, and sorry it has taken this long to tell you everything arrived safely. Don't make me walk the plank even if I deserve it.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Kylecard In The Hood (River)

Its been a little while since the last appearance of Kylecard around here. The main problem is I took him out of the car, and have forgotten to put him back. That changed just over a week ago when we headed up to Hood River for their annual Pear Festival.

One of the first things we did was make a stop at a viewing point for some pictures. As you can see it was a beautiful day to be out, and about.

With the weather being this good Kylecard decided he had to get in on the Mt. Hood picture taking.

The Pear Festival is when pears in the region are blooming strong. All the orchards in the area have sales on the various apples, and pears all grown in the region. It's a great time to get out for some serious fruit purchasing.

During one of our quick stops I had to pull out Kylecard for a picture in one of the many crates full of apples. Should have done a couple with the pears as they were even more plentiful than the apples. He did get one chance to taste the fruits though so hopefully that will hold him over until another appearance comes   

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Going On A BROcation- Monday

Monday was a bittersweet day in the general scheme of things for this trip. Part of me looked forward to this day because of the things we had planned. At the same time I was bummed because it signaled the last day of our journey. Tuesday would be spent driving home, and not much excitement at all.

First on the agenda was visiting the card shop. Figuring there wouldn't be much to do on Monday as we waited for the baseball game. I had made the plan to visit a card shop in the area when this trip was just me. Even after adding JJ I still kept this plan. All I had to do was inform him that I was going here, and he could either come along or stay at the hotel. To be fair this wasn't just a surprise as I'd mentioned it to him when we originally made our plans.

After doing a little research online I came to the conclusion that DJ's Sports Cards was my best option. They appeared to have a really good selection of Mariners bobbleheads, and other Mariners memorabilia. While normally baseball cards would be my focus I for some strange reason I wanted other stuff. Best of all they were the closest shop to our hotel.

Waiting until ten minutes before the shop was scheduled to open. Off to our destination that we might have never found if it wasn't for smartphone's, and google maps. Once arriving I went straight to a small box of  buttons. Going through the box I'd hoped for a better selection, but in the end only walked away with these two.

From there the bobblehead search was on. Being the number one reason I was here at first it was a huge disappointment. That is when JJ who knew that was my main goal pointed me in the direction of a stash of bobbleheads. Going through three different areas of bobbleheads I finally walked away with four, and was initially pretty pleased with my results.

Seager was from the 2015 set, and is one I just had to add into the collection. Guti, and Felix were the final two for my 2009 set. The 2009 set creates a scene of the outside of Safeco so getting these two has been a goal I've been trying to finish for awhile. Last, but not least was the Beltre. I've seen this bobblehead at the coast numerous times for thirty dollars. I was just never willing to pull the trigger at that price. Now I know why I've held out as this one cost just a mere 4.95. Seeing him at that price I couldn't pick it up fast enough as that falls perfectly into my normal price range.

Not feeling quite done yet, but feeling that we needed to leave soon so I didn't bore JJ to much. I started to admire old Mariners posters that were scattered over the walls. Two of them really drew me in, and I had to have them. That is when I spotted a box full of posters on a high shelf with a price-tag of 4.95 each. Getting the box down I went through them, but never found the two. What I did find was this one that I think is a better find than the two I'd originally wanted.

DJ's Sports Cards in the end was everything, and more than I had hoped it would be. One problem is on the way home I started to rethink my spending here. This wasn't the usual I shouldn't have gotten this or that though. The problem was I had planned on spending a little more, and had left two bobbleheads behind. One was the King's Court Felix that I had mentioned to someone before leaving for Seattle as a must have. There he was in my hands, and I had left him behind without any sort of good reason behind it.

With the first leg of our Monday journey complete it was off to stop number two. During the final week before heading off, and during our trip fine tuning. We discussed how cool it would be to do the Centurylink Stadium Tour. Adding the tour sounded like a no-brainer as it would prevent us from just sitting in a hotel room bored. It didn't hurt that we could do the tour then have maybe half an hour wait for the gates to open at Safeco Field for the Angels game.

According to the website you need to arrive around an hour early for the tour. This gave us time to wonder the area for a little. It also gave me the chance to spring on JJ that the Seattle Sounders office was within a few blocks of the stadium. Missing a business card for the MLS portion of the collection I had to try. Wandering around a bit it took a little work, but we finally found the office, and got the card. Afterwards we got the beautiful view above, which made it all worth the walk. As for the tour, I'm not a Seahawks fan, but seeing the stadium was an incredible experience.

From here we had around half an hour before the gates opened for our final game. Making the slow walk to the stadium we did opted to do the early admission that allows you to the beer selling area of the stadium only. JJ got a burger while I talked to another fan who noticed me wearing my Fresno Grizzlies hat. While talking Cruz hit a ball directly at me that I didn't even have to move for. Looking up a little late I missed it, and watched it drop out of my glove where someone else scooped it up. Never was any good at catching balls hit directly at me so that might have doomed me.

As for the game itself. For the first time all weekend we sat on the home side, and had great seats. With Pujols, and Trout both being right-handed hitters I had to be there for the picture opportunities.

Despite not showing a Pujols picture here I did get some. For all these posts I have only been showing the pictures taken on the phone, and not any from the regular camera.

A special treat was for the second time ever we got to see a challenge.

Initially Trout was called safe on this pick-off, but the views on the big screen showed he was obviously out. Seattle disputed the call that was changed to an out after the review. Getting the picture of him coming back was a pleasant surprise that just happened as I was trying to take a picture of him leading off.

The game itself ended with Seattle winning 10-1. The bad part about the game being so lopsided was that both teams started pulling their stars for the call-up guys. I had planned on going hogwild with the camera on Trout, and Pujols during their next at bats. Problem was those at bats never came as both players were part of the superstars being pulled.

In the end our entire brocation was simply amazing. When we were going through the planning process we never imagined it would be this great. Our hope was to have a great time, and watch games from seats that we might never get to sit in. We ended up doing just that, and doing other things we wouldn't normally do. I even think that this will change any trips the wife, and myself do in the future.

One of the biggest is I always make the wife show up close to two hours before the gates open. JJ, and I arrivesd close to the gates opening on every day except Monday, and it was wonderful. There are times like giveaways that we will need to arrive way early. Other than those though I think we will start doing the close to gate opening as there is no reason to walk around for two hours killing time. A change I think the wife will be thrilled to be making.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Going On A BROcation- Sunday

Originally the plan for the weekend was to catch three games. After arriving early for the Friday game, and pulling the football, baseball double. Two games were down, and Monday's game against the Angels was a must do. That left the Sunday game in my eyes as a wild card game that we could either watch, or skip to do something different. Being JJ is a huge Seahawks fan I thought we could go to a sports bar, and catch the game. I left the option in his court thinking he might enjoy watching the Seahawks over another baseball game.

JJ didn't hesitate choosing to keep the baseball game run going. Not a bad idea that I was all for, and had honestly wanted to do. Before leaving we watched the first quarter from the hotel before heading to the stadium. Once there JJ would learn that he had made the best decision. The Mariners had the game on their big giant screen in center field. This left me wondering about how often you get to see a football game on a screen bigger than a house?

The bad news is he only got to see maybe half the game at most before they changed to Mariners Vision.  While JJ watched football I observed Rockies after Rockies player come over to sign autographs. It was during this time that inspiration hit me to do a selfie with a couple of the players. I got kind of a weird look from JJ when I headed over, but I enjoyed it, and that is what mattered.

Talking to a group of fans they spotted Jon Gray who they needed an autograph of. Not one to miss an opportunity I followed for another picture.

 Interestingly for the game we sat in the exact same row as on Friday. The difference was we were on the opposite side, and closer to the Rockies dugout.

When everything was said, and done the Rockies took game three 3-2. Being a bigger Rockies fan than Mariners I was pretty happy to see my team take the series 2-1.

After the game it was off to dinner, and some time in the hot tub. This had to be one of my favorite things on the trip. Everytime we have ever gone to Mariners games we have always came home Sunday. Getting to stay for the extra time, and catch the Monday game was a treat.