Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Kylecard In The Hood (River)

Its been a little while since the last appearance of Kylecard around here. The main problem is I took him out of the car, and have forgotten to put him back. That changed just over a week ago when we headed up to Hood River for their annual Pear Festival.

One of the first things we did was make a stop at a viewing point for some pictures. As you can see it was a beautiful day to be out, and about.

With the weather being this good Kylecard decided he had to get in on the Mt. Hood picture taking.

The Pear Festival is when pears in the region are blooming strong. All the orchards in the area have sales on the various apples, and pears all grown in the region. It's a great time to get out for some serious fruit purchasing.

During one of our quick stops I had to pull out Kylecard for a picture in one of the many crates full of apples. Should have done a couple with the pears as they were even more plentiful than the apples. He did get one chance to taste the fruits though so hopefully that will hold him over until another appearance comes   

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