Friday, September 18, 2015

Going For A BROcation- The Game-Changer

As I mentioned yesterday in the first of this set of posts. While still fine tuning the plans for the trip a game-changer was about to turn this trip upside down. Originally the trip was trending towards being a solo trip as the wife wasn't as interested in seeing the Rockies as I was. I was fine with doing things solo, but the wife thought it would be better if someone went along. This where my friend at work was going to come into play.

The wife mentioned that not only would she feel better if someone came along, but it'd add to the trip. Her idea was my friend at work who we've taken to Mariners games in the past. With all he has done for me in the past I couldn't say no to making him the offer.

For regular readers you have heard of this friend before. He is the same guy that goes to Colorado to visit family. On these trips he always hooks this cat up with schedules, magnets, or any other goodies from the local team. Even better is I convince him to pick me up a shirt on each trip. Not a bad deal for him though as how can you not enjoy getting to shop using someone else's money?

At first he wasn't so sure about coming along on the trip, but after talking to a few people he was all in. Those conversations basically equaled a simple "What is there to even think about?", and "How could you make him go up there alone for something you know will be a blast?" So after these little pep talks he decided that we needed to make this a guy's weekend of sports.

Adding him into the mix was about to become a game-changer that I had never imagined when inviting him to come along. Within the first couple days his brain was clicking, and it wanted to do something other than baseball. Realizing that football season was coming he asked if football would be going, and if the Seahawks were home. A quick search revealed that they were in St. Louis for their first game. Next was soccer, and the Sounders, which were on the road. Our last hope was the Washington Huskies for some college football... JACKPOT!!

Now we had a new plan that resembled something like this.

 After work leave town, and head halfway to Seattle to stay the night. 
(This would change to go all the way to Seattle so we could sleep in a little before heading to the game Saturday.)

This was going to be a bit tricky as we weren't sure how long it would take to get from the football stadium to Safeco for the Mariners game. Being we've never done any of this before we didn't know how bad traffic for the game would be.
8:00- Either drive to parking near stadium, or ride bus from nearby location.
11:00- Watch Washington vs. Sacramento State game.
2:00-3:00- Hopefully get out of game early enough to head over to Safeco Field for baseball game. 
6:05- Hopefully be watching a baseball game.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were keeping the same plans that I originally had. Without giving too much away one of those days went in a totally different direction. Something that we decided to do a couple days before leaving was a strong possibility.

Everything was set, and all that was missing was the date of this weekend arriving.

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