Saturday, September 5, 2015

Clearing Out The Artelopes- part 2

After a very busy day that included all sorts of errands I'm home. With having all these days going by since doing the part 1, it's about time that I get #2 out of the way.

Possibly the oldest of all these I'm giving up on. This was my second attempt at trying to obtain a business card from the Dodgers. In the first attempt I did a brick wall in honor of the stadium name. This time I thought I'd run with an alternate logo, and see if that worked. In the end it not only didn't work, but it never came back. Adding to my frustration is that in the past Oklahoma City has always been very good in returns.

I've always enjoyed the Muckdogs logo, and when they changed affiliations it was a chance to add another business card. That was my thinking, but the Muckdogs staff had other ideas. Even with the failed attempt I was happy about the way this one turned out with the wood grain idea.

After doing the Muckdogs drawing I dreamed up an idea for another wood grained envelope. This time though I wanted to do a scene where you are looking through a knothole in a fence. After thinking it over for awhile the idea hit me to do Snoopy on his doghouse in his aviator outfit. The results are what you see above, and what I think is one of the five best artelopes I have ever done. When I sent this bad boy out I was more than pleased, and hoped it would bring something back. I did get to show it off on here so its not a total loss.

After sharing the seven artelopes in these two post I am now running at only two missing. There are a set of NFL teams that need finished up. One of the main problems for all those is we are currently out of black ink so I can't use the printer for the letters. Maybe here soon I will just bite the bullet, and wrap them up by writing the letter by hand. Until then though the artelopes won't be showing for awhile unless the two remaining send something that blows me away.

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