Monday, August 31, 2015

Clearing Out The Lost Artelopes- part 1

With baseball season finished for a few teams, and winding down for the remaining teams. I have seven artelopes that I've given up on with six being for baseball. Now seems like as good a time as any to admit that these won't be coming home so it's time to give up the ghost on these.

Ohio was an expansion team in the Major League Lacrosse for 2015. The Machine is listed on every lacrosse schedule collectors wantlist. This leads me to believe that the team either didn't print schedules, didn't want to bother mailing schedules out, or just decided to collect SASE's from those of us who sent them. Either way I did my best with what I personally thought was some pretty good artwork for me. Yes my star needed some work, but those gears weren't bad.

Amarillo was another new franchise for 2015 only in baseball. The Thunderheads are representatives of the American Association an independent league. With the team playing its last few games for 2015, the team is currently 42-51 for the year. As for the drawing I have to admit it wasn't my best work.

For the third straight year the Doubledays stiffed me again. I don't know if the whole artelopes thing just isn't working for them or what? Before starting the project I never had any problems getting returns from the team.

Odds are I should have given up on this request long ago, but for some reason it has taken until today. Going through an affiliation change this year I gave the daughter the chance to draw this one. My thinking was she would go all out, and take advantage of the music theme used by the Sounds. Unfortunately she went with just a couple notes, and told me she was done. Maybe at some point she will want to do more, but for awhile now she's had zero interest in helping with these drawings.

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