Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Schmidt(y) Game

Saturday I got to hit what odds are is my last minor league game for the season. Sadly it has been a bad year for baseball as the count was a mere three games for the season. Another odd stat for me atleast is that only one was a giveaway game. That giveaway happening last night in the form of a bobblehead of one Mike Schmidt.
(image from the Emeralds twitter)

The bobblehead above has been on my radar since it was an announced giveaway. As the day got closer though, this game almost didn't get added to my watch list for this year. It wasn't until early in the week that I convinced the wife that going to it would be a great idea. In the end she agreed, and we would be heading to the game. From there another roadblock formed as some very much needed rain has been the forecast for not just Saturday, but through mid-week. 

Starting the drive towards Eugene I almost bailed as we hit serious patch of rain that was blinding due to the wind pushing it. Thanks to the wife, and her desire to catch what was her second, and last game of this year. We pushed forward, and in the end got the payoff we had both wanted. 

For seating we didn't get the usual aisle seats we always get as the Ems are in a playoff push, and therefore the crowd was bigger. Throw in the bobblehead that we learned during the game from one of the top office guys has been requested quite often by fans for years. What we did get were great seats behind homeplate.

We avoided the rain being the seats were covered, so all was good. The only rain was a drizzle that lasted a short time anyway. 

For a minor league game it was a great battle as the visiting Hops were just one game out of first when play started, and were the first half division champions. Cruising along with Hillsboro getting one run in the fifth, things continued to flow as Eugene threatened, but couldn't seem to punch the tying run across. In the top of the eighth Hillsoboro added two more for what would be the final score of 3-0.

One of the more fun things the team has been doing for a couple years now is the rally Bigfoot. He comes out dancing, and basically irritating the right fielder, and sometimes the base umpire. The fielder was especially irritated as he kept moving, and Bigfoot kept going with him.

In the end we had a good time at the game, and were glad we got in this last minor league game for the year. Next up will be my big planned weekend in two weeks.