Saturday, August 15, 2015

Looking In The Mirror

Not much has been going on here at The Prowling Cat blog. That is largely due to lots of overtime being done by yours truly to pay for a huge weekend coming next month. While I can't give any good reasons for the previous seven month being slow I can give the overtime one for August. What I can say though is it has been a weird feeling year for some strange reason. Not many baseball cards have followed me home, I believe my card show count is one show this year, and with how the hobby room has been coming together I've had a very slow trickle of additions there. This means that in the near future I will need to take a hard look in the mirror when it comes to this blog.

No, this doesn't mean I plan on walking away. What it means is I will need to adapt the things I've been doing, and not rely so heavily on new additions to keep things running along. When you aren't adding tons of things it is hard to write tons of posts about your purchases.

A new direction will need to be forged which means writing about the collection, and not the additions so much. New stuff will have a home, but not as the sole basis of this blog. Who knows maybe a future that includes trying to trade more will help. Until then I will keep puttering along for the remainder of this year at the longest. What I can say is that by the start of the new year I will be coming up with a plan as I enjoy doing this whole blogging thing.

As for now, odds are things will be hit or miss. That meaning I might go on a streak of posts, or I might go cold for another almost two weeks like before this post. There is just so much going on outside of the blog right now that once done I believe will help get things back on track. Not one of these things are bad, they are just blowing my blogging focus. I've never been a huge multi-tasker so it's better to pick a couple project, and get them done. Once completed I feel things won't feel so weird, and I can get back to normal. Until then enjoy a few Coca Cola polar bear cards...

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