Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Artelopes- 2015 Utah Utes Football

When it comes to college schedules there are a very select few teams that I collect. One of those is from the area I was raised, Utah.

The idea for this artwork came from the college's website. While not a perfect match I took the idea, and went with my own mountain ridges, and buildings. With the branching out this year I was pretty pleased with the end result. Honestly there was a part of me that wondered why this was even being sent out. Proud of the end result I fought wanting to keep it for some strange reason. What good would it do me to keep it finally won over, and it made its way towards the University of Utah athletic department.

Returning home was five of the schedules above. No business card was requested as the athletic department sent two great looking cards last year. As for the schedule it's a great looking card style that unfortunately doesn't scan too well. What it does do is rotate between #13 in white, and #23 in red. Utah seems to be on a roll with this style of schedule as it is the third time in four years they have went with these.

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