Sunday, August 23, 2015

NFL Artelopes

With me having today off, and a little spare time before the wife, daughter, and her friend all wake up. I figure now would be a great time to get two of my most recent returns out of the way.

When I first started doing the artelopes project the Titans were one of the very first teams I wrote. After waiting for three months I gave up, and vowed that it would take quite a long time before writing them again. Luckily I didn't hold true to that as the Titans sent just what the cat ordered.

The highlight is that Tennessee dropped the very much requested business card on me. Adding the Titans into the football business cards now leaves the missing at nine teams, and hopefully going down once I get the chance to create a new batch of artelopes.

The Bengals have been absolutely brutal when it comes to the artelopes. While I enjoy doing envelopes to send their direction due to the tiger theme. I have still come up dry in adding that ever elusive business card into the collection.

Another return, and yet we are still missing the business card. One day I will beat you Bengals, and when I do your business card will make it into the collection. Until then our battle continues. 

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