Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The year was 1988. The baseball cards were ugly. Don't believe me, just look at this card included in the pack sent to me as part of the trade with Kevin.

Ugly Fleer cards weren't the only thing in 1988. In honor of this pack of cards lets take a trip back to the time machine, and see what else happened in 1988
The Iran - Iraq war comes to an end

Ben Johnson loses gold medal for 100m in Seoul Olympics after testing positive for anabolic steriods  

The Top four albums are
1. George Michael- Faith
2. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
3. Michael Jackson- Bad
4. Guns-N-Roses- Appetite For Destruction

Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Oakland Athletics in World Series 4 games to 1

Jose Canseco for the American League, and Kirk Gibson for the National League are voted MVP.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates player Willie Stargell is only player voted in the Hall-Of-Fame

Last, but not least. Baseball cards came with decorations for your baseball card boxes.

Kevin, Thank you so much for reminding us what things were like in 1988.

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Memorable Trade

Today I just completed a trade that will affect any trade, and visit to card show or card shop for quite some time. The reason for this is something I've learned from doing this blog. Back in February I went to what was my first card show since the nineties. While I picked up a good batch of cards for my sets I picked up a group of 3 or 4 cards for just throwing into a trade as a surprise. One of those cards was a Tom Seaver card that I just thought looked cool. I know there are a couple bloggers that collect Mets, and a few other online traders that are also Met collectors. Not knowing who, or when it would make its way into an envelope I thought 'Why not?'

That day came this month when I had a trade going with Kevin from the online trading groups TradingBases. The trade sent Kevin the last '2013 Topps Calling Card', and two cards for his 2013 Heritage. This is when the thought hit me to add the Seaver as a toss in, and make it four cards. When the cards finally arrived Kevin sent me an e-mail that made it all worth it. Unknowingly, Seaver was the final card he needed for the set. This card I believe was from 2004, and what set it was from I couldn't tell you. As I said before, it just looked cool so I bought it.

On Monday Kevin's side of the trade arrived, and I can safely say I am just as excited if not more than Kevin was with his half. Starting off the package were some hits to the player wants.

Adding to the joy was six hits to the 2013 Topps set.

Finishing off the main part of this trade, Kevin hit two other sets I have been working on for awhile.

Included with the trade was another batch of fun, but I'm going to save that for Tuesday's post.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Lost Files: Angels and Cougars

It looks like lately I haven't done any artelopes. For some reason they have been cast aside for the last month in exchange for trading. I'm not going to complain as I've added a ton of sweet items into all but one of my collections the last month. The one collection is business cards, and honestly the hobby I've had the longest. While I'd love to finish off my goal of one business card from every current baseball franchise. Accomplishing this goal has been put on the back burner to working on finishing up baseball sets.

The tides are turning though as I do still have some trades coming in, but I have spent some time preparing envelopes. They currently sit on the top of the computer desk waiting for either myself or the daughter to turn them from simple envelopes into artelopes. As I think about these sitting here waiting I got to thinking about two of the three artelopes I sent out just over a month ago with no return. From the post title you can see I only mention two of the three as the missing mention is for the Washington Nationals. It's not uncommon for the Nationals to take two or three months so I still have hope for them. These other two I have lost all hope, but want to share the artwork we put into them.

spring training

At the time this was done the daughter was into drawing angel wings on things. She was putting them all over hearts, and anything else she thought needed angel wings. The Angels spring training schedules have Mike Trout so I thought I'd add one into the collection. Being I have started to collect Mike Trout, but not with the passion of my other players. He's kind of my on the fence player. I collect his cards when they find me, but at the prices people want for him I don't go searching them out.

This was sent towards the later end of spring training so I did have some doubt, and I guess they ended up being founded. Since doing this artelope the daughter has gotten over the angel wings phase, and moved on. Currently she is back into doing the whole making things out of duct tape again.


At first the daughter, and myself had a ton of doubt about what to do on this artelope. While the logo looks simple we had our doubts on if we were up to the challenge. With that in mind she handed this one to me. I came up with the idea of the entire front hoping to make it easier to draw. At the time I thought using colored pencils would go better so a quick trip to the store for a box was made. In the end it ended up better than I expected, but without the results I had hoped for. The Cougars are one of the teams that changed affiliates this season so they are on my updating the business card list. This means I'll give them another shot this season with hopefully better results.    

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beam Me Cards Scotty!!

Two days ago I got a surprise package from another member of the online trading group TradingBases. This awesome package came from Scott, and was the inspiration for the post title. I can't remember ever trading with Scott so this was a total out of nowhere group of cards. If I have traded with Scott it was years ago, and would be the reason I can't remember.

Somehow Scott must have been channeling my trade with Mike as he started the mailer with some 2004 Authentix.

Then Scott sent me back down 'Mascots Lane' with 8 hits to my 2012 Opening Day mascots set.

Getting this mailer made what was a bad day into an incredible day. Thank You so much Scott for turning that day around with some sweet cards.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mikey.... I Likes It

For those of us a little up there in age you might remember the old Life cereal commercial about the kid who won't eat anything. The two boys talking about how Mikey won't eat it, he hates everything. Then little Mikey got the cereal, and started going to town on the stuff. I believe the idea for the commercial was to persuade kids that Life cereal was good, and we should try it. While it's been so long, I can't even remember if it worked on me. What I do remember is that it served its purpose in even now I remember the commercial. What does cereal have to do with baseball cards you ask?

I just completed a trade with another Mike. This Mike comes from the online trading group TradingBases. While I don't know if he likes Life cereal what I do know is he loves to trade. Looking through the cards I noticed a trend. The entire thing laid out like a trip to the ballpark starting with the Authentix.

So once inside I decided it was time to find out about our line-up, and how we were looking.

Deciding it would be fun to take a short trip around the stadium I noticed something off in the distance. Moving in closer it was none other than every kids favorite ballpark fun. Mascots!!

With all the adventure out of the way it was time to take in the game itself.

All I have to say is thank you so much Mike for taking me out to the ballgame card style.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's a PWE Grandslam!!

Close to a week and a half ago we made a trip up to Seattle. During that trip I managed to snag a good amount of Mariners pocket schedules for both my collection, and for trading. The best part of those picked up for trading was the foreign language schedules that I was lucky enough to be the first to post as available for trading. Sending out my share it was time to wait for the returns. On Monday I got hit with all four remaining trades, which resulted in a PWE grand-slam.

The first single came from Dan. This was the final two schedules Dan promised to me when they came out.

The RailCats are my favorite independent league team. Running in the American Association I've been a fan of the team since day one. For some reason I just enjoy the logo, which has led me to purchase a few items from their team store. Each time I dealt with the organization they were first class, which has helped keep me as a fan. It's been a few years since our last dealing as Dan is close, and has been hooking me up with goodies from the team.

The second hit came from Mark who dropped another sweet batch of schedules on me.

I look at some of the Cincinnati Reds schedules that come out each season, and sometimes wish I was a fan. Each year there seems to be more schedules from the Reds than any other MLB team. Collecting Reds schedules could either be a blast or a gigantic headache due to all the covers, and sponsors. There is one set of schedules from the team I have been collecting, the Frisch's Big Boy. Each season there are three or four different backs to these schedules. Above is the front, and back of one of these schedules.

Loading the bases was another PWE from Stefan.

As you can see, included was a second back to the Frisch's Big Boy schedules. Along with the Frisch's was two different covers for the St. Louis Cardinals. For a short time when I was a kid the Cardinals were my second favorite team. They still have a spot in my heart which leads me to add schedules from the team when I come across them. This is the first time I can remember that the team put out more than one cover. Bank of America, and American Airlines usually does their own independent covers which are a much tougher find.

Clearing the bases with the slam was an envelope from Lou. Lou nailed me with four schedules one of which is a real tough find.

The Las Vegas 51's usually put out two covers with the alien being the first cover. In the past the first cover seems to disappear fast so is harder to come by. The remaining three schedules are teams I enjoy for various reasons.

Overall this was a great haul of schedules for the collection, and some for future trading.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drop The Gloves Challenge

If you haven't heard by now the blogger over at Drop The Gloves is running a contest. The big rule is simple. You have an imaginary $1600 to spend on E-Bay. Usually not one to do these type of things I thought what the heck why not join into the fun. Being this blog runs the gauntlet in hobbies, I'm going to run the gauntlet in how I'd spend the money.

Mark Teixeira autographed bat with COA $150
My favorite current player in the majors how could I not get a signed bat to throw into the hobby room. On a side note I had a chance to own a real one from Mark himself while he played for Texas. He offered a broken bat up to the kid who reached for it only to have some old man take it right before it hit his hands. Then not more than five minutes later the guy had the nerve to ask who Mark Teixeira was. I was so shocked at the guys nerve to not only grab it from a little kid that when he asked the question we had to leave before I unloaded on the jerk.

1968 Nolan Ryan rookie graded a 6 $275
I'm not one to go crazy into graded cards, but this is Nolan Ryan. Growing up, and still to this day Nolan is my all-time favorite player.  I realize that it's only a 6 as well, but any higher would come with a pricetag that would kill my $1600.

NASCAR Press 4 Kyle Busch cards $185

We are huge Kyle Busch fans in this house. A chance to add four cards with all the pieces these cards have would be incredible. One of the original reasons we started rooting for Kyle was he drives the M&M's car. Adding a piece of firesuit that showcases the S would be the best part.

Signed 8x10 photo of Kyle Busch driving Indiana Jones car $10

This has always been one of my favorite cars Kyle has ever driven. I would buy this picture even without the auto. Heck I might look into buying this thing without the fake cash. Now if I can just remember my actual E-Bay information.

Mike Trout & Albert Pujols bobble-heads $100

I have to admit I love my bobble-heads. The chance to add both Trout, and Pujols even at what looks to me as an inflated price would be cool.

2012 Bowman red parallel 1/1 Wilin Rosario $99.99

2012 Bowman Chrome red refractor 1/5 $69.99

As a Rockies fan I just love the stuff this kid is doing. Hopefully he can keep it going, and reach the potential they believe he has.

Kyle Seager signed jersey with COA $229.99

What do you get to add into the hobby room with a Tex bat? A Kyle Seager signed jersey! With the Mariners as my second favorite team I'm a fan of Seager. Throw him in with the other young Mariners I'm hoping start getting it together at some point. If they figure it out this could be a team that does some damage in the future.

2005 Ultimate Cabrera & Teixeira auto & patch card $249.99

Now that is a sweet looking card. Throw in those two big guns, and how could you not want to add this bad boy into your collection?

2013 Heritage case $229.99

For some reason I'd have to open a case of cards. Odds are there could be better cases out there to break, but with me out of time I had to go with the first case that was close to the money I had remaining, and this case hit the mark. 

I believe I came within two cents of spending all the money. I have to say it was a blast, and tough to do at the same time.

Not a Pack Of Wolves Just Randy Wolf

In the recent series of trades for bobble-heads I have one last addition to the collection.

This comes from Eric who is the son of a member from the trading group I'm a member of. Eric contacted me about the Cory Spangenberg bobble-head I had up for trade. Offering up the choice of three different Milwaukee Brewer players. Just happy to add another player into the mix I decided to leave it up to fate, and gave Eric the option. Sending me Randy who so far has fit quite nicely with his new teammates.

The news for the real Randy Wolf isn't as good. From a quick Wikipedia search it says Randy just underwent his second Tommy John surgery. This means he is missing the entire 2013 season, but plans on making a comeback in 2014. Hopefully all goes well, and he lands with a team that can use him.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Now This Is A Garage Sale

On Friday night the wife texted me during a break at work that in Portland they were having what they refer to as 'The World's Largest Garage Sale'. I say it's neither the world's largest or a garage sale. Personally I would say it was a huge flea market, but to each their own. I started by asking the daughter if she was interested in the trip which was hit with a resounding 'NO!".

Waking up on Saturday morning I was full of excitement with seeing what this event had to offer. Waking up early for the drive, I arrived ten minutes early ready for fun. Walking in to purchase my ticket the lobby was jam packed with people who were just as excited if not more than myself. As eight struck the doors opened with the crowd going in without a problem. Looking at the crowd size this to me was very impressive as most times things get crazy when doors open.

Entering the doors I was forced to decide my direction quickly as the crowd was still filing in. Moving to the far right I got right to business. Only going a few spots before landing this little treasure.

This is the third car for my collection of Cartoon Network racecars. Along with being the third car, the seller informed me the autograph is from the driver of the actual car. I was able to get a pair of Richie Rich comics for the wife to go with the car, and was only out five dollars. Moving on it took quite awhile before I made my next purchases.

These are very popular here in the Northwest. I'm not sure how long the Mariners have been doing these trains, but for only two dollars each I couldn't pass them up. While the box for Putz isn't in the best of shape they are still pretty cool additions into the collection. After the train came my wife's favorite purchase. A seller had a stack of Disney comic books, which he only wanted twenty-five cents apiece for. Making a call to her to verify what she liked to read I ended with a stack of 16 comics.

Ending the day I snagged another treasure for a collection that I've been building.

I keep telling myself that I'm going to slow down on buying these baseballs, but then I buy another. Being a Disney baseball I couldn't stop from adding it into the collection especially for only two dollars.While there were some other close purchases that I passed on. I'm happy with what I did bring home. While there they kept talking about another show in late July. It sounds like a good time, but it's close to both the wife, and my birthday's so odds don't look good.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What The !!

After my trip to Seattle for a baseball game I came home with a nice variety of schedules for trading. Offering up what I had to the schedule trading group I got eight responses. One of those came from Dan who I've got a great trading relationship with. Over the years Dan, and myself have been hooking up each other with schedules, and when requested other goodies. Upon opening the envelope I did a What the?? when the first thing looking at me was this.


I know absolutely nothing about this card except it looks a few years old. Adding to the mystery is that every time Portland gets a soccer team they like to call the team Timbers. No matter what the level of play the team was in they have always been the Portland Timbers. If anyone out there knows about this card I'd love to hear what you know.

Included in the envelope was four schedules that made up the original trade.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mark Mulder Bobbles

A couple weeks ago I put out an offer to trade some spare bobble-heads I had floating around the hobby room. Micheal as schedule collector I have traded with a few times in the past contacted me about wanting a Bret Morel. Micheal lives in the Chicago area so it would be only natural he'd want one for a player associated with the White Sox. E-mails were exchanged, and a trade agreed upon. In return for Bret I got the following.

Mark has long since retired due to injuries. Along with Mark the name of the team this bobble-head was for is retired. The short lived name Swing of the Quad Cities just never caught on. Personally I was one of the people not fond of the name, and celebrated when they went back to the old name Quad Cities River Bandits.

Since doing this trade I just got news last night that Micheal is in the hospital with heart trouble. While he won't see this I want him to know I'm pulling for him. Micheal is our type of trader. A guy who loves his baseball, and collects postcards, ticket stubs, and all sorts of various baseball memorabilia.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


After taking Friday off work, and doing all my usual running around I do on Monday's. Then throw in a run up to Seattle for a Mariner's game on Saturday. I thought it would be best to keep it simple on Monday, and do things around the house. Having two quick errands to run with those being a run to the store for Gatorade for work, and a vet visit for the dog. I decided that I would do some arranging of things in the hobby room, and some blogscaping. The first part of the blog portion was to change the background to the page.

The new background reflects the two baseball teams I root for. Being a schedule collector, and baseball card collector. I thought it would look cool to throw baseball cards, and pocket schedules into a pile. If you look close enough the baseball cards are of the players I collect for both teams. I loved the look of the old background, but thought it would look better if it represented my likes rather than a general pile of schedules. Give it more of a personal touch.

Besides the main page improvement. I went through and added some player wants to get that page a little more updated as well. Everything added to the player wants is for 2013. They only include cards that are currently out, which means more 2013 cards will be added as new sets come out.

Last, but not least. I added wantlists for my 2013 Topps flagship, and 2013 Topps Opening Day sets I'm working on. There are a ton of cards missing as I am still slowly buying packs for both sets.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Seattle Trip 4-13

On Friday the wife was in contact with me about going, and doing something this past weekend. Deciding what to do we arranged for her co-worker to stay at the house, and watch the dog in-case we decided to stay the night someplace. Then on Saturday morning it was agreed upon that a trip up to Seattle for a Mariners game would be awesome. Past seasons we have always made it up to Seattle for atleast two games in a weekend series. In 2012 the streak was broken as it didn't happen. The steep price of gas when we had the weekend planned doomed the trip. All this meant is we were both ready to watch a game in Seattle.

 Making the four to five hour drive up, excitement was building for our night away. The usual slow down in Tacoma that I call the 'Tacoma Crawl' wasn't near what it always is. This had to be a good sign that things were going to be great. Arriving in Seattle earlier than planned due to Tacoma being fairly easy to get through. We headed to the team store in the mall to purchase our tickets. Getting the section the wife prefers it was off to see if by some weird twist of fate we could check in two hours early.

Luck was still smiling down on us as they had a room ready so we could head up. Going in I was wiped from waking up so early so I needed a short power nap. While I napped the wife got to thinking about how it was soccer season. The lights in her head were going off as she thought it might be good to see if the Sounders were in town. They were with the game which had started at one. Thinking things through were decided to head down to the park earlier than originally planned so we wouldn't get caught in the traffic leaving.

Another bit of the luck that was ruling this trip so far hit again. We left an hour earlier thinking why not go to the brew pub across the street for a pizza, and the wife a couple beers. As we hit the parking garage a sign for thirty dollar parking made us both gasp in horror. As we pulled up the attendant asked 'what we are here for'? I responded back with a baseball game to which he came back with fifteen dollars. Sighs of relief hit both of us as I pulled out the money. After finding a parking spot it was off to get a late lunch followed by a stop into the ballpark team store. Once inside we managed to get something for both of us, and something for the daughter who was at the coast with the wife's sister.

(Missing is the mickey in a Mariners jersey, dog tag we got the daughter.)

Finished with the store we had to wait twenty minutes for the gates to open. With rain pouring down we along with ten or so other people stayed under an awning on the building side. Once inside joy hit us both as it was off to our seats. Arriving at our destination I did my usual tour around the ballpark. I always like to walk the entire concourse level, followed by the short lower level, then the top level. One thing I enjoy doing on the top level is taking pictures of both the Seattle buildings, and the field from that view. With the rain coming down there was no city picture.

Another reason for the walk is I visit both information areas for schedules. The main concourse area always has the information brochures that I started collecting in 2008 as well.

Collecting all my goodies it was time to head back to the seat. Grabbing a pop along the way which changed this season. They now have a sturdier cup which costs just under ten dollars, and you refill for free all game long. The cup was pretty sweet as it is Felix.

The game itself was great to. The main theme was military appreciation night, with flags, and bunting everywhere. I think it being opening week in Seattle was part of the reason all the stuff was still up, but I could be wrong. Either way it was an incredible sight to see all those flags along with red, white, and blue everywhere.

Unfortunately the Rangers won the game 3-1 getting two runs in the top of the 8th. After the game all of us still left were given what they call a Military Appreciation Coin. 

Overall it was just what I have been needing for a long time. For some reason I've felt a little down despite the fact we have a vacation planned for June. This game now has me re-energized, and ready to go. Another thing that had me excited was, the crowd was the smallest we've ever been to a game for. Any game we have ever been to draws over 30 thousand. Finally going to a game with just under 24 thousand was nice. No dealing with a huge crowd everytime you wanted something. Now hopefully things go great, and we can make it for another weekend in September. If not I'll be fine with having just this weekend.