Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Lost Files: Angels and Cougars

It looks like lately I haven't done any artelopes. For some reason they have been cast aside for the last month in exchange for trading. I'm not going to complain as I've added a ton of sweet items into all but one of my collections the last month. The one collection is business cards, and honestly the hobby I've had the longest. While I'd love to finish off my goal of one business card from every current baseball franchise. Accomplishing this goal has been put on the back burner to working on finishing up baseball sets.

The tides are turning though as I do still have some trades coming in, but I have spent some time preparing envelopes. They currently sit on the top of the computer desk waiting for either myself or the daughter to turn them from simple envelopes into artelopes. As I think about these sitting here waiting I got to thinking about two of the three artelopes I sent out just over a month ago with no return. From the post title you can see I only mention two of the three as the missing mention is for the Washington Nationals. It's not uncommon for the Nationals to take two or three months so I still have hope for them. These other two I have lost all hope, but want to share the artwork we put into them.

spring training

At the time this was done the daughter was into drawing angel wings on things. She was putting them all over hearts, and anything else she thought needed angel wings. The Angels spring training schedules have Mike Trout so I thought I'd add one into the collection. Being I have started to collect Mike Trout, but not with the passion of my other players. He's kind of my on the fence player. I collect his cards when they find me, but at the prices people want for him I don't go searching them out.

This was sent towards the later end of spring training so I did have some doubt, and I guess they ended up being founded. Since doing this artelope the daughter has gotten over the angel wings phase, and moved on. Currently she is back into doing the whole making things out of duct tape again.


At first the daughter, and myself had a ton of doubt about what to do on this artelope. While the logo looks simple we had our doubts on if we were up to the challenge. With that in mind she handed this one to me. I came up with the idea of the entire front hoping to make it easier to draw. At the time I thought using colored pencils would go better so a quick trip to the store for a box was made. In the end it ended up better than I expected, but without the results I had hoped for. The Cougars are one of the teams that changed affiliates this season so they are on my updating the business card list. This means I'll give them another shot this season with hopefully better results.    

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