Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The year was 1988. The baseball cards were ugly. Don't believe me, just look at this card included in the pack sent to me as part of the trade with Kevin.

Ugly Fleer cards weren't the only thing in 1988. In honor of this pack of cards lets take a trip back to the time machine, and see what else happened in 1988
The Iran - Iraq war comes to an end

Ben Johnson loses gold medal for 100m in Seoul Olympics after testing positive for anabolic steriods  

The Top four albums are
1. George Michael- Faith
2. Dirty Dancing Soundtrack
3. Michael Jackson- Bad
4. Guns-N-Roses- Appetite For Destruction

Los Angeles Dodgers defeat Oakland Athletics in World Series 4 games to 1

Jose Canseco for the American League, and Kirk Gibson for the National League are voted MVP.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates player Willie Stargell is only player voted in the Hall-Of-Fame

Last, but not least. Baseball cards came with decorations for your baseball card boxes.

Kevin, Thank you so much for reminding us what things were like in 1988.

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  1. 1988 ruled!

    For Dodgers reasons and other more personal reasons. Cards weren't bad, too.