Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Legend Is True

For the short time I have been reading blogs about cards. I keep hearing this thing about how bloggers are a strange group that just love to help each other with their collections. How bloggers are a generous group that more than anything want to see unwanted cards find a home in a collection. Willing to do whatever it takes to find a home for those cards.

I keep hearing stories about how a blogger will go to their mailbox and a puffy is there full of cards. The recipient stunned while they wonder who these cards are from, and what is inside until they open the package. Cards that are like a puppy that followed you home hoping you have a place for them. Sitting there looking at you just saying take me in.

I keep hearing these stories, and thought to myself are they true? Are they just a legend that traders everywhere have heard about. You know the friend of a friend told me that they got a package of cards in the mail. Didn't trade for them they just showed up.

Until I got home last week from my coast trip these stories were just urban legend. Then it happened, I had made a trade with Joe who runs the blog the Sandlot. Joe had done a trade with me to clear out all his unwanted NASCAR cards. Blown away by what Joe originally sent I was thrilled beyond belief at the cards. Problem was Joe had found six cards that somehow had missed the trip to their future home. So Joe being the great guy he is sent those cards, and a note. These six cards contained NASCAR names that are legends, and will one day be hall-of-fame drivers. One of the cards has to be the coolest card I have ever seen in the history of cards.

The card is a Jeff Gordon 'double take'. As you can see in the lower part the card starts out as a black and white picture. Then you slide that white cardboard down and the picture become a color photo. I told you it was cool! Not taking anything away from the other cards but this thing just blew me away.

Thank you so much Joe for the generosity with all these cards. I guess this means I now know what to do with the Mets cards that missed the original trip to Joe.

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