Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Still Hurts To Watch

If you've followed my blog since the first of this year. You read the post I did about my fascination with things crashing against each other. A fascination I believe most of us share just some share it in secret. While the post had some great cards of catchers blocking the plate, and being crushed it just wasn't quite finished. Going through some cards while I attempt to organize my hobby room, and cards. More of these gems came to my attention, and so this second coming of that post is here.

This first card could be considered a cheater card if you will. Nothing in the card says that this is going to be a collision at the plate. I just think that the ball coming in and Buck trying to knock it down looked cool.

Back on track now. While you can't see who is about to come running in. From the position that Steinbach is in you know the pain is coming.

This has to be the worst feeling for a catcher. Here you are with the guy sliding in about to take you down. Wating to see which one gets to you first. The ball, or the runner. I'm going to say the runner was safe on this play, but who knows. I could be wrong.

The expression on Piazza's face says it all. I have to give it to the photographer of this card. A beautiful picture that captures the oncoming train about to run into a brick wall.

While you can't see the catcher in this card one thing comes to mind. WOW! It's a shame that this card couldn't be bigger. With the cloud of dust in the air, and just seeing the catchers right leg. You know this was a huge collision with both men feeling it. Perez holding the shoulder just adds to the whole perception that this was serious. I love that the umpire made it into this card. His looks lets you know this was excitement, and Perez didn't win this battle.

Once again I enjoyed this journey into the collision at home plate. While I see a few sites giving love to the double play. Which is a beautiful play in itself. The play at the plate rules around these parts..

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  1. Nothing wrong with a killer POTP. Some of those cards have great shots, especially when you can see the intense look in the catcher's eye.