Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artelopes- Jackson Generals & Some Angry Birds

A few weeks ago I sent out three more artelopes. Two of these were for schedules, and business cards while one was cards I owed to an online club trader. I will start with the online trader artelope. This was for cards that I have owed this person for quite some time. What this means is he got a couple cards, and an envelope with art from the daughter. Hopefully he enjoyed the art as I think it turned out great. The daughter was very excited to be able to have done this artelope. She was turned loose, and told to use her imagination, and she did just that.

While this person didn't comment on the artelope. The woman at the Post Office thought it was some awesome work. She didn't even notice that it had a sports theme to the birds. 

The great part is it gave me the chance to talk to the lady at the Post Office, and learn what the rules are for drawing on envelopes. With what was learned we might be able to push the limits a little more than originally planned. Hearing atleast one person liked it got the daughter excited. Which will hopefully help motivate her on testing herself more in the future.

Next is a return from the Jackson Generals. The Generals are the double A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners.

The sad part is this artelope shows just how bad my art ability is. I drew this one as the daughter says her stars need tons of work. So she opted out of this one and gave it over to me. When this was sent out though it was for early bird schedules so she will get another chance to dream something up. The other option is my stars will get another workout along with my imagination.

With all that out of the way lets see what I got in the return.
This was a great return as you can tell. The card below the schedules is a business card. I always love to get business cards that have a home schedule on the back. These type come and go all the time which makes them special.

5 days
5 schedules
1 business card
successful return

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