Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Years Bloggolutions

So here are my as I call them bloggolutions. I had a great post written, and ready for posting on New Years Day. This post was to appear while we were enjoying our little get away over at the coast. Then while sitting there ideas started flowing in the head. Wanting to add those in I took the wife's tablet, and thought I'd give it a try. Instead I learned what is a valuable lesson that I will never forget. Don't try to update a post or write a new one using a tablet. While it might be possible I know that it isn't possible for me with my lack of knowledge.

What all this means though is I got to write what I feel is a better post. More important is it means I get to share one of the many pictures I took of the waves crashing against the rocks with you. As up here in the Northwest we love watching waves hit rocks. or as they call it 'stormwatching'. Even if it was sunny while I was out there doing it..

1- Make over 200 posts for the year. 
 This can be a tough one to do but I think it should be a good goal to shoot for. With work, going to baseball games, and other summer activities this can be quite the challenge. I do think that with the three hobbies making appearances here along with doing some entries about the games we go watch. The minimum six games we go watch of minor leagues or college wood bat will help pad that 200 posts stat.

2- Reach 33 followers. 
 While I thought about doing 50 because it's a nice round number. I've always had some sort of thing with the number 3. So why not go with the double 3 and make it 33? Hopefully I can put out enough interesting posts to make this a reality.

3- Finish 5 sets or subsets of baseball cards. 
I've been working on some of these sets for a few years so this one could be interesting. I seem to have a tendency to try and complete some off the wall sets. With that in mind this might be a tougher goal to accomplish than it sounds. The lists are pretty big though so I should be able to get some sort of hits in helping set me up for completing sets at some point.

4- Complete 24 trades of baseball cards.
 I do pocket schedule trades all the time so those won't be counted. I want this to be baseball cards related. Before starting this blog I might have done 2 trades a year at most. So far in one month I have done two trades and would love to do more. So I'm thinking a goal that averages 2 trades per month might give me something to shoot for.

5- Improve my artwork for the artelopes 
While the daughter likes to do most of these. I plan on doing some myself, and need to improve my artwork. With baseball season coming up, I mail at-least 30 or more teams each season. Some teams do different covers and get mailed two to three times. I doubt the daughter will look forward to doing the same team multiple times this year. This means I should be getting some chances to give the artwork a much needed improvement.

6- Get all three of my hobbies organized
This is one of those that us collectors are always fighting. If you aren't battling this resolution you are a lucky person. The battle with this is I do have three hobbies so it's triple the challenge. The good news is my sports related business cards is pretty close to organized. A few loose ends could use to be tied up, but in general that ones good to go. Pocket schedules are somewhat organized as well. I need to get a few put in pages, but they are close as well. Now baseball cards are a whole other story. I have cards scattered around my hobby room, and in boxes, Some of the sets I've been working on are disorganized messes that in the past have led to me getting the same card three times. While the sets thing has gotten tons better it could still use some work. Throw in that I'm getting back into the card scene by adding players into the wants. You have a full blown disaster on your hands.

7- Get an autograph card of all my favorite players
Currently there are five guys on  my player collection list. I'm thinking about adding a couple more Rockies players to the list. Adding a signed card I think would be a fun little goal to shoot for as a bigger goal. The problem is some of the newer Rockies might not have an autographed card but if they do I'm going to try and acquire one. I thought about going for the trifecta, but with the whole thing going on about jersey, and bat cards. It will be more fun to focus on autos and if something else falls in my lap then so be it.

8- Improve my writing
This is a double challenge. I want to challenge myself to improve writing when it comes to the whole blogging thing. I'd also like to challenge myself to become a better writer when doing team mailings. Currently I've been using the same general letter to teams, and it could use some work. Another fun thing is I've been toying with writing college baseball coaches, and maybe some football for autographed business cards. Once I can secure a business card of my own, it's been an idea. Improved writing would probably give me better odds of a return.

9- Half my baseball business card wants
Currently I am missing only seven teams from having a business card for every MLB team, minors, and independent teams. While there might be some additions before the season starts for independents. I'm at seven, and want to half that number. For everyone reading this it might not mean anything. For me though I have been trying to get five of these for years. The other two are teams that either started last season or were announced as new teams for the 2013 season. So getting even one of these remaining five teams would be huge for me. Incase you care the hard ones are Washington Nationals, Aberdeen Ironbirds, Bluefield Blue Jays, Princeton Rays, and West Virginia Power.

10- Get more involved in the blogging scene
I saw this on a few other bloggers lists, and thought it sounded great. While doing more trades, and doing a certain amount of blog posts. I want to challenge myself to post comments atleast 52 times. Doing a comment once a week at minimum sounds good. This way I can let all you other bloggers out there know what a great job your doing. I love the work you are all doing, and what better way to let you know. Heck if I didn't enjoy all your writing then I wouldn't have felt motivated to try this thing myself.

While I'm like some of you when it comes to resolutions. I normally don't make any for myself. Doing this as a way to give me a little more something to focus my collecting on seemed like a fun idea.

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