Friday, January 18, 2013

Brain Freeeeze!!

While reading a couple great blogs in The Five Tool Collector, and This Card Is Cool. Both writers did posts that contained discs from what has to be one of my all time favorite series. The ever popular Slurpee discs.

While I don't know the full history of this series of discs. I remember the 1984 more than any others. As a Slurpee lover when these first showed I was hooked.

Now a little about the discs for those that don't know about them. The discs were at the bottom of the cup under a small white colored cardboard to hold them in place. I believe they came with the medium and large sized Slurpee. Which was cool as I was a kid and convincing the parents to ante up or come up with the money myself for the medium was easier that way.

The challenge was in that the closest 7-11 to where we lived was seven miles away. So the choices were either ride bikes with friends or go with the parents grocery shopping. The plan was to then hope I'd been good enough to get a Slurpee for the ride home.

While I did an excellent job the first year in getting around half a set. The following two years I didn't get the same results.

In 1985 only three discs (top) were able to find their way into the collection. Followed by another three in 1986 (bottom).
The 1986 set was different than the others as they contained three superstars instead of the normal one the the first two sets contained.

Odds are I had more of these as a kid, but some were ruined due to the moisture. You have to know that the reason these are sometimes a harder find is a cold Slurpee wasn't good on them. Throw in the amount of people who probably just tossed them.

More than anything my best memory isn't the discs. It was drinking all those Slurpee's, and the brain freeze's that went with them. The discs were just a bonus.

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