Monday, February 11, 2013

New Set- 2007 Topps

While at the card show just over a week ago I cam across some fun little cards in the dime boxes I was roaming through. Some of the cards drew me in for the player collection. A couple were picked up for possible future trades, and then there was these cards.

Getting back into cards after being gone for so long I come across a few gems every so often. These cards are part of that in my opinion. There is just something about baseball stadium photography that as a person who enjoys photography as a hobby that draws me in. I love cards that the focal point is all about the stadium. I'm not into cards with a player, and the background being the stadium. It's cards where the entire point is all about the stadium.

These are a little different than the normal stuff for me. While the stadium is a main part, the roster information on the back is something new. The concept is cool if you ask me, and the reason I had to get these two cards. The problem is that I was only able to find two cards for this subset. So with that in mind I am throwing out a wantlist right now, and will add one to my current wantlist page.


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