Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Came Late To The Party

Reading blog after blog of people all sharing their adventures into the land of 2013 Topps. On Friday after a tough day. I came home, and needed to make a run to the local Walmart. While there I was able to get a jumbo pack of 2013 Topps. As seems to be the ritual the first card I pulled was...

As some of these cards have already been shown a hundred times I'll cut to the highlights.
--Chasing History--
#1 Roy Halladay
#37 Derek Jeter
#46 Hanley Ramirez
R.A. Dickey
--blue parallels--
#64 Will Middlebrooks
#125 Matt Holliday
#196 Ryan Vogelsong

 Matt Holliday Emerald Parallel. The reason I'm showing this card is if you look closely it fits into my 'This Is Going To Hurt' postings. While he isn't running over the catcher they are colliding, and that is the idea of those posts. Who knows, maybe this card might make a later appearance as I plan on keeping those going.

 Seeing pictures of these beauties was cool. Getting one in my pack was sweet. It's a great looking picture of a great play.

Finishing off the pack was a card that is going directly into the player collection.

I was thrilled to get this card as I'm rooting for Pomeranz to have a great 2013. The purple colors, and Rockies logo in the background makes this card truly sweet.

I am one of the guys who loves the look of this set. As of right now I am thinking about putting it together. If possible I'll try for as many of the shortprints as well. The subsets are something I don't plan on doing as most don't do anything for me, and would just be a huge hassle to complete.

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