Sunday, February 24, 2013

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity Lets Go Racing - Daytona 500

With racing back into the fold, and being a huge fan of the sport. I was thinking of doing a series of posts every Sunday to give information on the upcoming race. There are races on Saturday's as well so those few will get this information on Saturday.

 First off about the name, it's the catchphrase of Darrell Waltrip. Darrell drops this phrase before every race he announces as it's starting. His excitement when doing it makes this a classic. I like many people love the catchphrase, and so I'm going to it as the what to expect for the upcoming race. Besides all this I personally enjoy the work he does announcing races, and this is a small way to show respect for that work.

Daytona is a wild card race. A wild card in that any driver in the field can win this race. Along with Talladega this is one of two tracks that almost all the drivers in the field will race as long as they can. What this means is no start, and park cars like most races. Besides the wild card factor, and all the cars racing for a full race. Daytona takes a bit of skill, and a whole lot of luck to win. The luck comes in the form of avoiding wrecks when they happen.

Adding to the excitement of this race is the new cars. This off-season NASCAR introduced a new car called the 'Gen 6'. While there was testing done with these cars they are still new to everyone. There has been two what I'll call short preseason races at Daytona this last week. The wrecks in these along with the wrecks during practices have been more frequent. I wouldn't be surprised to see even more wrecks than usual for this race.

It pains me to say this as I despise this driver more than anyone. As a fan of Kyle Busch you are taught to hate this guy. Consider these two NASCAR's version of the Yankee vs. Red Sox rivalry. They genuinely hate each other, and it shows when they are close on the track. Currently though he has been on fire. He won the race last Saturday. He won his duel shootout on Thursday, to earn him the number three starting spot. He is just too hot right now to not pick him as a favorite so sad to say I have to go with him.
Kevin Harvick

My first pick as a spoiler to Harvick's party is my favorite driver. Much like Harvick, Kyle has been on fire at Daytona. The results last weekend don't show this as a mid race wreck took Kyle out of the running. He did run great in the second dual winning the race, and earning him the fourth starting spot in the field. An advantage Harvick doesn't have is Kyle has been running more consistent in his practices, but as the saying goes. We are talking about practice..
Kyle Busch

My second pick is a man who just being in the race makes him a dark horse. He only runs the two races at Daytona, and the two races at Talladega. He always runs great at Daytona, and has even won the 500 once. I'd love more than anything to see this man win again as he's racing the number 26 in honor of the 26 who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Throw in he seems like a genuinely good guy who seems to feel honored he's lucky enough to be a race-car driver.
Michael Waltrip

This is the first race of the season so no one has any points. Starting with my post race posting on Monday. I will keep track of the twelve driver who would make the chase if it was to start that day. NASCAR is tricky as you will have the top ten. The final two spots are earned by finishing in the top twenty, and having the most wins of the racers between 11th, and 20th place. This means that 16th place could be shown as the 12th racer. My standing will reflect this, and I'll point out why each week to help people who don't follow racing to close to keep up.

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