Friday, August 23, 2013

Artelopes- Auburn, and Laredo Failures

Back in late June after our vacation I sent out a series of artelopes. While the others came back with varied results these two have never come home. In honor of their disappearance I will show them both here for  the world to see.

The Doubledays play in the short season New York- Penn League. This artelope was sent in hopes of getting a new business card for the collection as the team has made two changes. The first was an affiliation change to the Nationals. The second which I didn't know about until deciding what to draw was a new logo. The artwork used is that new logo which has a Civil War soldier look.

The Lemurs are in the independent league American Association. The main reason for this mailing was to get a business card for the collection. Originally the plan was to just do the lemur tail at the end of the teams name. The daughter then decided she would make a run at the teams main logo. I gave her a hard time when she originally drew this saying he looked a little bloated. It was a great attempt though, and I'm proud of her. When we first started doing these she would have passed, and claimed it was too hard. It's amazing how far she has come in the less than a year since we started doing these.


  1. I live a couple hours from Auburn Doubledays. If I pass by a business card of theirs I'll pick one up for you.

  2. Did you get my email about the Puig trade?