Monday, August 26, 2013

Mini Em's

Back in July I had went to a Eugene Emeralds game, and got a Bigfoot bobblefoot. In the post about that game, and giveaway I mentioned going to another game on August 24th. Looking at the calendar you will notice that the 24th was Saturday. After a busy morning which included a few stops for school clothing as school is just over a week away for the daughter. The time came to head on out to the game. Things looked like I would be going alone as everyone started to lose interest as the day progressed. In the end though the three of us ended up going, and having a good time.

As we pulled up to the parking area you could tell college football season is next weekend. The Emeralds play next to the Oregon Ducks football stadium. Heck! They play in a ballpark shared with the Ducks baseball team. The porta potty's were out, and the parking signs were everywhere so you know where you parked for the game. I should have taken some pictures, but who wants to see pictures of porta potty's?
                          As we left the parking lot, and came within view of the front gate the line was already decent sized. This surprised me as we got there just under an hour early to the gates opening. We would have arrived closer to game time except it's a decent drive down there. Especially when you throw in we have to backtrack ten or so minutes to pick up the friend. Purchasing our tickets we headed to stand in line noticing something new since we were at the last game.

That is a blow up of the Emeralds mascot Sluggo. I tried to convince the daughter it would be cool to go get a picture with the thing. She shot me down, and reminded me she did a picture with the real Sluggo once so be happy with that. Joe kept trying to convince her it would be awesome to stand in the middle, and give it a crotch chop for a picture. Told her he would want one of those if she did that. Her response was if you think that's so cool go do it yourself. Ahhh, the joys of a 14 year old.

Finally entering the game we got our prize for coming, and headed for our seats. Gung ho to put all three prizes together the daughter started to prepare herself before I recommended food, and a pop. As we returned to our seats Sluggo came out in his usual fashion. The whole four runner he always rides around before games. I have to admit that this year he has been very entertaining. I don't know if they got a new person this season or if the person doing it the entire time has finally stepped their game up.
                   Either way he has become something worth watching, and keeping track of during the game. His pre-game thing Saturday was all the visiting team left their gloves on the grass while stretching. He rushed over grabbed the gloves, and started handing them out to fans down the third baseline. After watching all this the daughter was done eating, and started in on putting things together. Once finished they looked pretty sweet.

This was the whole reason I wanted to hit this game. I thought one of these would look cool in the hobby room. We got two of them, and after she put them together I thought to myself I'm going to keep them both. After this picture she took the glove off this one, and left him ready to bat. They come with a ball that sticks really well to their hands. So on the second one she put the ball, and glove together. It did throw a wrinkle in things as I had planned to see if a certain blogger who collects Lego characters, and enjoys big nachos would be interested in one of these.

The game itself was pretty lackluster as I had expected when we found out they were playing Salem/Keizer. The Volcanoes have been playing good ball all season, and won the first half South Division title. They are currently third but only a game back, and might win the second half as well. Eugene has been sloppy all season setting some pretty low standards in run production. In the end they got shutout again 3-0 with barely any baserunners.

After the game the daughter went into full hunting mode. Scanning area's in a hurry for a possible left behind figure. Going just over a few rows she found one, and reached down to claim it fast. It would be the only extra one she found as they are so small. From what I saw before the game women were putting them in their purses, and men in their pockets or coats. So finding the one she got was a huge bonus. I guess this means that nacho loving blogger can be expecting an e-mail from me sometime on a possible trade for the bonus figure. That is unless he reads this, and e-mails me first.

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