Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Possibly My Last Card Show For 2013

On Saturday I made the trip up north to the Beaverton card show. As the title implies I went with the idea that this might be my last card show for 2013. With a full set of Christmas bazaar's, an antique show, and the World's Largest Garage Sale coming between now and the end of the year. Throw into the mix we are looking to attempt a weekend or two at the coast. I just don't see myself finding the chance to get up there again until next year. Thinking about all these things I went up trying to do my best in adding to the collection.

I know absolutely nothing about this card. Honestly I don't even collect football cards, and that is why I know nothing about this card. I had stopped at a table to look at cards, and the guy gave it to me for free. It's been raining, and windy since Friday night here in the Northwest. Due to this I wore my Cincinnati BearCats sweatshirt to the show. So as a kind gesture the guy hit me with this card.

His generosity paid off a little as most his table was Seattle Mariners cards. Going through the cards he had the five 2003 MVP cards above that I needed for that set. The remaining three came from a dime box, and a four for a dollar box. Sadly I believe this was my worst trip when it comes to cards for the set. Hopefully this doesn't signal that I have done all the set damage I can at this show. I guess we will find out next year when I hit my first show.

Six cards for the player collection meant it wasn't a total loss. Despite there only being six I think was a great group of six. Three Nolan Ryan cards that I still haven't been able to look, and see if they are cards I need. The two from the 1992 Classic are new, but the other card I'm not sure. Two great looking Rockies for the player collection had me pretty excited as well. Then throw in the Mark Teixeira card as the crown jewel. I know there are a big group of people who aren't fans of the 2008 Moments, and Milestones. The card is numbered 1 of 25 so as a Tex fan I just couldn't leave it there to suffer.

My last box was a seven for a dollar box. Inside I found the three cards above, and felt like they needed to come home with me. Doing a little research I learned that they were from 2002. They came in 12 packs of Pepsi products in the Washington area. With Ichiro being part of the set this might be one of those sets that takes forever to complete.

Half of what I brought home is cards that I will be sending out to traders in the future. The remaining cards were bought with the idea for using them in future posts. When you throw all this together it wasn't a bad way to end the final card show I make it to this year.


  1. Hey, I hit that show sometimes. Next time you are going to go, let me know and if I can make it, I'll bring some stuff for you. It's always nice to meet a blogger in person.