Saturday, October 12, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Round Rock

Sorry, but this will be one of those fairly short posts. I usually write my posts the night before, and have a time set for them to pop up the next day or on Saturday, and Sunday's case in the morning. Friday was a busy day in sports for me as I sat here going between the BearCats versus Temple game, and the NLCS. Due to this the blog became secondary to writing about business cards. This morning we are about to head out for breakfast, and run some errands. This just adds to the shortness of the post. Anyways who wants to hear all my excuses? It's time to see a business card.

Round Rock

Created in 2005 the Express were once known as the Edmonton Trappers. Purchased in 2003 by RSR sports which consists of Nolan, and Reid Ryan, and partner Don Sanders. The Idea of the purchase was to relocate the team to Round Rock, and affiliate with the Houston Astros. The affiliation would last from 2005 until the end of 2010. The team would then change to a new affiliation in 2011 with the Texas Rangers. This came as the group was part of the Rangers new ownership. The Express name comes from Nolan Ryan's name during his playing days of "The Ryan Express".

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