Monday, October 14, 2013

Artelope- Sometimes Simple Does It

One of the many things I show off on this blog are my envelopes to various sports teams or as I call it artelopes. With most I have been going bigger, and bigger in hopes of getting the best response. Sometimes such as with my latest return I thought keeping it simple might get the results. I was right as the return was exactly what I was hoping for when sending out this envelope.

The idea behind the envelope was to pay homage to the simple white helmets the team wears during white out football games. The daughter kept trying, and trying to get me to color in the" C" red, but in the end I held strong. Personally I think it turned out alright with just one thing taking away from the design. I need to get better at drawing lighter when doing my initial sketching. Its tougher said than done as sometimes I have to go a touch darker in the sketch. All part of the learning experience we are going through in doing these. With that being said lets see the haul.

They sent four different covers out of the seven confirmed schedules that are currently known. I don't know if they will be doing as they have in past seasons, and having two or three sponsors for each cover. I'm going to say no as the collector who lives in the area hasn't found any. The one thing missing which isn't a big deal as I will be mailing the BearCats for basketball schedules soon. They didn't send a new business card from the Athletic Director. I was hoping to update the collection as Cincinnati has joined a new conference in the American Athletic Conference. Still not a big deal as I mail them for schedules all the time so eventually it will happen.

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