Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Got Carded At Goodwill

On Saturday we had some things that needed to be done in Corvallis. This was the perfect week as Oregon State was on the road so traffic wouldn't be the mess it is on game days. The first errand was to drop the daughter's guitar off to have new strings put on it. Then get some other small flaws in the thing brought up to par as she is using it in school for a guitar class. Afterwards was when the fun started as she has been wanting to make trips to the thrift store for Halloween costume supplies. She needed some flowers to finish up the costume, and thought looking there would be cool. As for me, I'm always up for a stop at Goodwill to see what treasures I can find. This day wouldn't disappoint as I made my first ever baseball cards purchases at this store.

The Corvallis store has been the one where I have seen the most baseball cards. In the past there have been a couple times I considered buying some cards they had, but in the end walked away empty handed. On Saturday this would change as I came across two packages of cards I just couldn't walk away from.

These are 2003 Keebler Mariners baseball cards. The set is 28 cards, but I walked away with only 22 towards the set, and an extra four of the Chris Snelling cards. From doing some research I learned that these were a stadium giveaway. You got twenty cards towards the set, and eight cards of the same player. I'm going to say that Chris Snelling was the eight cards. The idea was you traded away your extras to build the set. Imagine getting the Ichiro's as all your extra cards. At the time it might have been very tough to convince those people to trade away his cards for whatever it is you needed.

I had to add them into the collection since if its anything I enjoy it is regional sets. Going out on a limb here I will say this ends up being one of those never completed sets in my collection. Thinking that might happen when I bought these cards didn't slow me down in the slightest. There were only 10,000 of each card made so that decreases my odds of completing the set.

Next was a big batch of cards in a sort of sandwich bag. With it being a clear bag I saw there were a couple cool cards, and thought I'd take a chance at seeing if there was anything else cool in the bag. It was a good call as while there was a bunch of nothing interesting. Besides those, inside were a few more insert cards than I expected. With all these cards I thought why not try something new. Instead of showing the cards for my collection I'll show off the inserts that could use a new home. So if you need any of the cards from this baggie let me know, and they are yours.

Besides all these inserts was a stack of what I would estimate at over 100 cards. They were from around 2006 or 2007, and from a few varied brands, and sets. I haven't looked to hard at them as I pulled these out for the post. Then pulled out the ones for myself, and currently have the remaining stack sitting on the table in my hobby room. Sometimes in the near future I'll give them a better look, but that isn't even a consideration until next weekend. Overall I think it was a great buy.

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  1. The D-Backs did a similar SGA set back then. Somewhere I've got a stack of extra Danny Bautista cards that I didn't trade away.