Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why Do I Continue To Do This?

For my entire collecting history I have always had a plan. Be it baseball cards, business cards, pocket schedules or any other collections I have long given up. I keep it simple, and only collect things I like. No trying for a complete run of all the Fleer, Donruss, Upper Deck, or Topps sets. Doing a brand run or team run would stick me with sets that have no appeal to me. I only build the sets that for some reason have a design or subject I enjoy.

This could be the main reason my player collecting is limited. Yes there are a bunch of names on the player collection list on this very blog. In the near future most of those names will be disappearing as I just haven't been into most of them. Only two players have stuck, and at times they lose my interest. The thing about collecting this way is I very rarely spend much on a single card as odds are in six months or so I'm going to lose interest in the card. No reason to spend ten dollars or so on a card that won't hold its value in my heart. Why do I bring all this up you ask? This is why...

The 2013 Miami Hurricanes football schedule. While it isn't a baseball card it does hold some significance when it comes to my collecting. This is the one part of all my collecting habits that makes zero sense. After telling you the first part of this post about only collecting things that I enjoy. The Miami Hurricanes are one of those college teams that I'm not a fan of. Yet each season I write the University for some football schedules. This leads me the the question that inspired the post title. Why do I continue to do this?

I can't help but sit here as I write this wondering why year after year. Do I continue to spend the cost of two stamps to continue collecting Hurricanes football schedules? The other couple schools I get schedules for each season I understand, but why Miami?

While I may never know the answer to this question. The great thing is I have quite a nice looking collection of schedules from a school I'm not a fan of. The other question remaining is how long will this insanity continue?


  1. Getting mail is fun. That's my best guess.

  2. We had season tickets the past 3 years for the Iowa Barnstormers AFL team, but let them lapse as the team was pretty disappointing - a far cry from when Kurt Warner played for them. That, plus the fact we picked up season tickets for the new Iowa Wild AHL hockey team (love my hockey). I'll try and pick up a biz card for you.

    Also, a quick trivia question - "Where did Arena Football originate?" Right here in Des Moines, Iowa. Jim Foster and some of his cohorts figured out the game in a bar one night, drawing up the rules on a cocktail napkin. I would love to have that cocktail napkin today.