Sunday, October 13, 2013

Biz Cards th... AHHH Screw It!

Usually today is one of the two days this week I post a few of the baseball team business cards in my collection. That is the usual plan of attack on this blog, today isn't a normal day though. Going the honest route here as I pride myself on being honest as much as possible. I just don't feel like doing the 'Biz Cards The Collection' today. Something in me wants to go a totally different direction today as things are different today. I want to show some baseball cards, and mix it up this Sunday.

Why the mix up you ask? Instead of the usual trip to the thrift store on weekends or some other show. I am going to spend my day playing with baseball cards, and organizing the hobby room. Not only will I be putting cards in some of those sheets I picked up last weekend. I will see if there are some cards looking for new homes with other bloggers.

Speaking of cards looking for new homes. There is a reason I picked Jacoby Ellsbury as the cards for this post. Rumors are floating around that there is a possibility that Ellsbury might be looking for a new home this off-season. One of the favorites for that new home is with the Seattle Mariners. While I'm not going to get too excited as this story seems to get played out every off-season in this neck of the woods. We hear about how the team is going to fight for a superstar only to later learn their offer wasn't really as good as they claim or the player went to a contender for less money. More often than not its the offer wasn't that great when broken down.

Hopefully this time it will be different for two reasons. The first reason, Jacoby is from around this area so a return in a Mariners uniform would be awesome. The second is the Mariners really need a franchise player to sell tickets. A player who is from the area as that player would be huge for the team. A signing like Ellsbury might actually get me to see more than the one game we watched this season. I won't get to excited though.

Well I guess its time to go play with cards.... Whew that was easy!!

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