Sunday, October 6, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Indianapolis, & Pawtucket

After a busy day of running errands, and watching college football. I was debating about whether or not to do this post. Then I got to thinking that it would be fairly short post so why not. Besides the fact it might be short, its the last posting for the International League teams. With that in mind I thought suck it up, and write the post so we can start fresh with the Pacific Coast League next weekend. So without further ado we have our last two teams from the International League.


Before getting into the history of the franchise on the Indians. While this card has a fairly simple look to it. The end of the card with the baseball has a rounded corner. It adds to the look of the card, and helps it rank in the best cards from the International League.

Founded in 1902 the Indians are the second oldest minor league team in baseball. Affiliated with eight different franchises during the teams history. Some of these teams more than once. The Indians current affiliation is with the Pittsburgh Pirates since 2005. Initially the relationship started great as the team made it to the Championship only to lose three games to none. Since then the team hasn't made it back.


Created in 1970 as a team in the Double A Eastern League. The team only lasted in the league for three seasons before moving up to the Triple A level for the start of 1973. 

Since day one the team has been affiliated with the Boston Red Sox who the team shares names with. Their time in Pawtucket though was in jeopardy in 1977. This is when Ben Mondor a retired businessman stepped in, and bought the franchise. Looking for a shake up he came with the idea of using the name Paw Sox. The name is more of a nickname as the teams real name remains the Red Sox. The idea worked as attendance slowly grew to approximately 9,000 per game by the year 2000. During the teams lifespan they have won three league titles, and seven division titles. The latest division title was just this past season 2013.

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing the business cards from the International League. Next week we will start with the Pacific Coast League which personally has the better business cards of the two Triple A leagues.

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