Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers Bobblehead Style #2

This last Friday the second of the three bobbleheads for the Oregon Ducks, and Oregon State Beavers were released. Waking up early on Friday as I was told by the store manager I could buy them at 5:45 on my way to work. I left home early with the plan to get the wife's, and her co-workers on the way to work. Then I would pick her up the Kenjon Barner, and my choice of Barner or Wheaton on the way home. That was the plan. As plans go they never seem to work out as planned, and this was no different.

Walking into the store I grabbed the required two 20 ounce soda's, and then two bobbleheads. As I begin picking up the bobbleheads the cashier informs me that they can't be purchased until 6:00. He follows with it being a hard set time with no exceptions. I tried talking him into it by saying that I was told last week I could get them the few minutes early it was. He wasn't budging as he claimed Jackson's which is the parent company said not until 6:00. Bummed, and worried that these two might be popular enough that just getting the initial two after work might be the impossible dream. I headed to work hoping that maybe I could get off early, and get them that way. The dream died early as I was stuck for the day.

Leaving work at the usual time I made my way to the store. The great part is this convenience store is on the way home so all this extra stuff wasn't a terrible inconvenience. Walking in I was greeted by a sight that had me excited, and nervous at the same time. The excitement was for the fact that there were two of each still sitting there waiting for me to buy. The nervous was you are only allowed to buy two so this meant my odds of getting the one I wanted was slim. Adding to the craziness was I had to make sure I got the Wheaton as there were a bunch of Jordan Poyer's still floating around mixed in. Grabbing the required soda's, and then bobbleheads I made my purchase, and was on my way.

Saturday morning we had errands to do which required going past the Jackson's/ On our way past the store the wife brought up the idea of stopping to see if they had my bobblehead. Happy that she brought it up I was more than ready, and stopped in. To my surprise they had two of each bobblehead sitting there waiting for me to buy my choice. So here they are....

Drafted in the 6th round by the Carolina Panthers. Kenjon has only appeared in one game this season making one catch for five yards in the week five loss to Arizona. How long before he finally gets a shot to make his first carry is anyone's guess.

The bobblehead itself isn't bad looking with the home whites. The silver colored duck feathers on the helmet, and Kenjon carrying the ball in typical running back style. Comparing it to the Dion Jordan who was last times winner. I like this bobblehead more than that one.

Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the third round. Wheaton has appeared in four games, but only caught a pass in one of those games. Week four against Minnesota, Wheaton caught three passes for 26 yards. During the game his right pinkie was broken requiring surgery. Since then he has been inactive while the injury heals.

Much like the Barner bobblehead, Marcus is in the home white uniform. Something about the home uniforms on these just look better to me. For some reason they just seem to bring out the logos better to me than the green, and black uniforms on the first weeks bobbleheads.


I just love the look of Marcus catching the ball right in front of the corner pylon. Both are cool bobbleheads, but the foot down making the catch just in the end zone sold me. The great look of the Ducks uniform made it a tougher choice than it should have been. Kenjon doing the carrying the football thing seems like a basic running back pose to me, and lost out to the tough catch. 

If you couldn't tell by now from reading the post, and looking at the pictures I did cheat though. I ended up getting one Kenjon Barner, and one of Marcus Wheaton for the collection. They look real good sitting on a shelf that has become my football related shelf. Now all I have to do is hope my luck hold out when it comes to getting the mascot bobbleheads in two weeks.

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