Monday, October 28, 2013

Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers Bobblehead Style #3 (We have a winner)

This last Friday the final edition of the Jackson Stores bobbleheads came out for the Oregon region. As luck would have it I was able to get off work early, and went by to get the bobbleheads. I say luck as I went back later to try, and pick up another set for another co-worker of the wife. This second trip was three hours before I would have normally gotten off work. The Oregon Ducks bobbleheads were all out, so no second one for her other c-worker. I did get the first ones for the wife, and her friend that got the first two Ducks. One thing you will notice is that the pictures are of the bobbleheads still in their boxes. This is because I decided to not get a bobblehead for my collection this time, but I am still picking a winner.

Puddles has gone through some changes from his original look. As most people know Puddles was once actually Donald Duck from Disney. Things have changed for Oregon's favorite duck as he now has his own look. This allows him to make more appearances as Disney didn't allow the school to use Donald for these. Graphics still use the old version sometimes, and falls under the original Disney, Oregon agreement.

Benny has gone through some changes of his own lately. Not long ago he was very cartoon looking, and kid friendly. Then he went through a faze of what was known as the angry beaver.  Not a popular look for the beaver he has now finally found a middle ground.


This was a very close contest if you ask me. Puddles has a decent look that at first I was thinking about announcing as the winner. Then I looked at Benny, and well... He has a chainsaw, and that is just plain bad-ass. With Benny carrying the chainsaw I thought it was best not to mess with him, and announce him as the winner. 

This means in a recap that the Beavers have won the first ever Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State Beavers bobblehead challenge. The Ducks won round one with Dion Jordan winning over Jordan Poyer. In round two we had a close decision with former Beaver Marcus Wheaton beating Kenjon Barner by a fantastic catch in the endzone. Closing out the challenge Benny took down Puddles with the chainsaw. Hopefully these did well enough this year that Jackson's does them in our area again next season. I know Boise State has been getting them for years so maybe we can start getting that in our area.

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