Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Today Was A Good Day

While I put today. The reality is the day I am talking about was Friday. Work was a little slow, and I've been doing everything to stay, and save my vacation time by not leaving. Friday was just too tempting as I just wasn't feeling it. So when the offer came I was out the door faster than they could ask who wanted to leave.

Coming home I thought about how I've been thinking about heading south to Eugene, and hitting the card shops. With nothing better to do I took the chance, and headed on down. Arriving in town I had to hit the Goodwill first, and saw a few things worth considering. There was a garbage can with a huge Wizards logo for the MLS team. A Seattle Mariners lunchbox (which I totally forgot about or I might have bought it). Then last was a Mike Sweeney in a Eugene Emeralds uniform bank. In the end I decided to leave empty-handed, and save my money for the card shops. This was a decision that would pay off in some sweet cards.

Going into the first shop I was full of hope. Last time in this shop was a weird experience that ended with me wondering if I'd ever want to go back. Things were like a trail where I had to be very careful not to knock over boxes I was forced to step over. The store was still fairly messy, but no stepping over boxes this time so it was an improvement. The owner never really acknowledged me I felt which added to the down visit. My hope was that maybe giving it another go it would pay off with some needed hits to the wants. This paid off right from the start. Busy with another customer I started to kind of wander while he did his thing. While waiting I looked down to see a box with a few 1994 Classic Gold. Knowing I needed just one last card to complete the set I looked up the number on my wants, and started the search.

I need to put it in the set, and count it out once its in there. Always have to make sure no gremlins snuck in, and either took cards out or stopped me from putting them in. Right now I'm basking in the glory of completing my fourth set for the year. Hopefully I can get atleast one more done before the year ends.

Finished with the customer he asked what I was looking for. Deciding to go with something fairly simple I went with a new self created subset.
2010 Upper Deck Ballparks

This completes just over half of this set. Not too bad being I just added it to the wants. Hopefully I can ring this set up fairly quickly as I enjoy these type of sets. I've always been a fan of the baseball stadium, and cards dedicated to that are high on my lists.Second I went with another subset that has some baseball stadiumness to it.
2007 Opening Day

At this point I though I'd see what he wanted for the cards I already had. He added it up, and came back with the amount I had planned to spend so this adventure was over. The good news is he was much more pleasant than my last visit. This might lead to another stop in there at some point in the next six months at the most hopefully.

Not finished I had to make another stop in the other card shop in town. Other than one card it was a dry stop. The great news is the one card was something big.

I don't spend much on baseball cards. What I do spend doesn't go into purchases like this one. Rosario cost the exact same amount as all the other cards I got at the first shop. Something inside me just said spring for the card, and add an autograph of one of your favorite current players. So in the end I'm pretty pleased, and glad I took the day off.

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