Monday, September 30, 2013

Oregon Ducks versus Oregon State Beavers Bobblehead Style #1

As I posted on Sunday when doing the business card post for the weekend. Things got a little busy this past weekend, and one of those reasons is why we now have this post. On Friday Jackson Stores did their first release of bobbleheads for Oregon, and Oregon State. These bobbleheads which started in 2006, but only for the Boise State Broncos. Have finally moved on to a few new markets with those of us in Oregon finally reaping the benefits. Last season they started the branch out by doing bobbleheads for the Nevada Wolfpack mascot, and Oregon State Beavers mascot. With the success of both the Boise State, and mascot bobbleheads this season Jackson's added more to the mix. While Boise State still gets top billing with a bigger selection we here in Oregon are representing. Both of our teams are getting three bobbleheads this year with some big names in the three. The three bobbleheads come out every two weeks with the first of each team being released this past Friday.

In honor of these three bobbleheads I am going to show you the two bobbleheads each time they are released, and pick a winner. If possible I will be buying both bobbleheads as the wife is a fan of the Beavers, and wants all three Beavers. A co-worker for the wife is a huge Ducks fan, and had a birthday this past weekend. I know the first one she is giving to him as a gift. Not sure if all three will be the gift or not. What I do know is this means I am attempting to get atleast one of each bobblehead. I am shooting to add the winner from each week into my own collection if possible. With no loyalties to either team I can get either one, and not be persuaded by team loyalty.

Starting the collection Jackson's went with what fans here in Oregon consider going big. Starting out for the Ducks was Dion Jordon. Jordon was the third overall pick by the Miami Dolphins in this years draft. While he has yet to accomplish much in this young season. As the third pick you know Miami has to have plans for the guy. Hopefully he will reach his potential, and be everything Miami hopes.

For the Beavers they went with Jordan Poyer. Picked in the seventh round by the Philadelphia Eagles, and playing cornerback. Poyer has already appeared in two games for the Eagles, making two tackles and an assisted tackle. A very popular player for the Beavers during his time here playing at Oregon State.


Being drafted with the third overall pick, and personally just being the cooler looking of the two. It's a no brainer that I would go with Dion. For some reason I like the pose of Dion more than Jordan. If he was rocking the same pose as Jordan has then it would have been tough, and possibly gone the other direction. He isn't though so Dion goes on the shelf.

Included on the side of the box is a picture of the three bobbleheads in the collection. For your viewing pleasure, and to maybe get you wondering which you would buy if you were in my shoes, here they are.

As a heads up the next releases are Marcus Wheaton, and Kenyon Barner.


  1. I would love to know where I can find these!

  2. If you know where I can find any OSU ones please let me know. Thanks.