Sunday, September 15, 2013

Biz Cards The Collection- Ottawa & Charlotte

As I write this the day is winding down from a day of college football watching. The day still isn't over though as the Oregon State Beavers are playing one of my two teams the Utah Utes. So if this post goes south blame the game. I did notice one thing that was done wrong in the Saturday post that won't be done tonight. When doing the town listing I did the team which was wrong. With names changing all the time I want to do just the town name, and show all cards related to thew town. Don't be surprised to see it happen in the future a few more times, but for tonight it won't be happening.


Running from 1993 until 2007 when the club was sold, and relocated. The Lynx played in the International League during its entire existence. The relocation of the team became quite the ordeal as the city of Ottawa filed a lawsuit to block the relocation. Countering with its own lawsuit for breach of contract the Lynx moved at the end of 2007. The move in large part was due to the lack of support with low attendance figures its final few seasons. Since leaving Ottawa in 2007 the International League has zero teams left outside of the United States.


Joining the Double A Southern Lerague in 1976 as an affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. The original name of the franchise was the Charlotte Orioles. Using the name until 1988 when the team was sold to new ownership, and changed to the Charlotte Knights. After the 1988 season the team signed a new deal to become affiliated with the Chicago Cubs. The deal would stay in place until 1993 when huge changes came to the franchise. First the team joined the International League, and then signed a contract with the Cleveland Indians. The deal would only last three seasons. 

 In 1996 the team would sign a two year contract with the Florida Marlins. The deal would be the teams only two years affiliated with the Marlins.

At the end of 1997 the team would be sold to a North Carolina businessman who would sign a deal with the Chicago White Sox. The deal still remains in place to this day, and goes through 2014. Going into the 2014 season the team is scheduled to open a new ballpark in the area of the Carolina Panthers stadium.

(back picture of lower two cards)

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