Monday, September 9, 2013

It Hurts To Watch- The Disorganized Version

Today I fell victim to something that most if not all of us in the blogging, and baseball card world fall victim to way more than we'd like. I fell victim to the sad world of disorganization. The brutal part is that I have been trying to get more organized slowly, but sometimes become more disorganized. Not long ago the stacks that were piling up on the table in the hobby room were all moved to clean up the sad looking table. Putting them all in various different areas for organizing correctly later on. So what does all this have to do with today's post you ask? I'm glad you asked!

You see on Saturday we made our first trip to the coast in a long time. We had the beach house reserved, but gave it up as the wife thought she would be working. Work ended up being slower than expected, and she got a surprise weekend off. Giving up the house meant other than the antique show I attended on Saturday morning. We had zero plans, and wanted to do something.So after much convincing we got lucky to find that the KOA on the north most end of the state had an empty cabin. Packing quickly we headed north for a night camping, and fun trip down the coast on the way home.

All that leads me to the true reason for this post. If you have followed, or just read this blog since it was started. You know that weekends on the coast inspire me to do the 'It Hurts To Watch' post. Today is no different as I thought. Hey, lets do another one of those posts. It's been awhile, and I have the cards so lets do it! That is where the story went south in a hurry.

Much like the post I started to head into the hobby room, or as we will call it here today.I was heading home...

I thought I had a chance at doing something great as everything looked good. I went rushing in realizing this was my chance for glory as we'd get another one of the ever so cool 'It Hurts To Watch' posts we all love so much. Then the ball started coming in.

As I entered the room this is where the fact I am disorganized hit me. I started going through the boxes of baseball cards. I know I have a group of cards set aside for these posts. I've been picking them up at card shows when I come across a cool one. They have to be in there someplace. I know they are in here someplace.

Much like Lemke in this card I was tagged out at the plate. Disorganization threw me out at the plate, and left me here hanging my head in shame. While I was able to find the Dan Wilson card sitting in a stack. The other two cards are repeats from earlier 'It Hurts To Watch' posts. While they are sweet cards, something new would have been much better. I could have went with the 2013 cards from plays at the plate, but I just couldn't do it. One day they will get their chance, but today is just not that day. Today is all about me learning that I really need to get better organized.

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