Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Prowling Cat 4th of July Celebration Weekend - Sunday Edition

There is something I never thought I would do on this blog. That something is do a form of top list based on something. Today that changes as I was going through schedules in hopes of doing a simple post on Independence Day inspired schedules. While doing my research I realized that I had probably over twenty schedules that would fill this post. Instead of doing that I thought why not just do my five best. So now that I've gone to the top list side I present to you the Prowling Cat's five best Independence Day schedules.


While I have a few other schedules using this exact same idea of taking a picture of the display from outside the stadium. For some reason this is the one that stuck out to me as the best of the group.


When I was creating this list I originally had this as my number three. I loved the look of the batter in front of the fireworks. Much like the outside the stadium fireworks this is a cover idea that has been replicated numerous times in my collection.


Another schedule from the files of the replicated cover ideas. This schedule had to battle it out with another cover that was very close to the exact same look. The bigger firework exploding above ended up being the deciding factor on this being the one that was chosen. 


This schedule came out of nowhere to make the list. While having problems deciding on what should be the fifth schedule to make this list. This schedule suddenly popped up, and just screamed I am better than most of what you already have in mind for your little list. Wanting to say no I just couldn't deny adding this bad boy to the list. You have the dog with the hat in front of a flag, and a title that just screams Independence Day. This schedule what this holiday is all about when you break it down. Putting those altogether you have my number two schedule.


There was no possible way this schedule could have been anything other than number one. If having a team named the Revolution doesn't make you the top dog on this list. The team added in a logo that contains the eagle. Nothing says America like the national bird the eagle. Then to add icing onto the cake they threw in the tattered flag on the cover. This entire schedule just screams America without leaving one stone unturned.

So there you have it! Not only the top five Independence Day looking schedules. You have the end of 'The Prowling Cat 4th of July Celebration Weekend'. Hopefully you enjoyed everything that this weekend entailed, and had a safe weekend yourself.   

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